Wood Fence Battle in Palm Dessert

…is the desert switching to aluminum fences by law?

We’ve been saying it for years, an aluminum fence beats a wood fence any day. When it comes to maintenance, sustainability and classical good looks – aluminum can’t be beat. As much as we say it though, we still have the occasional nay-sayers. And some of those nay-sayers have resided in Palm Desert – until now!

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Natural Fences We Love

(Don’t Worry, Aluminum Fences Are Still Our Fave)

We’re not sure if it’s the summer breeze, or if we’ve been feeling a little more “green” in general lately, but we can’t seem to get enough of nature these days! Here in SoCal, summer is in full-effect and that means lazy days at the beach, perfect hiking temperatures in the morning and wonderful weather for evening walks. In other words, we love being outside!

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