‘Tis The Season For Outdoor Decor

Holiday Fencing & GatesHoliday lights and seasonal plants can help your house look festive. Don’t shy away from using your aluminum fence as a décor prop this holiday season!

‘Tis the season for chillier weather, autumn leaves and festive holidays. If you have a few trees surrounding your yard, you have probably already begun raking. While outside, you might have noticed the neighbors are getting into the autumn spirit with various outdoor props and decorations to celebrate the season. You could join in the festivities by decorating your yard, doorstep, fence or even your driveway gates. If you have driveway gates in aluminum, you already have a wonderful, strong focal point for your home. Now all you have to do is choose some decorations to match the holiday or season and add them to the gates.

Light it up

Lights are a go-to for holiday décor. Lights give your home an instant festive spirit when the sun goes down, with colorful or white lights to choose from depending on your tastes. This is important because the sun sets earlier now, and it would be hard to see your other outdoor decorations in the dark!

Oftentimes, your driveway gates can be a bit too far from an open outlet to plug in the lights. If this is the case, get a few strings of lights and put them together all down your fence to the nearest porch with an outdoor outlet. Add a timer and your home will be lit up for anyone coming down the street! If you are finding it hard to figure out how to get the lights to stay on the gates by just wrapping them around and through the pickets, there are special light clips that people use on their roofs that can also be clipped onto your aluminum fence and driveway gates if needed.

Because your driveway gates in aluminum are made of a strong, weatherproof metal, the lights shouldn’t harm the fence pickets at all. Be sure you have chosen lights that are appropriate for outdoor use and not the indoor kind. If you can’t find a way to get the lights to reach all the way to the driveway gates, don’t worry. There are other ways to get your outdoor spaces in the seasonal spirit.

Color and size

Lights aren’t the only way to jazz up your outdoor space. With the number of seasonal decorations available at home goods stores in addition to the do-it-yourself kind, there are plenty of options to give life to your yard and fence. Go for bright, vibrant colors in your yard and on your front porch that can be seen from the other side of the fence.

You might also want to invest in some excellent decorations that make a statement, such as tall, large decorations. This could be in the form of corn stalk decorations tied to the fence for the autumn season or a large plastic light-up snowman in the yard for winter. You could even wrap your driveway gates in colorful plastic and ribbon to look like a present; after all, it’s the season of being thankful and giving gifts!

These décor ideas are eye-catching even through a fence and can even incorporate the fence itself if desired. Adding smaller décor pieces or hanging décor on your driveway gates can give your whole home and yard a beautiful and inviting appearance for the season. It’s time to get your house in the holiday spirit!


Spice Up Your Building With A Colorful Fence

Large buildings can look a bit bland. Instead of going all out on a drastic, eye-catching building addition, why not try a new fence color instead?

Brick-and-mortar buildings are made to be structurally sound and purposeful while also making the best use of the available space on a lot. However, these business buildings can come across as boring from the outside, especially when there is a lot of industrial metal fencing around the perimeter. The good news is that a strong, secure fence does not have to be unattractive. If your business or large property could use some sprucing up, perhaps you can give the outside of it a face-lift of sorts with a new aluminum fence in an eye-catching color and striking accessories.

Bold and beautiful

aluminum-fence-panelsOn the topic of aluminum fence colors, bright and gaudy colors are not the norm. Neon colors do make a statement, but not the right one for a place of business. Instead, bold, rich colors such as satin bronze or deep green can make your place stand out slightly on the block without sending the wrong message. While you can decorate your fence with lovely scrolls, specific picket design choices or arches, the color choice is what really makes your design pop and either stand out or blend in, depending on the look you desire.

A popular choice to add a bit of pizzazz to a property is to have a darker color on the bulk of the fence and then add gold finishing on the top of the pickets with different colored finials or spears. If you have an embellished gate with a designer inlay, the choice of two colors would complement it nicely. Having a different color on the top of the gate brings the gaze up to the place of business, framing the area instead of pointing out the industrial fence between you and the building. Again, it all depends on what you want for the look of your property.

Landscaping matters

The decision of what color to choose for your fence depends on the landscaping surrounding your building, including any plants, trees, walkways, and other features. You may also have an entrance gate that is designed specifically for the business, including a colorful logo that must look a certain way. Thankfully, rich, deep colors and natural, nude colors both complement a wide variety of shrubbery and specific logos. Depending on what accessories you choose with your fence—spear tips, a sunburst arch, expanded metal mesh detailing—you may want your fence to stand out instead of blending in. While natural colors will help industrial metal fencing blend into surrounding green landscape, a fence in a bold, glossy black or bronze can showcase the fence and create a strong, stately look for your business.

Industrial metal fencing is strong, sturdy, and does the job right, but it definitely doesn’t have to be a boring black. Spice up the look of your business or large property with fence design elements and specific colors to match the surrounding area. Just as you would want to personalize the interior of your business or home to your liking and portray a certain message, you should do the same with the exterior of your building while keeping it safe and secure.

White Driveway Gate

The Added Benefits Of Dog Panels

Aluminum Fence Panel with dog panel addedYou might wonder why installing dog panel / short pickets on your fence is important if you don’t have a dog, but the added benefits make these extra panels worth it.

Many dog owners will quickly see the importance of dog panels on an aluminum panel fence. These tight pickets on the bottom of a fence help keep your family pet safely in the yard. If you don’t currently have a dog or other outdoor pet, you might not see any reason to add these so-called “puppy pickets” to your fence. However, in addition to protecting dogs, these panels give an excellent look to your fence and keep unwanted critters out.

Keeping your pet safe

Dog panel / short pickets have a space of approximately one and a half inches between the pickets on the bottom section of the fence or gate. This lower area will be sectioned off with a bar straight across holding the pickets together, or each picket can have a fancy top for a different look. The small space between the pickets keeps your dog in your yard and also protects it from other dogs or animals entering. Moreover, your already-sturdy aluminum panel fence becomes even sturdier with a heavier bottom due to the added pickets. This helps in high wind situations and adds to the overall durability of your fence. If you don’t have a whole fence to worry about, dog panels / short pickets can also be part of an aluminum gate for added pet protection.

Dog panel aesthetic

Adding dog panels to your aluminum panel fence creates a lovely aesthetic that can actually be the reason you choose this style of fence in the first place. The look of the extra pickets on the bottom half gives an added element that can be considered quite attractive. This is especially true if you choose pickets that have spear tops or finials for a more lavish look. Mesh and chain-link fences are not made to be aesthetically pleasing while keeping your pet safe, but dog panels on an aluminum fence create a safe space with added dimension and intrigue. It’s hard to tell that the point of these panels is for pet safety, making them a great addition even if you don’t have a pet. In addition, choosing dog panels for your new fence can help with resale value in the future if you happen to sell your home to a dog lover.

Protect your garden

Not only are you protecting your dog, but you’re also protecting your home and garden with dog panels. Depending on where you live, there may be various neighborhood animals that can enter your property and wreak havoc on your garden. If a predatory animal really wants to enter and eat your freshly grown vegetables, they might eventually find another way, but why not have a first line of defense if you can? What you want to stay in your yard will stay in, and what you want to keep out will have a better chance of staying out.

Always make sure this optional configuration is compliant with your neighborhood rules, especially if there’s a pool involved.

Keep these benefits in mind when choosing your aluminum fence, even if you don’t currently own an outdoor pet. Family dynamics change, and it might be better to think of the future now when making such a big decision about your home and yard. Whatever you choose, your aluminum fence is sure to be a beautiful and sturdy choice for your yard.

High Winds And Your Aluminum Fence

aluminum fence wind testedDon’t let Mother Nature wreak havoc on your fence.

Choose the right material and design to keep your business or home safe and secure from the elements. Man-made items can’t always stand up to the full force of Mother Nature.

However, with aluminum fences, you have the best chance of still having a solid fence after a hurricane or windstorm strikes.  This is because of the strong, durable material and coatings that come with each picket of the fence.

Depending on what type of aluminum fence you choose, you can really heighten your chances of having no damage after bad weather hits your area.

Residential vs. Commercial vs. Industrial

The choice of what type of aluminum fence to have installed isn’t as complicated as it might seem. It really depends on the purpose of the fence. If you are looking for a fence for your home, a basic residential aluminum fence will be just fine. Residential fences come with rust-free and waterproof coatings and can withstand normal weather.  Aluminum is quite resilient.

If you are looking to put a fence around your business, larger residence or apartment complex, you may find a commercial aluminum fence to be the right choice for you. Commercial fences are heavier and larger.  This helps withstand high-traffic areas and keeps your business protected.

If you haven’t already guessed it, industrial aluminum fences are even bigger and sturdier than commercial fences.  Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean the fence is incredibly tall or long; it is the pickets and rails themselves that are larger.  Larger pickets and larger rails made with a thicker gauge aluminum increase the support and resilience of the fence as a whole.

Whatever Mother Nature throws at you

Depending on where you live, there can be intense weather events like hurricanes or tornadoes all year round. If you’re worried about how your aluminum fence will hold up to high winds and debris that is hurled through the air, you may want to consider certain types of fences for your place of business.

Opting for an industrial or commercial aluminum fence means you are getting a larger, stronger fence, so you shouldn’t need to worry about most weather events that come your way. The point of having a fence around your place of business is most likely to keep unwanted guests out and to secure your property. Therefore, one consideration when choosing a fence is what type of lock and accessories you might want to reinforce the fence. Remember that a fence can be strong, tough and sturdy, but if the lock is easily injured by intense weather, the area will no longer be secure. Choosing accessories that match the intensity of your fence will help with whatever the weather throws at you.

The design of aluminum fences is what really helps in the fight against high winds. The pickets are spaced at the right distance to allow wind to go right through them. Even with mesh accessories around the doorways and gates, the strong material and well-constructed panels of aluminum fences can withstand much more than any other type of fence. Whatever you choose, know that you’re making the right choice for your home, business, and any weather that comes your way when you go with aluminum.

Breathing New Life Into Your Aluminum Fence

There are a few things you can do to change up the look of your fence to help it blend in more, or you can even help it make a statement!

Many basic aluminum fences have a similar look, and it’s understandable if you don’t want your home to be the same cookie-cutter copy as everybody else’s house in the neighborhood. Sprucing up your fence is a great way to switch things up in your yard and transform the look of your home. With a few simple DIYs, you can breathe a little life into your yard.

Do some touch-ups

When it comes to painting metal, the key DIY aluminum fence practice is to be sure you have the right tools for the material. You see, aluminum fences today are made with a high-grade coating that needs no maintenance and can withstand even the craziest weather. Even though these fences aren’t really meant to be painted the way you might paint a wooden fence, you can still give your fence some new life with touch-up spray paint.

Not just any old paint will stick to the surface of your aluminum fence. You need to make sure you have the right type with the right ingredients to keep your fence water- and rust-proof. Find a spray paint that is specifically formulated for outdoor aluminum or metal material in a hue that matches your fence. Ask a friend for an extra pair of eyes to help find any areas that could use some touching up.

Let’s get gardening

If you’ve chosen the perfect fence for your yard and are pleased with the outcome, you still might want to personalize your yard a bit to match the shiny new fence. This is where the art of gardening comes in! Peruse gardening magazines for inspiration, then head to the nearest nursery to choose some plants of various sizes and colors to give your yard a facelift.

You’ll want to choose plants that complement your fence’s height and style. Try not to completely block the views from your yard with large, bushy plants, although in some areas, that might be the exact desired result. High and narrow fence pickets look good with tall plants that have interesting branches and leaves. The shorter the bush, the more fence that will show above it, making it look more like a jail cell than a beautiful and elegant fence.

Ask some of your family and friends to come over and give you hand with the gardening. They’ll come with great advice from an outsider’s perspective and can help you choose flower colors. You can buy some extra packets of seeds as a thank you for their help!

Use the fence to your advantage

If you have unsightly areas in your yard, such as garbage cans or small storage sheds, find a way to incorporate these into the look of the fence so they do not stick out so much. You can purchase extra miniature fence panels to fence around a small area, or you can paint the items to match the fence. This is another time you may want to use strategically placed shrubbery to conceal areas you don’t want to draw attention to.

DIY aluminum fence refreshers like these are a quick and easy way to spruce up your yard and give you some extra curb appeal. With a few touch-ups, strategically placed plants, and unsightly areas covered up, your yard will look brand new in no time!

Adding Scrollwork To Your Fence Gives It A Story

Small changes to your fence, such as adding scrollwork or accessories, can create a completely different overall look, giving your fence a distinct personality.

From antique furniture to royal emblems to ironwork on the doors of Notre Dame, scrollwork as an ornamental accessory has long been a top choice to add a decorative dimension to an object. Why not add this décor piece to your home by adding scrollwork to your aluminum fence?

The main duty of a fence at your home is to section off your yard while complementing your outdoor décor. Fences come in a variety of looks and materials, with aluminum being the most affordable, sturdy and long-lasting option. With simple additions, your aluminum fence can be jazzed up in a subtle, beautiful way with a touch of elegant history.

Scrollwork gets its name because of the circular, scroll-like pattern that usually accompanies either end of the design. The fluidity of the lines adds a tranquil flow to each scroll, but when viewed as a whole piece of art, these lines create a beautifully powerful statement. Although the origins of scrollwork can’t be determined with certainty, it is thought to have been popularized by Greek art and revived by Chinese potters. Today, scrollwork is most often linked to Gothic architecture as well as the S-shaped scrolls on antique furniture.

Butterfly scrolls add a simple elegance

The size and location of each aluminum fence panel surrounding your home may help determine how you want to decorate the fence with scrollwork. A beautiful butterfly scroll can fill in the blank space between the pickets and adds a soft, regal feeling to the look of the fence. Depending on the color and finish, the butterfly scroll can make your fence stand out or blend in – it’s up to you!

Larger estate scrolls for a bolder fence

Another bit of pizzazz you can add to the pickets are large estate scrolls between each aluminum fence panel. The width of the pickets determines your choice for scrollwork, so keep this in mind when choosing a fence. If you know you want large scrollwork for a stately look, choose panels that are wide enough for the estate scrolls to fit.

Add some custom work to your fence

You may also want to add a personal touch to your fence with a custom inlay at the center of the entrance to your fence. These inlays complement fences with scrollwork and bring the whole picture together. The sky is the limit with custom work and depends entirely on what look you want for your fence.

A popular choice for homes is lettering to denote the home owner’s name or perhaps an animal associated with the area of the home. Similar to the scrolls, a custom inlay is a simple addition to the fence that has the ability to add a bit of style and depth to the look of the home.

Ornamental ironwork can be seen all around Europe and the United Kingdom on churches, royal emblems and dwellings, and other buildings of interest. It is now easier than ever to give your home this same unique look with affordable aluminum fences and the plethora of décor choices available. The hardest part will be choosing which option suits you and your home the best!

Aluminum Fence Panel Installation

At first glance, it may seem like a stretch for you to install an aluminum fence, but the truth is that it’s not really that difficult. If you have basic handyman skills, you can install your own fence.

Most of our customers install their fences themselves. It’s not that hard, and that includes driveway and walkway gates. In fact, most of our customers are doing it for the first time.

Unlike other types of fences, our aluminum fencing panels are designed for self-installation. Fences made of steel, wood, stone or wrought iron are probably not meant for installation by the customer. First of all, these materials are often heavy, and they may not be designed with the customer in mind, at least not in terms of installation.  Furthermore, unlike aluminum, steel panels are much more difficult to trim on site and there may be welding involed.

fence panel installation
We have designed our aluminum fencing panels with the idea that you will be able to erect them yourself, which can save you a lot of money. You don’t need to hire a crew to come out and put up your fence, and if you run into trouble, we’re here to help.  Moreover, there is NO on-site welding involved.  Call us and we’ll help you solve your problem. Before you even start, you can download our installation manual. Print it out and read it to get answers to most of your questions before you even start.

We say you can build your fence yourself, but you will need a helper, and it doesn’t hurt to have two. Lure them in with the promise of pizza after the job is done. You can’t get help for much less than that.

Before you get too far along, you should plot your fence runs and figure out what you need to order. Check the cost online and place your order, or call us on the phone.

Post Installation

When you build your fence, remember that it all rests on the posts. You will dig post holes for most fences, with the exception of surfaces such as decks and staircases, in which case you will need to buy our welded plated (flange) posts to support the posts.

You will dig holes of various depths and radii depending on the length of a post and your local building codes. We provide minimum guidelines for post lengths on our website so you can get the right post length. Generally, you will need to dig a hole with a 6” diameter for posts up to 2.5” square, and 8” for larger posts. Unlike wood fencing, however, the cement goes in last.

Sometimes you will end a fence run at a wall or column, or perhaps you’re using your own posts. We sell powder coated, metal mounts designed for these situations.

Putting up the Fence

If your fence includes a gate, you should install the gate first and build outward from there. Set posts as you go, and insert the fence panels in the slots we include on our prepunched posts. You can also order blank posts and mounts for transitions like angles and racked panels for hills and stairs.  After you put up a few aluminum fence panels, check the alignment before continuing. This helps you to identify problems before you’ve proceeded too far. Continue like this, and you’ll be finished before you know it!

If you get to the end of a run and need only a partial panel, just trim a panel to the needed length with a hacksaw. You’ll have to notch the partial panel to connect to the post, but this is easy to do. The entire process is very straight forward, so make the right preparations and give it a try!

Three Grades of Aluminum Fence Panels

We sell our aluminum fence panels in three grades. Based on your security, privacy and esthetic requirements, you can choose residential, commercial or industrial fence panels.

As you move from residential to commercial to industrial grade, you’re buying a fence made with more metal. The essential reason for upgrading is to accommodate increasing amounts of traffic, wear and tear.  You can buy any grade and be assured that your fence will require little to no maintenance and will not corrode. You can install any grade of fence yourself, because all our aluminum fence panels, regardless of grade, are designed for self-installation. Our customers typically install their fences themselves.

What Grade Do You Need?

industrial_aluminum_fence_spear_top_houston_texas A typical homeowner will be happy with residential aluminum fence panels. You can confidently use these around your yard, swimming pool or other areas around your residence. We offer a selection of gates for your walk or driveway. Keep in mind that your community may have specific requirements for swimming pool fences. Always consult local authorities before putting up a pool fence – or any fence, for that matter.

Our commercial fence panels are heavier than our residential fence panels. We sell these fence panels for areas with heavier traffic than is usually found around a home. Select commercial aluminum fence panels for office buildings, light industrial areas, retail centers, schools, hospitals, hotels. The rails and pickets on these fence panels are larger, and the rails have eight internal support metal ribs to add strength.

Choose our industrial aluminum fence panels for the most demanding situations, such as hospitals, warehouses, storage units, airports, hotels, military. These panels also offer the greatest security, especially if you add options such as spears and curved pickets.

The Details

All of our aluminum fencing panels and gates come in a variety of colors. Some of these colors blend in with natural surroundings, while you can choose other, brighter colors to make a statement or define a space. Our colors are powder-coated, so you will not encounter any of the issues you can face with paint like blistering, flaking or peeling.

Our residential aluminum fence panels usually have pickets spaced at 3-13/16”. Some styles are available with double pickets. You can order residential styles with flat tops or spears on top of pickets, and you can also order various kinds of finials to dress up your residential fence. Other options include scrolls and ornamental rings; these add beauty rather than functionality.

Many residential customers order the dog panel / short pickets option. These can be purchased for certain styles of fence, and they consist of panels with double pickets that are fabricated into the fence bottom to keep small animals from passing through. You can also order a security screen. This is an expanded metal, rust-free frame with a screen that attaches to either a gate or a fence panel.

Our commercial fence panels usually feature 3-5/8” picket spacing. This is somewhat tighter than the pickets on a residential fence panel. Some styles of commercial fence panel have 1-1/2” picket spacing. Most of the options discussed above can be purchased for residential aluminum fence panels.

Industrial aluminum fence panels offer the greatest security and withstand the heaviest traffic. Our industrial fence panels generally have pickets spaced at 3-11/16”. Industrial fence panels are best at thwarting intruders, and these panels come in heights of up to 10’. You can increase security with speared tops, double pickets and curved pickets.