Customizing Your Property’s Outdoor Spaces

There are plenty of ways to keep costs low when planning an update to your outdoor spaces while still having customized and elaborate décor.

Cookie-cutter lawns and homes aren’t for everyone. If you are hoping that your home can stand out a bit from the crowd and have an appearance that is completely decided by you, look no further than aluminum fencing options. The aluminum fence cost is low and the quality is high.

Erecting your own aluminum fence is one of the most affordable ways to get a metal fence that will last and look the part. Keeping costs low on the material and installation means more to spend on the design, décor and landscaping surrounding the property.

Personalize with flowers

This might sound like the most obvious way to personalize your outdoor space, but it really can make a big difference. If you visit a nursery, you will see lots of choices for shrubbery, plants, fruit trees, and a beautiful array of colorful flowers.

It might be tough to decide where to start, and it might be tempting to consider hiring a garden designer to do the hard work for you. However, with a little thought and planning, you can create a masterpiece of your very own.

First, think about what is important to you. Perhaps you have a lot of pride in your alma mater and are often wearing your university’s colors, or perhaps you recently painted the shutters of your home a contrasting color and flowers could really draw attention to it. Choosing a few main colors that are complementary to the house first will help you narrow down what to purchase. Once you have a few colors in mind, you can find various shades of those colors and white filler flowers for in between.

If your family name is adorned on your mailbox or you are very proud of your last name and are pleased to share that with the neighborhood, consider personalizing an area of your yard by planting flowers in the shape of the letter of your last name. This is a unique way to stick out and really customize your yard.

Choose the right gate and fence

Your flowers and yard are only as secure as your fence allows. This is when choosing a customized gate that fits the needs of your family, home and property becomes very necessary. If you are worried about prying eyes, choosing a fence with narrow spaces between pickets or even privacy panels might be the way to go.

You will also want to ensure you have chosen a gate that has a self-closing mechanism and a keypad or mechanical opening button where you don’t need to leave the car to activate it.

Customizing your gate and fence to match your family’s needs is a great way to keep your property in your control. The cost of these added security measures is worth it in the long run. The aluminum fence cost itself is low compared to wrought iron and other similar sturdy metal fences.

With the minimal yearly upkeep needed, these fences are well worth the cost in the long run. They will leave you with more money and time to spend on customizing other parts of the yard to match your changing mood or the new season. After all, new flowers aren’t pricey and are a quick way to redesign the look of your property without emptying your wallet.

Framing Your Driveway Gates To Achieve The Total Package

There is a lot to consider when planning the entryway to your property, right down to the all-important way you frame your beautiful new driveway gates.

With so many ways to design an entry point to your property, you might know where to start or how in-depth to get. The beauty is that it’s totally up to you how basic or extravagant your driveway gates will be.

Before you plan a design for your entryway, you will want to decide what is the true purpose of the gates and the surrounding area. Are you more concerned about privacy or security, or are you only hoping to have a new, beautiful entry point for visitors to your property?

Once you have decided what you are after, you can choose the correct metal grade for your aluminum driveway gates. Ask a trusted fencing professional for guidance on choosing the most private or secure gate to meet your needs. There are also numerous locks and opening and closing mechanisms to choose from depending on the purpose of your gate.

After choosing the strength and size of your driveway aluminum gates, it’s time to start considering the different ways to frame your gate to match the style of your home and outdoor spaces.

Columns or no columns?

An easy and low-maintenance way to frame your entryway is with brick columns on either side of the driveway opening. Brick and aluminum complement each other well, and this instantly creates a solid and secure look. Use a shade of brick that complements the color of your home. Do not worry about the type of door opening mechanism you have chosen as this can be fit to your brick posts with ease.

Shrubbery or flowers?

A fairly easy way to frame the entrance to your home is with nature. Find tall plants or shrubs to place on either side of the gate. Don’t let them be the only plant life near your fence; add more to balance the yard along different points of the perimeter, perhaps at each post. Use some carefully selected flowers to add some color to the entryway, but don’t overdo it. Save some wow factor for the rest of the yard! Of course, this method of framing aluminum driveway gates takes a bit more upkeep from season to season, but it gives you plenty of ways to change up the look simply by planting something new!

Finials or puppy panels?

To finish the look, you must decide what the top and bottom of the fence should be framed with. How elaborate you go is up to you, but know that you have options. There are pointed finials, rounded finials, basic finials, and the list goes on. Sketch out the different looks to get an idea of what each kind will look like, or take a walk around different neighborhoods and note which type you like the best. On the bottom of the driveway gates, you may need or want puppy panels to keep any pets in and unwanted creatures out.

After making a few key decisions and really understanding what you want out of a driveway gate, you will be well on your way to designing the perfect entry point for your property.

Preparations For A New Pool Just In Time For Summer

pool-fence-safetySwimming is synonymous with summertime fun, and with your new pool, you and your family are going to have the best summer yet!

There is nothing better than having a barbecue in your backyard with your family and friends next to your very own swimming pool! It’s even better when you control over every design feature of the outdoor space, from planning out the layout and the shrubs and flowers surrounding the perimeter to deciding what kind of fence to use.

Deciding what to do and what not to do

Taking on any large DIY project can be daunting. The beauty of doing it yourself is that you can choose which parts you’ll do and which parts you’ll hire someone else to do! If there are parts that are just outside your realm of DIY knowledge or you simply don’t have the time or facilities to complete parts of the project, don’t worry. There is always help available for the harder parts of building a swimming pool from scratch, and sometimes it’s better to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.

There are many places on the internet that you can go for explanations on how to do the tougher parts of any home improvement project. One important step that you will more than likely leave to the professionals is the actual installation of the pool.

You can plan the size, location, and how you want the pool to look, but when it comes to having the large digging machines and the know-how for the swimming pumps and sealing the pool, that’s a good time to call up a pro.

However, if you know you can rent a machine or have a friend or family member who can do the digging, ask the company you choose if you can get a price reduction by doing parts of the project yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised by the savings!

Being in control of the result

Another part of your home improvement project where you can save some money is erecting a fence around your pool. An aluminum pool fence is the perfect type of material to go near a pool as the powder coating and aluminum metal mean the fence will be immune to any ill effects other types of metal may incur near water. Aluminum fences are also quite easy to erect on your own. They come in panels that are easy to assemble, even for the beginner do-it-yourselfer.

While putting up the fence might be a breeze, some factors can be out of your hands. During your project planning, you might find that there are rules and regulations beyond your control. This is especially true when it comes to the size of the aluminum pool fence and the lock type, for the safety of your family and any neighborhood children who may wander onto the property.

Rules differ from town to town, and some homeowners’ associations have different rules and regulations to follow. Part of your planning preparations should include checking into all the rules and regulations from your municipality.

Before you know it, you will be well on your way to a whole new backyard with the perfect addition for summertime fun in the sun. Soon, all you will have to worry about is what new barbecue you should get for your beautiful new backyard space!

What’s The Deal With Rust?

Rust Free Aluminum FenceJust because your fence is made of metal doesn’t necessarily mean you have to fear rust. Not all fences are created equal when it comes to rust.

If you have any piece of indoor or outdoor furniture or fixture that is made out of metal, you may have already seen what rust can do to it. Some people even have these sorts of problems on their cars where dents or scratches have gone through the protective coating. You know the signs: reddish-orange, flaking pieces of rusted metal, slowly creeping over the entire piece. Rust does not just damage the metal itself; it can actually damage the structure of the metal piece if the rust goes to the wrong areas.

Interestingly, not all metal fixtures will succumb to this type of rust. If you have been considering getting your feet wet in the world of aluminum fences or driveway gates, you don’t need to fear this traditional rust. To put it simply, rust rusts differently on a powder-coated aluminum fence.

That might sound a bit puzzling, so let’s take a closer look at the process. Traditionally, rust comes about due to moisture setting off a reaction in certain metals, namely iron and steel. Any water or moisture begins this reaction, causing metal to slowly deteriorate and eventually begin flaking off. This type of rust can be halted by removing all parts of the metal that have begun the rust-forming reaction.

The science of aluminum fence corrosion

Aluminum fences are not made with iron or steel, so they do not rust in the traditional sense of the word. Moisture or wetness does cause a reaction in aluminum, but this reaction is not as detrimental to the metal as rust is to iron or steel.

The reaction that occurs with aluminum is called oxidation, and it actually has the opposite effect of traditional rust. Aluminum oxidation creates a thin layer of a string material covering the water-logged area. Instead of a dark orange, flaky surface, the aluminum in this area turns into a stronger material!

Moreover, the area that was wet will be the only area that experiences this reaction. Once the reaction had occurred, there will be no moving reaction into other parts of the aluminum piece. This is what makes aluminum the most ideal type of material for outdoor fences.

Avoiding rust at all costs

Any fence should come with special coatings to help stop any type of unsightly rust or corrosion. Aluminum fences in particular come with a special powder coating that successfully protects the aluminum from even beginning the oxidation process.

When it comes to an aluminum fence, minimal upkeep is needed. It is recommended that you check over the fence once a year or once a season, depending on how extreme the weather is in your area. This will ensure the coating is still in place and there are no areas where the coating could be scratched. A scratched surface means moisture can make its way through to the metal.

Now you know that it isn’t the end of the world—or your aluminum fence—if the coating is scratched because the oxidation process only makes it stronger. However, it can still be unsightly, hence the need to check that the coating and the fence are in pristine condition season after season.

Be Private And Secure With Your Outdoor Spaces

You can have locks and alarm systems for your home, but you can also keep your property private and secure from the perimeter.

A front or back yard does not typically hold many valuables that need to be locked away. In fact, if you don’t have a fenced-in yard, it might be normal for neighborhood children to cross through your yard from time to time or for anyone to be able to gain access to your front porch to pay you a visit.

If you aren’t interested in having uninvited people in your yard or on your property, it is time to secure your yard with metal fencing panels. Aluminum fencing panels are a great addition to any secure property, and there are plenty of additions that can help your secure area be even more private.

Give it some height

Metal Security FencingDepending on what type of secure perimeter you desire, you might be interested in raising the usual fence height for your aluminum fence. A higher fence means added security and even a bit more privacy. Planting certain tall shrubbery or vines near your fence can give you that extra bit of privacy you desire. The tallness of the fence and plants help hide what is on the premises from neighboring tall buildings or buildings on higher ground. A tall fence is also a great deterrent for any unsavory characters who are looking to gain unlawful access to your property.

Use the right panels for the job

Metal fencing panels come in many different shapes, sizes and purposes. For example, some people choose to have puppy panels put in to help keep pets safe. These panels have less empty space between them, stopping any pets from escaping the yard and keeping any unwanted animals out. Keeping your pet and children safe is a great added bonus for this type of fencing panel. One of the most popular type for those concerned with privacy is the aptly named privacy panel. These panels have little to no room in between them, providing a very limited or even non-existent view into the yard from the outside. If you live on a busy street with many pedestrians or cars passing by, this type of panel is ideal not only for safety and security but also for privacy. It can also help reduce noise levels from the busy street.

Be aware of what is on show

If you want to add to your privacy and security, try to avoid using any features in your landscape, fencing or entryways that would provide any clues regarding who lives on the site. For example, try to use generic emblems on entry gates and avoid using family initials or names in décor choices. You should also consider what can be seen from the street and sidewalk, including what views people might get inside when your windows are open. Use metal fencing panels or cleverly designed landscaping and plants to cover main viewpoints into your living spaces.

Once you have decided that aluminum fencing is the best choice for your outdoor spaces, there are so many additions, décor and security choices to choose from. Speak with a fencing specialist about your needs when it comes to privacy, safety and security to ensure you have covered all of your bases in keeping a safe and secure home.

Matching Your Fence To Your Area And Personality

White Aluminum FenceFences come in all different designs and colors, and one current trend is choosing options that complement the surrounding area and town.

There are different reasons to choose specific design elements for your home’s outdoor spaces. Different colors, finishes and sizes of fence each tell a different story. Your corner of the world may always have sunshine and flowers blooming, or perhaps you live up north, where it is constantly snowing. Your fence can stand out or blend in, depending on the color and style you choose. There are plenty of things to think about when deciding how to design your own great outdoors.

Light versus dark

The light-versus-dark design element can be compared to the idea of the north and south being opposites: one has long, dark winters and one is constantly warm and sunny. Of course, the difference between the north and the south is not so stark or clearly defined; it is more just the idea of the two different ends of the spectrum.

With light versus dark and north versus south, there is no single route you must follow, but certain looks will meld into the surroundings more easily than others. Of course, if you live in a wooded area surrounded by log cabins and you choose to have a modern home full of glass windows, metal surfaces and sharp lines, you are hoping to stand out more than fit in!

It is important to remember to choose something that you want to live with every season. If you know that once summer comes, you will be replanting your whole yard with brightly colored flowers to lighten up the property, stick with a light cream or white aluminum fence. If you want a more elegant and modern-looking fence that is sleek and stylish year after year, a black aluminum fence might be a better choice.

Sticking out for all the right reasons

A lot of your outdoor design elements can be based on the flowers and plants you have in your yard. Simple color palettes with only one or two main colors, or more neutral colors such as white and pale yellow, are some basic paths people take when designing their yards. If you lean more toward this natural look, choosing a fence that blends in with it is ideal. A white aluminum fence or a more rustic bronze one can complement this type of landscape and home.

On the other hand, if your home is dark and you have light-colored flowers to make a purposeful contrast, a dark fence such as a black aluminum fence might work better. This enables the flowers to keep that contrast with the tall fence and exterior of the home, allowing the plant life to be the main focus of attention.

Your design really comes down to what you want people to notice when they first see your property. If you want to be different from the rest of the neighbors and they all have neutral or natural palettes, go with something bold or even dark to stand out! If you are hoping to stand out for being perfectly matched, be sure that you are happy with the color you choose to paint your house and fence. Go bold, go natural or go complementary. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to show off your personality.

You Can Erect Your Own Fence, Even in Small Spaces

Black Fence PanelsIf you have a smaller area on your property that would benefit from a new fence, consider doing it yourself with easy aluminum fence panels.

There is something very satisfying about erecting your own DIY fence that makes your outdoor space your own. This is because you have full control over every aspect of the project, from start to finish. Whether you want full privacy panels, additional entry gates or perhaps extra-tall pickets, it’s all up to you.

Get exactly what you want

You also get to choose exactly what your fence will look like. There are an abundance of colors, finials, and other design elements to choose from. If you have a particularly unique space to fence in, you can decide yourself how best to tackle it to get exactly what you want out of the fence.

In addition to choosing what type of fence you want and what it will look like, you also get to choose when the fence gets erected on your terms when you are doing it yourself. Relying on a company or fence specialist to erect your fence means you must work around their schedule, but when you’re in charge, it is all up to you! If this is your first outdoor DIY project, it makes sense to start small, which is perfect if you have a smaller space to fence in.

Smaller fences for smaller spaces

There are many reasons you might need a smaller aluminum fence on your property. The most common reason is that the property is smaller or shared with someone, such as a duplex. If you have free reign over your part of the yard and are looking to erect a DIY fence, using pre-fabricated aluminum fence panels would be ideal. Depending on the size of your half of the yard, this could mean just a handful of panels!

If you are worried about how it will look having an aluminum fence on just one part of the property, you can always ask the neighbor if they’re interested in putting up a fence of their own. However, that really isn’t necessary because your property will look the best it can, and that is really all that matters. If one part of a duplex has certain flora and fauna, it doesn’t mean the neighbor must also have it, and the same goes with fences! You continue doing exactly what is best for you, your family and your yard.

Closing the gap

Speaking of shared yards, your yard might be situated between two homes that have existing fences on either side, and you are looking to enclose the third side. In this case, a DIY aluminum fence is the perfect answer. Aluminum fences look great in conjunction with many stone and wooden fences, and they can really help make your yard pop. Best of all, if you only need panels to connect from one side to the other, the DIY project won’t be too complicated!

When you are taking on any project that deals with yards or properties of those around you, always have an open discussion with your neighbors or homeowner’s association. It can also help to drive around the neighborhood to see what others in similar situations are doing with their smaller spaces.

Why Pay More Than You Have To For High-Quality Home Improvements?

Aluminum-Fence-StairsSome of the more affordable choices for do-it-yourself home improvements are just as good as – if not better than – their more expensive counterparts.

If your idea of a dream home includes high-price amenities that are just outside of your budget, fear not! You can easily make your property look high-end for a much more affordable price tag. From flooring and kitchen counters to bathrooms and aluminum fence panels, there are plenty of options to choose from that can still give you the quality you seek without draining your bank account.

Before you begin any home improvement project, you will most likely do some research to plan out your budget first and foremost. This is when you decide how big of a project you are able and willing to take on. Some popular areas to upgrade include kitchens, bathrooms and yards. Many homeowners do one big project at once to have time to save up for the next big project, but what if you don’t have to choose just one? What if you could find a way to stretch your money to take care of a few projects at once? This would be ideal because you would only need to go through construction in your home once instead of multiple times in a two- or three-year period. Moreover, if you take care of a few projects at once, you eliminate the chance of something else coming up at the last minute that causes you to push back your renovations.

Alternative flooring options

It’s a popular notion that wooden or stone floors are the most elite and beautiful option available for inside an elegant, modern home, but there are some amazing alternatives that look the part and are just as durable. Bamboo is a popular choice for bargain hunters who are looking for that natural look of wood at a fraction of the cost. The best part is that bamboo is waterproof, incredibly durable, and because it doesn’t have to age the way oak would for a wooden floor, it won’t break the bank.

Alternative kitchen counter options

Marble and granite are the usual must-haves when it comes to kitchen counters. Thankfully, other types of materials are growing in popularity and are much cheaper. Butcher block is a big contender for its style and durability. It is warmer and more natural than cold granite or marble, and even though it does take a bit of upkeep, it’s worth it for the price. If you want that darker, more modern look, sandstone is an affordable option. It requires less maintenance than marble and is affordable.

Alternative backyard options

A fancy new pergola and a new indoor pool are great, but the real MVP of the backyard is an elegant new fence. You can dress up the yard however you want, but if you are renovating any outdoor spaces—even just perking up an old deck—you must have a high-quality fence surrounding the outdoor spaces to keep a good balance. While wrought iron fences are many people’s dream fence option, aluminum fence panels are a much cheaper way to get great quality. Aluminum is a tough metal that can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. There is no upkeep needed with aluminum fence panels, and they’re treated with a special coating to stop any rust from forming.

It’s hard to go wrong with these alternatives. Each one ticks all the boxes for what you want and need for your next home improvement projects.