Does My Commercial Property Need a Fence?

Aluminum Fence at Buick Car DealershipThe decision to purchase a new fence is based on a few factors. If your needs can be met with a new fence, it might be time to get one!

There is a difference between needing something and wanting something. You may want a new car, but do you need one? To decide, you have to look at what you currently have and determine whether it is meeting all of your expectations and needs. The same goes for a new fence.

You might have been thinking it is time to replace your existing one, or perhaps you have been considering putting up a new fence on a commercial property you just acquired. If you are already considering a new fence, there is a good chance you do need one. Although there are many different types of fence material, unless yours is made of aluminum, it might not be reaching its maximum potential. That is because other materials rust and rot quicker than aluminum, leaving property owners with a fence that is not safe, secure, or aesthetically pleasing. An aluminum commercial fence is the ideal solution for large properties that require a fencing material that can withstand wear and tear and will need minimal upkeep.

Safety first

Safety is at the top of everyone’s minds. This means safety for people, places and even things. Keeping your property and all of those on it safe starts with who can gain access to it. A strong aluminum commercial fence and lockable gates and entryways can stop unsavory characters from accessing the property, keeping valuables and people safe. Fences can also keep those inside the property safe by keeping them out of harm’s way, such as pets and young children. Keeping them safely in a yard and away from a busy road is ideal for many types of commercial properties.

Right along with safety comes security. Commercial fences made of aluminum have posts and pickets that use a thick layer of the strong metal, allowing the fence panels to be taller, wider and sturdier. This helps them withstand very extreme weather conditions and any wear and tear from machinery or cars that might bump into them.

Curb appeal

Safety and security aside, having a fence can really add quite a great deal of curb appeal to your property. Having a perimeter that is clearly demarcated with an attractive aluminum fence can add value to the property and can create a welcoming look. You can customize aluminum commercial fence entryways with inlays that showcase a logo, name or initial, giving a unique touch to your property.

Quality for years to come

A great point that motivates many people to buy aluminum fencing panels is the fact there is very minimal upkeep needed. This is ideal for a commercial property owners because you won’t need someone on hand to clean the fence nearly as often as other materials, and the price for any necessary maintenance is minimal. The powder coating that is put on each panel and post keeps the aluminum in top shape and only needs to be touched up with a special paint if it gets scratched or damaged badly.

With so many reasons to consider a commercial fence made of aluminum, the answer to whether or not you need one is a definite yes. With safety and security fully covered, you will also have great curb appeal and a high-quality fence for years to come.


The Importance Of Fencing At Cemeteries

At a final resting place such as a cemetery, it is important to really consider the quality and design of the landscaping, fence and entry gates.

Cemeteries are final resting places with gravestones and land that will be around for years to come. A cemetery’s grounds should be well maintained and always look like a welcoming and restful place for those visiting loved ones who have passed away. Knowing that the landscaping and headstones are so well-kept, shouldn’t the surrounding fence and gates be of a high quality to last throughout the years, too?

Fence and driveway aluminum gates are often chosen for large industrial and commercial fencing projects for good reason. Aluminum is known to last throughout the years thanks to the strength and adaptability of the metal itself. Aluminum does not rust the way other metals might, and all aluminum fences and gates are covered in a special powder coating that keeps the metal even safer from the elements.

Aluminum fences come in panels that can easily be ordered online and delivered right to the property for easy installation. There’s no need to worry if the property has hills or odd corners as you can get panels to fit any unique land or measurement. The same goes for driveway aluminum gates, allowing for a stunning entryway for cars to drive onto the cemetery’s property.

Elegance and beauty

We already understand the need for cemetery properties to be inviting and maintained well. The main reason for this is the look of the space, allowing people to visit without any negative effects. That means from the first time they enter, visitors should have a seamless visit. This begins with the gate at the beginning of the drive in.

Using an elegant and specially designed driveway aluminum gate will allow the cemetery to welcome guests with an easy-to-maneuver gate that fits any vehicle trying to enter. Thankfully, aluminum gates come in plenty of sizes, styles and designs for every need.

When it comes to design, there are plenty of choices available to meet any look. Gates and fencing panels can be different colors to match buildings on the property or the surrounding nature. There are also multiple options for the design of the tops of the pickets as well as the space between the pickets. Privacy panels are also an option for certain areas of the property. These keep visibility low in areas such as storage for garbage or landscaping equipment that can disrupt the overall aesthetic.

Practicality and strength

The seamless look is very important, but equally important is that the quality is top-notch and that the fence and gates surrounding the cemetery are built to last. The strength of the aluminum metal is paired with a strong structure in each panel that allows the fence and gate to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. The height of the fence can be chosen to match the needs of the property, as can the post and picket size. For safety and security, aluminum fences can be equipped with the highest-quality locks on all entryways. This means a strong, safe structure is surrounding the cemetery.

Thanks to the strength of aluminum and the powder coating, there is not much that can take down an aluminum fence or gate. Paired with the elegant and classic look, this makes aluminum fencing the perfect option for properties with cemeteries.

Keeping School Buildings Safe And Secure

Primrose School Aluminum FencingSchool properties have many reasons to seek the safest fence available to surround their perimeter, and industrial aluminum fences can help.

School buildings are easy to identify for multiple reasons. There are often many buildings all attached to each other over a large property. There will also be a few parking lots, a sports field or two, and plenty of road signs alerting drivers to slow down if the school is a primary or high school. With all of that acreage and different areas and buildings on the property, another way to know you are looking at a school is by looking at the fence structure. It will usually be quite secure in order to keep the property and people in the school safe.

There is a balance needed when putting up a fence around a school that entails having the safest and most secure industrial aluminum fence without looking too industrial or prison-like. This comes down to finding a fence type that has a classic style but is still made of a strong, heavy-duty and long-lasting material.

Aluminum for school fencing

Aluminum is known in the fencing world as a solid, sturdy and long-lasting material for fencing panels. Many people hear aluminum and understandably think of aluminum cans and wonder why anyone would want a fence made of that material, especially such an important fence as one that surrounds a school. It’s essential to understand that the aluminum used for a fence is so much thicker and therefore stronger than that found in cans.

Residential fences made of aluminum have long been a popular choice, but more and more industrial and commercial properties are choosing aluminum because of the high-quality material. An industrial aluminum fence is thicker than an average residential fence, allowing for an even longer-lasting fence that can really withstand anything.

Aluminum is also a stellar choice for fences surrounding commercial and industrial properties due to the nature and science of the metal. Aluminum does not rust the way other metals will, and fencing panels are covered in a powder coating that allows for an even stronger finished product. The minimal upkeep needed for this fence material is great for such a vast property, too, because it means less labor is needed to keep it in pristine condition.

Different fencing for different areas

Industrial aluminum fence panels come in all shapes, sizes and styles. From basic to elegant to noteworthy, the style choices are endless. Some schools choose areas of the property – such as a sports field – to showcase the school colors by painting the fence. The look of the fence can be perfected with certain picket tops or shapes to really make it unique to the property.

When it comes to the various fence shapes, privacy panels might be a necessity in some areas of the school property to keep unsightly areas closed off to the public. Privacy panels can also help keep young children safe while playing in outdoor areas. Privacy panels help close the gaps between the pickets to keep everyone safe and secure.

With such a large property, schools can really create many different looks with the same aluminum fencing panels with little adjustments here and there. Adding different types of panels and choosing different gates and panel shapes and sizes can really help create the perfect look in a safe and secure way.


Tall, Short, Wide, Thin: The Various Height And Width Options For Aluminum Fencing

Black Aluminum FenceThere are many different decisions to make when ordering fencing panels, but the size of the fence itself is a decision that will need to be made first.

There are lots of reasons you might need a fence for your property. Perhaps you need complete privacy for those living on the property, or you want to keep pets and small children safely on the premises. Choosing the right look for the fence is a major decision, but the first decision that many overlook is quite simple: the size of the fence.

Fences comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. The type and size of your fencing is usually determined by what type of property you own. If it is a single-family home, a residential aluminum fence will do the job. If your property has any type of commercial building or includes large machinery, apartment blocks or any large non-residential buildings, industrial or commercial aluminum fence panels are ideal.

All about privacy

Privacy is a main concern for those building fences, and privacy goes hand in hand with security and safety. Choosing a tall fence with minimal space between pickets and posts means fewer prying eyes looking onto the property and higher security. Privacy can be maximized with special panels that have minimal space between each picket. These not only block gawkers from peeking in, but they also block a good amount of outside noise from entering the property. You can choose to have sections or certain areas around gates or entryways made of privacy panels, allowing for full customization.

The necessary height and width

Aluminum fencing panels come in various heights depending on your property’s needs. Residential and commercial panels come in heights ranging from three to six feet, while industrial panels can be ordered in heights of four feet all the way up to ten feet. Another necessary measurement you will need to consider is the spacing between the pickets. Although these don’t have as great of a variation, an extra inch one way or the other could make all the difference in allowing small dogs out of the yard or giving more of a sightline to the buildings on the property.

If safety and security are your main focus, taller panels and posts are good to consider. The added height helps deter any unsavory characters from attempting to climb the fence. The look of taller panels in general elicits a feeling of security, especially when the taller height is paired with industrial or commercial aluminum fence panels as these are thicker and sturdier.

When considering which size panels to get, be sure to think about the number of panels you will be putting on your property to best choose the right width. Commercial panels come in six or eight-feet widths, so if you have a tricky yard with slopes or odd angles, you might need to get creative in your planning. It really all comes down to planning out exactly what you want out of your new fence. Take into consideration the height and width of the panels, along with the style and thickness of the pickets. Ticking all the boxes and measuring just right will ensure you have the fence you hoped for.

Installing a Commercial Fence Without Hassle

DIY Aluminum Fence Installation
DIY Aluminum Fence Installation

Don’t get overwhelmed during your next DIY project. With a little preparation and the right tools, you’ll have no problem installing your new fence.

A fence can only do its job if it is installed correctly. You could have the best quality commercial aluminum fencing panels, but if the installation isn’t completed properly, you may have some problems down the line. Choosing the right fence and installing it the right way will allow you to have the safety and security you need for your commercial property.

Pickets versus panels

Installing a fence can be quite a big job if you have to install it picket by picket. Doing it this way can give you a customized fence with full control over the outcome, but it can be time-consuming and quite confusing, with many steps involved. Thankfully, you can purchase aluminum fencing in panel form, making the installation and even the upkeep much easier and more time-efficient. The instructions for installing commercial aluminum fencing panels are much easier to understand. When compared to working picket by picket, installing panels is much more achievable for one person doing the project themselves.

Time is of the essence

Timing is everything for any home improvement project, and this is especially true when it comes to aluminum fencing panels. This is because you need to ensure you time everything just right. Certain parts of the fence project can be time-consuming, especially getting any permits needed for the property. With commercial and industrial properties, there is often more paperwork to go through related to changes made on the property. Leave yourself enough time to work through this.

Timing can also come into play when ordering the commercial aluminum fencing panels. You don’t want to order them too early and then have nowhere to store them until you can begin the project, but you also don’t want them to arrive too late and end up having to rush through the installation. You never know when bad weather can put a wrench in your plans and push back your installation.

Using the right tools

When installing a new fence, you don’t necessarily need to go out and buy a whole slew of new, expensive tools and machinery to get the job done. If you are buying fence panels, you really shouldn’t need anything special for the installation. Nevertheless, there are some tools that might be beneficial in minimizing the effort needed for installation. This could be a special type of digger or shovel for certain soil types, or even different equipment for ground that is nearly frozen for winter installations.

Making a list and checking it twice

Hassle-free commercial fence installation really comes down to being prepared. Doing the prep work of getting the right permits, getting the correct measurements, ordering the panels on time, and getting the yard ready will help your installation run smoothly.

Go over the various steps a few times to ensure you haven’t missed anything. You can always contact the fencing professionals to help you along the way and answer any questions. This type of installation project is not one where you can cut any corners. Get the most out of your fence by installing it right the first time. This can be done with ease with the right preparations, timing, tools and drive.


Are Fence Panels Really The Best Option?

Commercial Aluminum FenceWhen choosing which type of fence materials to purchase for your next project, consider fence panels for a much more streamlined look and easy installation.

For residential, commercial and industrial properties, there are many different ways to erect a fence around the perimeter. There are different types of fencing materials, different installation techniques, and different looks to achieve through color choice and décor.

The first thing most people choose is the material. While wooden fences might be okay for a quick, inexpensive fence around a small home, it’s worth investing in a strong material like aluminum that will last for years to come and has minimal upkeep. The reason aluminum lasts so long is the strength of the material when it comes to withstanding extreme weather conditions. In addition, you can get aluminum panel fencing, which helps make your project very achievable from start to finish.

Why panels?

When looking to install your own fence, you will want to ensure the project is easy enough for you to handle on your own or with a friend. Buying an aluminum fence in panels makes the job manageable for you without prior expertise in fencing. Panels aren’t all about the ease of installation, though. They also help immensely when it comes to measuring out your property and having everything match up evenly. If you have any hills on your property, panels allow you to maneuver the fence in various ways without going to too much extra trouble.

How do I go about getting the right panels?

Once you have decided on the material of your fencing panels, you then need to decide what type of fencing panels to go with for the needs of your property or home. There are tall, thick panels for commercial and industrial properties. You can also find panels with added safety pickets to keep your pets safe in your yard. There are even panels with special added mesh for extra security around outdoor pools.

Choosing the right panel is all about knowing what you are looking for, and doing your research. Check out all of the options from the fencing company to help lead your search for the perfect fence. Ask your fencing specialists questions along the way to ensure you are choosing the right panels and gates. If you need extra privacy, inquire about privacy panels that can keep prying eyes from looking in on your property.

How easy is the installation?

You already understand the multitude of options available when it comes to aluminum fencing. You also understand how great the aluminum material is when it comes to extreme weather, upkeep, and all-over strength and quality. An added bonus of aluminum panel fencing is the ease of erecting and installing the pieces. With easy-to-understand diagrams and instructions, this is one project you won’t need to ask professionals to do. This can be done as a DIY job thanks to the panels all coming pre-made to your dimensions, with posts and gates just as you order them.

Going with fence panels instead of individual pickets is a no-brainer. They are easier to install and easier to work with, and you can get them in the strong material of aluminum for a fence that is high in quality and will last for a long time.