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The Exciting Gate Accessories You Didn’t Realize You Needed

There are some very helpful accessories for aluminum fences and gates that can make your outdoor space safe, secure and incredibly useful.

Imagine that all houses looked exactly the same. What if they had the same color, same style, same lawns, same flowers, same driveway and same old gate? This isn’t reality, of course, because each home can be changed to match what the owners desire. From a bright pink door to a three-story tree in the front yard, personal preference comes into play with the exterior design and decor of one’s home.

What about aluminum driveway gates for sale? Do they have to come standard, with no room for improvement or personalization of any sort? Thankfully, that’s not the case. You can choose a style, color, and size to match your needs; your gates can be just as unique as you want. You can also get the most out of your gate with ease thanks to some great accessories. The hard part is choosing which accessory to add to your gate!

Gate hinges

Every gate has a hinge, whether it’s a heavy-duty industrial aluminum gate or a small entry gate for foot traffic. You already have to purchase a hinge, so why not shop around for the best of the best? After all, the hinge is the part of the gate that is used the most often. Since it gets the most wear and tear, it’s the perfect accessory to upgrade. There are different types of hinges that are quite popular depending on your needs, including the ever-popular self-closing hinge.

Gate stops

Depending on how your gate swings open and closed, you might need to think about special hardware to stop it from swinging too much. Gate stops do just this, stopping a gate from continuing to swing through the entryway in reverse and putting unnecessary added pressure on the hinge. Keep your fence and gate in line and in good working order with a gate stop.

Gate panic bars

You may have seen panic bars at large commercial buildings on emergency exits. They are there so people can safely exit in the event of an emergency, even if the door is usually locked from the other side. Panic bars for aluminum fencing gates aren’t something that usually comes to mind with an outdoor entryway, but they are a good possible addition to your gate. Depending on the needs of your property, this could be a great accessory to add to the footpath entry gates.

Gate inlays

Nothing says personalization like a unique gate inlay. Adding a personalized inlay to the center of each gate really adds to your property, showcasing to everyone who goes by what your property is all about. A popular choice for inlays is the first initial of a family or company name, or a simple image such as a mountain landscape or an animal cutout.

With so many options for personalizing and creating a unique gate for your needs, now you just have to choose which to get! If you have any questions along the way about which aluminum driveway gates for sale are best for your property, you can always ask the fencing company for guidance. After some decision-making, you will be well on your way to a unique gate made exactly how you want.

Oops! I Think I Ruined My Fence

If you might have done something to harm your aluminum fence or gate, don’t worry. Chances are the damage is reversible or easily remedied.

Whether you are just ordering a new fence or you have an established fence with years of wear and tear, there will be those “oops” moments where you worry you have done irreversible damage to it. Thankfully, aluminum is such a strong material that you should be lucky enough to not have a completely ruined fence on your hands.

Oops! I measured all wrong

There is a lot of preparation and planning that goes into getting a new fence. This includes a lot of measuring your yard and property line to ensure you’re getting the right sized panels for your needs. Even with plenty of double-checking, you might still have ordered too many or not enough panels, or even left one side of the yard a little bit short.

There is no need to panic; this is easily remedied. The company that you purchased the panels from will have all of your information on file, including what type and style you ordered, and you can call them up and explain what happened. They will be able to advise how best you can remedy your particular conundrum by either purchasing more panels or adding certain accessories to make up for any shortcomings.

Oops! I scratched my fence

Say a power tool or automobile got too close to your aluminum fencing panels and there now appears to be a scratch in the surface. There’s no need to panic, but this isn’t something you will want to overlook for too long. You see, aluminum oxidizes in a different way than other metals that would traditionally rust to an orange flaky material. When exposed to wet environments, aluminum that isn’t fully covered in a special powder coating will oxidize and grow a thicker layer of metal. Though a thicker, stronger metal sounds like a great idea, it will be quite unsightly for your beautiful fence!

This is when it’s important to touch up your scratched surface with the recommended paint and sealant. Ask the company where you purchased the aluminum fencing panels what product you should use to ensure you touch up the area with the right material.

Oops! My fence is not how I pictured it at all

Perhaps you just received your aluminum fencing panels and you realize that the color you chose is all wrong, or maybe the fence has been erected and you are sorely disappointed with the finials you chose for the top or the accessories on the gate.

It really is never too late to get your fence exactly how you expected. You can order accessories to add to the gate, change the color by re-painting it, and even get extra pickets to add to the bottom to give it a specific look and make it safer and more secure.

Whatever your fencing drama is, there is most likely a solution. If you need help figuring out the best way to get the end result you desire, give your fencing specialist a call. Knowing exactly what you want will help them understand how best to help you. Remember, aluminum is an incredibly strong metal, which means your fence will last quite some time. Therefore it is best to keep your fence in good working order and fix any problems as they arise.

What Security Upgrades Are Worth The Price?

There are some upgrades for your aluminum fence that are definitely worth the higher cost. Use this advice to decide what’s best for you!

Upgrades always sound so luxurious, not to mention expensive. Don’t be put off by higher prices when you are searching around for the perfect aluminum fence or gate. Some upgrades are definitely worth considering, especially if you are looking for a stronger, safer fence and gate.

Industrial-strength gates

If you are already in the market for a heavy-duty aluminum fence, commercial or industrial fencing will definitely be on your radar. Commercial double or estate gates can come pre-made at widths of up to 16 feet. That is a bit larger than the residential gates that you can find at family homes. With commercial and industrial properties of a much larger scale than a normal family home, a bigger gate is definitely in order.

This is when upgrading to industrial gates is most beneficial to really add to the safety and security of your property. Coming in widths of up to 30 feet, industrial double or estate gates can cover quite a large entry point, which is perfect for buildings and properties that have plenty of large truck traffic coming in and out.

Self-closing hinges and locks

Accessories for fencing are great for décor and ease of use, but what about upgrading the hardware that is used to help the entryways open and close? Chances are your entry gates are getting a lot of use each day, especially if your property comes with a lot of foot or automobile traffic. To keep the area secure and your fence and gates in good repair, consider what types of hinges and locks you are purchasing.

Self-closing hinges are convenient and reliable, giving you peace of mind that your gate isn’t being left open by anyone visiting the property. Pairing that with a heavy-duty lock that can be locked from the inside and outside helps raise the security level even more.

Expanded metal around entry points

Industrial fencing definitely adds to the security of a property. With extra heavy-duty aluminum in the fence panels and entry gates, these types of fences are tall, thick and a force to be reckoned with. Even with a heavy-duty, upgraded lock, your property might still have some points of entry that aren’t as secure as they could be.

This is when you want to consider installing the mesh-like expanded metal on the gates and doorways. The expanded metal goes between pickets to stop hands, arms and tools from reaching through and around the gate. The entry points of a fence and gate need to be extra secured. Having mesh to stop any ill-natured individuals from gaining access to the property is ideal.

With so many upgrades available for your fence and gate, it’s hard to know where to begin. Considering what you want the purpose of your gate to be can help you narrow down what is the most important thing to spend your money on and therefore which upgrades are worth it. If your property houses some highly important and sensitive material that needs to stay as secure as possible, consider upgrading to industrial fencing and gates and shop around the various accessories. There are also some great upgrades that make your fence look even more attractive, too, which is something to consider with any leftovers in your budget!

Avoiding DIY Headaches

DIY Aluminum Fence Installation
DIY Aluminum Fence Installation

It’s a short trip from having a few doubts to getting in way over your head, so be ready for anything when taking on big home improvements by yourself.

Do-it-yourself home improvement projects are exciting, worthwhile, and cost-effective, but let’s be honest: sometimes they turn into one big headache. Thankfully, this doesn’t always have to be the case. With a little bit of planning and a lot of understanding of what you are getting into, a home improvement project like putting up a new fence or re-doing your flooring is achievable. The important thing to remember is that even though it is called do-it-yourself, you don’t have to be completely alone in the project. There are plenty of avenues to explore if you’re in way over your head or just have a question along the way.

Biting off more than you can chew

The first thing that is essential with any home improvement project is ensuring you are taking on a project that is something that you can plausibly do! Taking on any DIY project might seem daunting, but there is a plethora of help available along the way. For example, a DIY pool fence or an outdoor garden is a project that many people can handle with the right help and preparations. However, if you are attempting to dig your own pool and work out the intricate plumbing needed for this, you might want to call a professional to help from start to finish.

Know what to do when you’re in doubt

Now that you’re pretty sure you can complete the DIY project from start to finish, it is imperative to know when to ask for help. If you have purchased parts such as fence panels for a DIY pool fence or materials for a DIY shed, asking the company that sold you the items for help is your best bet.

Asking an actual human being for help, whether it is over the phone or in person, is great, but maybe you have a few doubts about how to safely use a power tool or some other quick question. This is when the internet is your best friend. There are so many places where you can watch instructional videos or read through best practices for your project. Chances are you aren’t the first person to have these questions or doubts, but there is always somewhere to turn for help.

Getting ahead of the game

Avoiding headaches during a home improvement project starts during the planning stage. Planning and preparing as much as possible before you even begin the project is the best thing you can do for yourself. This includes getting all of the tools and materials you might need beforehand, ensuring you’ve ordered all the right parts and pieces, and really understanding the grand plan that is needed to complete the project.

The planning phase might include checking the local laws and rules for home improvement projects, such as how late you can make construction noises, how tall a fence can be, and how close you can build to the property line.

Having all of your Ts crossed and Is dotted is crucial for any home improvement project. This is especially true for any project that you are taking on by yourself. Always ask for help along the way when needed, and have the confidence that you can complete your mission for a new and improved home!

Improving and Upgrading Your Driveway Gate

Rust Free Aluminum Fencing and GatesIf you find yourself with some choices to make on new parts for your driveway gate, there are a few things you can do to get a new and improved gate.

Imagine you have ordered all the parts you need for a new aluminum driveway gate, and they have all arrived. You begin the installation process and quickly realize you are in over your head! Ordering the right parts and understanding the process beforehand will help you know if you have chosen the right pieces for your driveway gate. Similarly, if you have inherited an amazing aluminum fence and gate at the home you just bought, you will want to know how to keep them in top shape and fix any problems that arise. The first thing you will want to do is understand the ins and outs of your gate, including the electronic component, so you can figure out exactly how to improve and upgrade your gate.

New… and improved?

New aluminum driveway gates shouldn’t have any problems that need to be remedied. However, a new gate that you are installing yourself from panels and parts you ordered online needs to be put together the right way for it to work correctly. Missing a screw here or there can actually be detrimental to the gate, even if it isn’t apparent right away. This is when following any instructions exactly as they are written is essential. If there is any doubt during any part of the installation, it’s important to contact the company to check that are you doing everything correctly.

With your new driveway gate, you have most likely had to make the tough choice of exactly what kind of lock and hinge type you want and whether you want some type of motor to make it electric. These items might not necessarily be the standard types that came with the gate, as many aluminum driveway gates have the option of upgrading this type of hardware.

When choosing the locks, hinges and motor parts for your fence, you’ll want to ask the question of whether it is the right fit for your purpose. An industrial or commercial driveway gate might need a more heavy-duty hinge to hold up the heavier material. Choosing this upgrade from the start will help you avoid any future problems that need troubleshooting, such as cracked or misaligned hinges.

When it’s time for an upgrade

Now let’s look at the flip side, where you already have a beautiful aluminum driveway gate but it has not had any TLC for quite some time. Thankfully, the aluminum panels of your fence and driveway are made to last, and the powder coating should keep the material in great shape. The piece you will want to concentrate on when deciding how to improve your fence is the hinge. The hinges on a gate get the most wear and tear. They are built for this, but every hinge will deteriorate eventually. If your gate is in pretty good shape, it might be time to switch out the hinge to a newer, more modern hinge—perhaps one that is attached to a self-closing mechanism.

Whether you are just installing a new aluminum driveway gate or you already have one, knowing a bit about how the gate works will help you when you need to troubleshoot anything that pops up.

Made-To-Order Fencing

Aluminum Fence Estate GateHaving aspects of your fence made to order to match your exact specifications helps you have the perfect product for your home.

What does it mean to have a made-to-order fence? If the fences come in panels, they must be pre-made in large quantities, right? All you need to know about made-to-order aluminum fencing is explained here, and all of your questions will hopefully be answered.

What exactly is “made to order”?

You might be familiar with the made-to-order sandwich at the corner store, or made-to-order home decor like curtains or blinds. Made-to-order fencing is similar because you are able to choose exactly what you want for different aspects of your fence. This allows you to create your own unique fence that fits your yard perfectly. From measuring your specific size requirements to ensuring all local municipality rules are followed to fully customizing the look of your fence, there is something for everyone and every fence. This includes if you’re purchasing a fence panel, a driveway gate, or even an aluminum pool fence.

What if my area has special rules and regulations?

It is very likely that you will need to follow specific rules or regulations that some of your friends or family won’t have to deal with if they live in a different neighborhood. That is because different municipalities and even states have different rules regarding fence height, material, and entry points. If you’re planning to put in an aluminum pool fence, there are even more restrictions and rules surrounding this. Another place to check about any fence rules is your homeowners’ association. Regulations from HOAs typically relate to the color and size of the fence, depending on whether the fence is residential, commercial or industrial.

Being able to have a fence made to order allows you the freedom to choose the size and color and other specifications to match your town’s specific needs and rules. Having the correct specifications taken care of is great, but a big draw of getting a made-to-order fence is having creative jurisdiction over what the end product will become.

What else can be made to order?

Speaking of having creative jurisdiction, another part of a fence you can have made to order is customizable entry gate designer inlays. These can show off your family dynamic or even the initial of your family name to really give your property that personal touch. You can also choose to purchase your own lock and hinge upgrades, such as a self-closing hinge. After personalizing the look of your fence and choosing the right locks, you can also make an aluminum fence that fits the needs of your yard. If you have hills on your land, you may need to consider raking or stepping your fence. Thankfully, aluminum panel fences can be easily installed on a hill with these methods, and the helpful people at the fence company can advise you on how to order your panels for this.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with choices? Thankfully, there is always someone who can help you from the fencing company. They are there to help you navigate the options and choose what works best for you, your family, and your property. Each choice you make gets you closer to the perfect aluminum fence that will tick all the boxes for your needs and wants.

Ordering an Aluminum Fence Online: Pros and Cons

Privacy FenceOrdering a big item online might feel like a big gamble, but it doesn’t have to be one. An aluminum fence can be easily ordered online without any added worries.

Any time you want to buy anything for your property’s outdoor spaces, you have to get in the car and head to the store. Of course, this is nothing like going to the mall; the store is usually an outdoor one, with large sections of it literally outside in the cold, wet or hot sun depending where you live. From nurseries to home improvement stores, the whole process of getting any plant, tool or outdoor furniture piece can be quite long and time-consuming.

Now imagine being able to shop from the comfort of your own home. Sitting in your living room and choosing items for your yard right from the internet has never been easier. Shopping for aluminum fences online is just as easy as purchasing any other item online, with even more added benefits.

The upside

Most of the things you hope to happen when purchasing a fence in person can occur online. As long as you are using a reputable fencing company, there should be a way to contact someone to ask questions, just as you would be able to do in a store. On a fencing company’s website, you can also see all that they have to offer with just a click of the mouse. There’s no need to wander around a store for hours, comparing different options. What if the store you were in didn’t even have everything in stock that day? You don’t have to worry about that when you shop online!

If you are ordering online, you can also search for tips, advice, and even photos of what certain types of fences look like. Seeing everything that is on offer and easily ordering the exact pieces you want is the epitome of convenience. There will be no time wasted at all!

The downside

When it comes to the negatives of ordering online, it’s a little more difficult to find any dealbreakers. The most obvious downside is that you won’t get to see what you are ordering in person. However, at a store, you wouldn’t really see the finished product, either – just the aluminum fencing panels. You can have things made to order online exactly how you want them. You might need to use your imagination a bit, but you’ll get exactly what you want.

Interestingly, the best way of seeing a fence in person is to see it in the wild—that is, in someone else’s yard! That means you don’t even need to step foot in a store to see what aluminum fences look like once they are all set up. A great idea would be to take a drive around some nearby neighborhoods and take note of your likes and dislikes. This can be done from your computer with a quick image search, but seeing it in person can make a difference for some people.

Of course, one persons pros could be another’s cons, and vice versa. Online shopping isn’t for everyone. Some people feel that it is most important to have a tangible object in front of them before taking the plunge in making such a big purchase. For the rest of us, however, the pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to ordering an aluminum fence online. The world is at your fingertips, with plenty of advice to gather and choices to make while planning for your new fence.

Protecting Your Fence During Home Renovations

Flat Top Flush Bottom Angled Aluminum FenceIt might be at the bottom of your list, but protecting your fence and gate when taking on any home improvement project is definitely something to consider.

Home and yard renovations are exciting. It means there are thrilling new things happening to your greatest possession, your home. Whether you are installing a new pool, putting an addition on your home, or getting a new kitchen, all of your planning, thoughts and money are likely going toward this large project. One thing you need to really think about during your planning phase is how you will protect the rest of your home, yard and fence during these renovations.

Protecting the main part of your house will depend on what renovation is taking place. If it is an indoor project that doesn’t need much large equipment, you will most likely only need to focus on protecting the floors, doors and windows of your home and not anything in the yard. However, if there is a yard renovation project in your future, such as a new pool or patio, you will want to think about how the moving around of tools and equipment might have a negative impact on your metal fencing panels.

A plan of action

Planning out your project is ideal for many reasons, but the one we are focusing on here is protection for your beautiful décor pieces and structures that are already in place and in good condition, such as your aluminum fence. Planning out the path any large equipment will take through your yard or property ahead of time will allow you to plan what parts of the metal fencing panels need to be wrapped up in plastic or cardboard to avoid getting scratches on the paint. Your plan of action should also include letting anyone working on your home know what areas to take extra care with, such as entry gates, doors and the areas around expensive furniture.

Yard renovations

It is incredibly important to take extra care when working on outdoor yard renovations. Your outdoor furniture and plants are already capable of withstanding some pretty harsh weather conditions, but having a heavy load dropped on a flower bed or a large machine denting your entry gate will quickly have you wishing you had done more preparation ahead of time. Just carry out a quick walk-through with the people working on your renovation project to show them the areas to avoid and exactly how to enter the yard. Ask them to avoid the grass or the walkways, depending on which area you are hoping to protect.

Boundaries and neighbors

Protecting your fence and property isn’t only necessary when you are renovating. There may be times when your neighbor is partaking in some home renovations. While that normally wouldn’t have an effect on you or your property, a mishap could very easily occur if you have any metal fencing panels on or near the property line. To avoid any scratching to your fence from heavy machinery, speak with your neighbor beforehand to check if there is anything you should do to cover your fence. It might be helpful to also take photos of your fence before the renovations begin to use as a comparison should anything go wrong.

Protecting your home, yard and belongings during a renovation is something to seriously consider. It doesn’t take too long to cover a few fence panels, and you’ll be so glad you made the decision to protect your home.

Who Said Everything Has to Match?

aluminum fence arborHaving the same thing on every side of your yard is common, but if you want to stick out in a good way, try mixing things up!

You most likely have a certain style in mind when it comes to the outdoor spaces of your property. At the very least, you know what you don’t want. Perhaps it’s time to think a little outside the box. Putting a few different styles or decor pieces together can really add some excitement to your yard without sticking out as mismatched.

When you imagine a yard with a fence in it, you might just picture a classic black aluminum fence on a green lawn with a few plants here or there. That is a classic design and works well on most residential, commercial or industrial properties. Now imagine that same black fence with brick pillars and a few colorful fruit trees. Adding a different element, such as the brick or a colorful, fruit-bearing tree, can really add some extra definition and create a really attractive yard.

Finding the right balance

The key to mixing styles is to avoid overdoing it. Finding the right balance might seem hard, but if you stick to no more than two or three accent pieces, you shouldn’t mistakenly overdo it. In the example above, the black aluminum fence was accented with brick pillars and fruit trees.

Perhaps you need added security or privacy and want to create a fence for part of your property that has privacy panels at one section with a curved top. To break up the monotony of the wall of aluminum, perhaps adding a personalized or colorful emblem to the entry gates could add that layer of definition. Using some sort of landscaping in front of the privacy paneled fence could make the space look more inviting.

Using everything you’ve got

Don’t only consider your fencing and landscaping when planning your outdoor spaces. It’s very important to incorporate your outdoor furniture and even the color, style and material of your home into your décor plan. Having a black aluminum fence and black furniture and black shutters all might be a bit too much. Consider adding in some color either by painting your shutters, choosing a new set of furniture that offsets the rest of the black, or perhaps choosing a new color for your fence!

Similarly, if your home has many straight edges and looks a little boxy, consider using a rounded top for your aluminum fence, or even some pointed spears to accent the top of the panels. Breaking up the shapes on your property in this way gives some much-needed dimension.

Last but not least, consider using some extra yard accessories, such as an arbor or driveway gate, to showcase your outdoor spaces. Adding an arbor to a plain yard will make the space feel much more welcoming and will offset any décor that can be considered unremarkable. A driveway gate can do the same thing, giving not only added security but also a bit of personalization and charm.

Whether you choose a more plain design for your yard or you decide to spice it up with some extra colors and décor pieces, it is most important to make your outdoor spaces yours. You are the one who needs to like the space you live in, so ensure you choose something that makes you feel at home and looks the part!

What Can’t Aluminum Do?

With so many positive attributes, aluminum is a clear winner when choosing material for a new fence project on your property.

Aluminum is a metal that is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be! A strong metal, aluminum is used for simple things such as soda and beer cans, along with important structures like aluminum fences and even airplanes. Aluminum is used in so many different items for a very good reason: it is a strong metal that is completely durable for even the toughest job. If something is considered strong enough to be used to make an aircraft that carries thousands of pounds of precious cargo soaring through the sky, it is definitely strong enough to be used as a fencing material.

Lightweight but heavy-duty

Aluminum is considered a lightweight metal with a low density. Being amazingly light and simultaneously sturdy is a definite advantage when it comes to doing a DIY fence project. It means you don’t need any heavy machinery to move your fence panels across the yard and erect them because it isn’t too heavy. Some people presume that because of its easy maneuverability, aluminum must not be very strong. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Through thick and thin

Aluminum is often pounded out to thin sheets for certain building materials or canned goods, and that is the beauty of aluminum: is it sturdy as a thin material and even stronger as a thick material. Therefore, fencing panels can be purchased in a classic residential thickness that is perfect for the average home or industrial or commercial-grade thickness that is a bit sturdier for a taller, more secure fence for larger properties.

Extreme conditions

Choosing aluminum for a DIY fence makes perfect sense when you think about the great track record of this versatile metal. Not just for food cans, aluminum is even on some very important pieces made for NASA. That means aluminum is strong enough to withstand the most extreme weather conditions imaginable! Whether you live by the salty sea or a frozen tundra, aluminum can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it. Erecting a DIY fence makes perfect sense if you are looking for a material that can withstand a lot without having to be maintained constantly.

Lasts a long time

Interestingly, aluminum oxidizes differently from other metals. When water gets on the metal itself, instead of rusting into that fragile orange color you might be picturing, it actually oxidizes and adds another layer to the metal, making it even stronger! It isn’t the most attractive and even surface once it oxidizes, so fence materials are treated with a powder coating to stop any moisture from beginning the oxidation process. The powder coating helps the fence stay strong for quite a long period of time with very minimal upkeep. In fact, your fence won’t even need any touching up unless something large runs into it and dents or scratches the surface somehow! Otherwise, giving it a good wipe-down between seasons is all that will need to be done for upkeep.

To put it simply, aluminum can really do it all. Everything you need for your fence project can be solved by aluminum fencing panels. Choosing this metal will help you be well on your way to a strong, sturdy and reliable fence that is made to last.