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Installing Aluminum Fence Panels and Gates

Most of our customers install their own fences, and it’s usually their first time doing so. Other types of fences, such as wood and steel, are meant to be installed by professionals. We design our aluminum fencing so it is easy for customers to install it. If you have the time, you can save a considerable sum of money by installing your fence yourself.

We provide an installation manual that you can download from our website. Study this and you will see that our installation process puts no undue demands on a person with a few simple skills. Call if you need help – we are here to support you!

You will need someone to help you install your fence. Plan to have at least one friend on hand. If you aren’t sure you’re up to it or if you don’t have the time, you can hire someone with handyman skills for the installation.

Post Installation

Your fence panels and gates will be supported by posts, so you want to set these securely.  Setting the posts starts with digging holes.  Unlike other types of fencing you do not cement your posts in first.  You’ll start with one gate or one aluminum fence panel and temporarily secure to posts.   Then, set your panel-to-post connections with the stainless steel screws we provide.  Then, the cement goes in last.  It’s actually faster this way as you work your way around the property.

Consult our website to determine the sizes of posts required for the height of your fence. For posts up to 2.5” on a side, your holes must be a minimum of 6” in diameter. You should make that 8” for larger-diameter posts. You can figure out the amount of cement required by consulting the information on the cement bag.

Sometimes a fence run will end at a wall, a column or the side of a building. In these cases, you can buy straight mounts to make the connection. We also offer horizontal swivel mounts to make various angles. We have vertical swivel mounts that you can use to install a fence on slopes or stairways. You can use these mounts to rack panels on sloped surfaces or to connect fence panels that have different heights.

Installing Gates

Many fence projects include an aluminum driveway gate or a walkway gate. Start your fence with the gate and work outward from there. You first need to set the posts, and then you can hang the gate. Work outward with the surrounding fence panels. Position your walkway gate or aluminum driveway gate with a small space, about 0.75”, between the post and gate to ensure the gate will operate correctly. Double-check your measurements before placing the hinges and drilling the holes.

Returning to your fence panels, wait until the posts are firmly set, and then you can place fence panels in the slots in the posts. We include self-tap screws to connect posts with horizontal rails. You should check your installation for alignment after four sections are installed. Sometimes you’ll need a partial section of fencing to complete a run; just cut down a panel with a hacksaw and notch it to connect it to a post.

These are the basic guidelines that should be followed. Take your time and read the installation manual. You’ll soon be comfortable with the process and ready to install your fence.

Aluminum Driveway Gate Accessories and Upgrades

We offer various aluminum driveway gates for sale. These add to your property’s privacy and offer a barrier to intruders. You can add various items and upgrades to enhance the operation of your driveway gate.

Aluminum Driveway Gate with Rings, Arch and Dog Panel

You can choose from several types of latches for our aluminum driveway gates for sale. For basic use, you can’t go wrong with the Lokklatch. This latch is a general-purpose model for use with any of our driveway gates. It’s key-lockable and has a stainless steel tongue. Its polymer latch is quite tough. One great feature of the Lokklatch is that you don’t have to hang a clunky padlock on your gate. The Lokklatch is guaranteed for life.

The self-locking Lokklatch Deluxe makes life easy. Close the gate, and it is secure. You need a key to open it from either side, so it’s perfect when you have a need for heightened security. The latch is highly polished and won’t rust. It comes with a polymer push rod that can be detached, along with a fitting jig. You can get several units that are keyed alike, so you can have any number of gates that all open with the same key.

The ultimate latch is the Lokklatch Magnetic. It has concealed fasteners so that you can mount it to the gate with no exposed hardware. You can adjust the latch in both the horizontal and vertical directions. This enables you to adjust it to account for both shifts in the ground and sagging in the gate.

The handle is designed with ergonomics in mind; you can operate it by pulling and then turning it 45 degrees. The lock is rekeyable, so you can key all your gates the same. You can’t jam the latch’s magnetic mechanism, unlike mechanical models. It fits gates that are either right- or left-hinged, and it closes whether it’s in the locked or unlocked position.

Hinges for your Driveway Gate

We sell several types of hinges. You get two standard hinges automatically with your purchase of a double gate of up to 12 feet wide.

You’ll need a heavy-duty hinge if your double-swing gate is wider than 12 feet. This aluminum hinge is made in the United States, and it comes in the same colors as our fences and gates. With this hinge, your gate will swing either way. The hinge carries a lifetime warranty.

You can get a self-closing hinge that automatically closes behind you. We don’t recommend this hinge for automated gates. It has adjustable tension, is self-lubricating, and is made from polymer that won’t rust or corrode. It’s easy to install and is guaranteed for life.

Gate Wheel for Larger Gates

A gate wheel is useful to support larger gates. This wheel has a sturdy stainless-steel bracket and spring. The polyurethane wheel will travel smoothly, helping your gate to open and close easily, even over rough surfaces. The wheel is swivel-mounted. It’s designed to be attached on both sides. We ship it with stainless-steel screws that make for a solid installation. You can easily turn the wheel around to accommodate gates that open in either direction. The whole assembly comes with a black or white powder-coated finish.

Secure Your Driveway with a Residential Double-Swing Gate


When you order aluminum fencing panels, it is easy to include a double-swing gate to secure your driveway. Aluminum is light and strong, which makes it great for a large gate, and you can choose from a number of colors that match your fence. has aluminum driveway gates for sale in many attractive styles, and you can select from several useful options.

Residential double-swing gates come in styles to match your chosen fence. You can select a flat or nearly flat top or get an estate gate that adds elegance along with increased security.


If you haven’t upgraded, your order for double-swing gates up to 12 feet comes with two pairs of standard gate hinges. Use the heavy-duty gate hinge for wider gates. This matches your gate color and includes receivers, a J-bolt, a plate and bushings. With this hinge, you can swing your gates in either direction.

The self-closing gate hinge incorporates an internal spring that automatically swings the gate closed.  The self-closing hinge has adjustable tension. It’s made from molded, reinforced polymer, is UV-stabilized and is self-lubricating. It won’t rust, bind, stain or sag.

Locks and Latches

You can select from a number of locks and latches for our aluminum driveway gates for sale.

The Lokklatch is a general-purpose latch. Made from polymers and stainless steel, it will not rust. Like all Lokklatches, it comes key-lockable and can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. With the Lokklatch, you will not have an unsightly padlock hanging on your gate. It fits all of our gates.

The Lokklatch Deluxe locks automatically when the gate closes and requires a key to open. It has a detachable polymer push rod, and multiple units can optionally be keyed alike so you don’t have to carry a bunch of keys for multiple gates. It’s highly polished and won’t rust.

The Lokklatch Magnetic is a fully adjustable, self-latching lock that you can mount without milling, drilling holes or welding. It has dual six-pin cylinders that you can re-key. It is designed with ergonomics in mind, requiring just a 45-degree turn of the handle to open it. It can be operated with one hand and has a lever handle on both sides of the gate. This convenient lock will self-latch even when locked. It accommodates gate movement and sag, and it won’t jam when closing. It has no visible fasteners and requires just one drilled hole for installation.

The LokkBolt is a locking, stainless steel drop bolt that is perfect for double-swing gates. It includes bolt-retention grooves so the bolt won’t strike or drag across your driveway.

Custom Gate Sizes

We supply gates in non-standard widths. Residential double-swing gates are available up to 12 feet wide. If you need a width we don’t sell as standard, you just need to measure the daylight opening measurement (DLO). To determine your DLO, measure from inside to inside of the surfaces to which you will mount your gate, such as two gate posts. Order the next larger standard gate size and note on your order the DLO you require. We’ll do the rest.

Latches, Hinges and Wheels for a Driveway Gate


Driveway gates offer security and look great at the same time. You can use various latches, hinges and wheels for easier operation of your gate.

Adding aluminum driveway gates can keep unwanted vehicles and people outside your property where they belong. You can use various hardware items to aid in their operation.


You can purchase various types of hinges for your gate depending on your needs. A double gate up to 12 feet wide comes with two standard gate hinges. This hinge allows for about ¾” of space between the gate post and the upright. Double-swing gates wider than 12 feet require a heavy-duty gate hinge.

The heavy-duty hinge is made in America from aluminum. You can get this hinge with powder-coated color to match the color of your gate. It comes complete with receivers, a J-bolt, a plate and bushings. This hinge is easy to install and it allows your gate to swing in either direction. The hinge carries a lifetime warranty.  The Heavy Duty Gate Hinge is operator friendly and recommended for single swing gates 7 feet wide or wider and double swing drive gates 14 feet wide and wider.

A self-closing hinge will automatically close after you pass through it. This hinge is not recommended for automated gates. The self-closing hinge has adjustable tension. It is made from molded, reinforced polymer, which means it will never corrode or rust. It is UV-stabilized and self-lubricating. There’s nothing like its convenient and reliable operation, and a self-closing hinge eliminates the need for a spring closer. The hinge won’t sag, bind or stain. It’s easy to install and carries a limited lifetime warranty.


You can use a number of types of latches depending on your requirements. The Lokklatch is a general-purpose latch that can be used with all-aluminum driveway gates. This key-lockable latch is made from durable polymer with a stainless-steel tongue. The Lokklatch eliminates unsightly padlocks and has a limited lifetime warranty.  The LokkLatch is key-lockable from one side of the gate.

The Lokklatch Deluxe requires a key for either entry or exit, adding another layer of security. This is a perfect solution for security-minded individuals and businesses that want to secure their perimeters. The Lokklatch Deluxe has a detachable polymer push rod and includes a fitting jig.  As an option, you can obtain multiple units that are keyed alike. This highly polished latch will not rust.  This lock is key-lockable from both sides of the gate.

The Lokklatch Magnetic is an elegant solution to securing your gate. This latch has concealed fasteners to enhance your gate’s beauty. It is vertically and horizontally adjustable to account for any ground movement or sagging. The latch’s ergonomically designed handle operates by pulling and turning it 45 degrees. The gate has dual six-pin re-keyable locks, eliminating the need to carry around a jumble of keys for different gates. The magnetic latching mechanism doesn’t jam, which is something that can occur with mechanical latches. The latch will close even in the locked position, and it fits both left- and right-hinged gates.

Gate Wheel

A gate wheel supports a larger, heavier gate as it opens and closes. The wheel has a stainless steel spring and bracket. The wheel itself is made from sturdy polyurethane and travels well even on rough surfaces. It is swivel-mounted for smooth operation. and attaches at both sides with included stainless steel screws for extra strength. You can easily flip it around depending on which way a gate opens. The assembly is powder-coated for a durable finish in either black or white.