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Matching Your Fence To Your Area And Personality

White Aluminum FenceFences come in all different designs and colors, and one current trend is choosing options that complement the surrounding area and town.

There are different reasons to choose specific design elements for your home’s outdoor spaces. Different colors, finishes and sizes of fence each tell a different story. Your corner of the world may always have sunshine and flowers blooming, or perhaps you live up north, where it is constantly snowing. Your fence can stand out or blend in, depending on the color and style you choose. There are plenty of things to think about when deciding how to design your own great outdoors.

Light versus dark

The light-versus-dark design element can be compared to the idea of the north and south being opposites: one has long, dark winters and one is constantly warm and sunny. Of course, the difference between the north and the south is not so stark or clearly defined; it is more just the idea of the two different ends of the spectrum.

With light versus dark and north versus south, there is no single route you must follow, but certain looks will meld into the surroundings more easily than others. Of course, if you live in a wooded area surrounded by log cabins and you choose to have a modern home full of glass windows, metal surfaces and sharp lines, you are hoping to stand out more than fit in!

It is important to remember to choose something that you want to live with every season. If you know that once summer comes, you will be replanting your whole yard with brightly colored flowers to lighten up the property, stick with a light cream or white aluminum fence. If you want a more elegant and modern-looking fence that is sleek and stylish year after year, a black aluminum fence might be a better choice.

Sticking out for all the right reasons

A lot of your outdoor design elements can be based on the flowers and plants you have in your yard. Simple color palettes with only one or two main colors, or more neutral colors such as white and pale yellow, are some basic paths people take when designing their yards. If you lean more toward this natural look, choosing a fence that blends in with it is ideal. A white aluminum fence or a more rustic bronze one can complement this type of landscape and home.

On the other hand, if your home is dark and you have light-colored flowers to make a purposeful contrast, a dark fence such as a black aluminum fence might work better. This enables the flowers to keep that contrast with the tall fence and exterior of the home, allowing the plant life to be the main focus of attention.

Your design really comes down to what you want people to notice when they first see your property. If you want to be different from the rest of the neighbors and they all have neutral or natural palettes, go with something bold or even dark to stand out! If you are hoping to stand out for being perfectly matched, be sure that you are happy with the color you choose to paint your house and fence. Go bold, go natural or go complementary. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to show off your personality.

You Can Erect Your Own Fence, Even in Small Spaces

Black Fence PanelsIf you have a smaller area on your property that would benefit from a new fence, consider doing it yourself with easy aluminum fence panels.

There is something very satisfying about erecting your own DIY fence that makes your outdoor space your own. This is because you have full control over every aspect of the project, from start to finish. Whether you want full privacy panels, additional entry gates or perhaps extra-tall pickets, it’s all up to you.

Get exactly what you want

You also get to choose exactly what your fence will look like. There are an abundance of colors, finials, and other design elements to choose from. If you have a particularly unique space to fence in, you can decide yourself how best to tackle it to get exactly what you want out of the fence.

In addition to choosing what type of fence you want and what it will look like, you also get to choose when the fence gets erected on your terms when you are doing it yourself. Relying on a company or fence specialist to erect your fence means you must work around their schedule, but when you’re in charge, it is all up to you! If this is your first outdoor DIY project, it makes sense to start small, which is perfect if you have a smaller space to fence in.

Smaller fences for smaller spaces

There are many reasons you might need a smaller aluminum fence on your property. The most common reason is that the property is smaller or shared with someone, such as a duplex. If you have free reign over your part of the yard and are looking to erect a DIY fence, using pre-fabricated aluminum fence panels would be ideal. Depending on the size of your half of the yard, this could mean just a handful of panels!

If you are worried about how it will look having an aluminum fence on just one part of the property, you can always ask the neighbor if they’re interested in putting up a fence of their own. However, that really isn’t necessary because your property will look the best it can, and that is really all that matters. If one part of a duplex has certain flora and fauna, it doesn’t mean the neighbor must also have it, and the same goes with fences! You continue doing exactly what is best for you, your family and your yard.

Closing the gap

Speaking of shared yards, your yard might be situated between two homes that have existing fences on either side, and you are looking to enclose the third side. In this case, a DIY aluminum fence is the perfect answer. Aluminum fences look great in conjunction with many stone and wooden fences, and they can really help make your yard pop. Best of all, if you only need panels to connect from one side to the other, the DIY project won’t be too complicated!

When you are taking on any project that deals with yards or properties of those around you, always have an open discussion with your neighbors or homeowner’s association. It can also help to drive around the neighborhood to see what others in similar situations are doing with their smaller spaces.

Why Pay More Than You Have To For High-Quality Home Improvements?

Aluminum-Fence-StairsSome of the more affordable choices for do-it-yourself home improvements are just as good as – if not better than – their more expensive counterparts.

If your idea of a dream home includes high-price amenities that are just outside of your budget, fear not! You can easily make your property look high-end for a much more affordable price tag. From flooring and kitchen counters to bathrooms and aluminum fence panels, there are plenty of options to choose from that can still give you the quality you seek without draining your bank account.

Before you begin any home improvement project, you will most likely do some research to plan out your budget first and foremost. This is when you decide how big of a project you are able and willing to take on. Some popular areas to upgrade include kitchens, bathrooms and yards. Many homeowners do one big project at once to have time to save up for the next big project, but what if you don’t have to choose just one? What if you could find a way to stretch your money to take care of a few projects at once? This would be ideal because you would only need to go through construction in your home once instead of multiple times in a two- or three-year period. Moreover, if you take care of a few projects at once, you eliminate the chance of something else coming up at the last minute that causes you to push back your renovations.

Alternative flooring options

It’s a popular notion that wooden or stone floors are the most elite and beautiful option available for inside an elegant, modern home, but there are some amazing alternatives that look the part and are just as durable. Bamboo is a popular choice for bargain hunters who are looking for that natural look of wood at a fraction of the cost. The best part is that bamboo is waterproof, incredibly durable, and because it doesn’t have to age the way oak would for a wooden floor, it won’t break the bank.

Alternative kitchen counter options

Marble and granite are the usual must-haves when it comes to kitchen counters. Thankfully, other types of materials are growing in popularity and are much cheaper. Butcher block is a big contender for its style and durability. It is warmer and more natural than cold granite or marble, and even though it does take a bit of upkeep, it’s worth it for the price. If you want that darker, more modern look, sandstone is an affordable option. It requires less maintenance than marble and is affordable.

Alternative backyard options

A fancy new pergola and a new indoor pool are great, but the real MVP of the backyard is an elegant new fence. You can dress up the yard however you want, but if you are renovating any outdoor spaces—even just perking up an old deck—you must have a high-quality fence surrounding the outdoor spaces to keep a good balance. While wrought iron fences are many people’s dream fence option, aluminum fence panels are a much cheaper way to get great quality. Aluminum is a tough metal that can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. There is no upkeep needed with aluminum fence panels, and they’re treated with a special coating to stop any rust from forming.

It’s hard to go wrong with these alternatives. Each one ticks all the boxes for what you want and need for your next home improvement projects.

Create a Zen Backyard

fence child safetyThere are plenty of reasons to use feng shui to create a zen space inside the home, but using feng shui outdoors can create tranquility in the yard, too!

Outdoor spaces are often overlooked when it comes to creating a calm, tranquil place for residents to go to relax. More effort is put into creating an area for kids to play, pets to roam free, or a place to barbecue. Creating a feng shui area in your backyard doesn’t necessarily mean you have to remove any of these important family spaces. Setting up a tranquil but usable space within the confines of your fenced in yard is possible!

Feng shui in your yard

There are five important feng shui elements to keep in mind when designing your tranquil backyard space. Wood, fire, earth, metal and water are the elements you want to find a way to incorporate into your outdoor space to have a positive energy flow. The balance of these elements is essential for allowing the universe’s energy to flow freely.

It is easy to incorporate these elements into an outdoor space. A small pond or fountain can cover water and small trees, while a handmade wooden bench can cover wood. Earth will be taken care of easily with plants and the natural landscape of your yard. Fire can be covered with candles or a small fire pit, and the metal element can be taken care of with aluminum fencing. Choose a neutral color for your fence as it will be the outermost part of the feng shui garden, not the focal point.

The use of color

Color plays a big part in feng shui, especially when it comes to flowers and foliage. Using contrasting colors in a green backyard is helpful in creating a zen garden. If you aren’t interested in bright, vibrant colors, stick with a sprinkling of bright white flowers among all of the green of the yard.

If you are willing to use some bright colors, you will want to keep to the Bagua Color Theory, which is also known as the feng shui color wheel. The idea behind this theory is to keep positive energy flowing through a space. Using the color wheel practice inside a home can be a bit hard, but a backyard is a great place to practice the Bagua Color Theory because of the clearly defined spaces that can be utilized.

To keep with the color wheel, there are supposed to be eight colors in a wheel-like shape. The closest one to you should be a darker blue or black, followed by blue, green, purple, red, pink, white and gray. Each color represents an element, and together they create a flow of positive energy that returns to the home to give good fortune and health.

Adding a fence to the mix

It might seem like a fence would inhibit a flow of energy and get in the way of feng shui, but it can actually help set apart the safe space to create a zen-like area to sit and relax in. Utilize aluminum fencing to enclose your property and yard away from the hustle and bustle of the street.

Add privacy panels to keep it quieter if necessary. This allows your yard’s new feng shui atmosphere to have no interruptions, with your fence creating the barrier from the outside world. Let your fence do the work of keeping the negative energy out while your beautiful new yard keeps the positive energy from the universe flowing!

Start Planning Now For A Summertime Fencing Project

There are plenty of reasons to look forward to summertime, and your new fence is definitely one of them! Start preparations now for a successful project.

As you start preparing for summer vacations and enjoying the sun and fresh air, it’s also time to start thinking about any major home improvement projects you plan to start. You might be considering re-inventing your backyard space, putting in a pool, or perhaps you are buying a new home. The more you prepare for your big project, the better the project will turn out. While the weather is still deciding whether it is springtime or not, spend some time doing everything you can to get ready. If a new fence is needed to go around your newly designed yard or keep your new pool safe, you want to start thinking about what needs to be done and when.

The long wait

Depending on the company or type of fence you decide to go with, there could be incredibly long waiting times. Take this time to shop around and find the best deal for you and the right material for your fencing project. Choosing an aluminum fence is a great option if it’s your first time taking on this type of home improvement project. This is because of the ease of installing the panels and the wonderful decorative options available with this type of fence. Find a company that can get you exactly what you need at the time you need it, and ask any questions you have.

Unique yard additions

There are a few questions that often come up during fence planning, and rightfully so. These are mostly about rules and regulations and what to do if you are fencing in a pool. If you’re planning on a pool, do some information gathering now and learn the rules. Question things along the way to ensure you order exactly what you need for your outdoor space.

Start making decisions

There is a lot to decide on when it comes to a new aluminum fence. Start by looking into the rules and regulations of your municipality or area. Depending on the purpose of the fence and the location, it might need to be a certain height or have specific pickets, so the decision of how tall or wide to make the fence might already be made for you. However, there are also extra additions to the fence that you will be free to decide on. A popular choice is putting up privacy panels for some parts of the yard, especially where you share a sight line with the neighbors. Another common option is puppy panels if you have an outdoor pet. These help create smaller spaces between the pickets near the bottom half of the fence to keep any pets safely in the yard and to keep unwanted critters safely out!

It might be hard to plan too far ahead of time if you’re waiting for your new home to be built, but meet with your contractor to ask any questions about your future yard now. Whether it’s a new home or you are looking for a change for your current property, you definitely want to choose a fence that has lasting power, like an aluminum fence.

The More Aluminum, The Better!

commercial fencingYou can never have too much of a good thing when it comes to keeping your commercial property safe and secure with a strong aluminum fence.

The beauty of aluminum fences is the strong metal from which they are constructed. Aluminum is the way to go when it comes to a sturdy, indestructible fence. It is true that a basic residential fence can withstand extreme weather conditions and put up with a lot of wear and tear. Now imagine a thicker residential fence and the added protection extra aluminum could bring! Commercial fencing in aluminum is a superior option to any other type of fencing for a commercial or industrial property.

Your commercial property most likely holds bigger buildings than a house. Perhaps you have large amounts of inventory or even a whole building of apartments. To keep the property and everything on it as secure as possible, you will want added protection.

What if my property has a unique perimeter?

If the outline of your property happens to be on a steep hill or you want to fence in a curved area, there is no need to worry. Commercial fencing in aluminum comes in panels that are easy to install and can be worked around any perimeter. If your property includes any semi-circular lines, the posts can be attached with metal, powder coated swivel mounts so that your panels will slowly curve their way around the property as needed.

If your property includes any type of hill, there is a way around this as well with a racked fence. Some hills work best with the fence panels arranged similar to steps, with each panel looking a bit taller than the next. The alternative is to have each picket a bit taller the next, making a more seamless slope to the top of the fence. Either way, the pickets and posts must always be erected straight up in the air and never at a slant.

What about my driveway gates?

Your driveway gates and any entryway can also be made with the commercial fencing in aluminum. Since this grading of aluminum is thicker and tougher than residential fencing, it is important to keep this quality of material throughout your entire property. As you know, the entry points to your property are the most vulnerable to outsiders. To keep your property as safe as possible, it is necessary to have incredibly strong gates.

Is there more upkeep with commercial aluminum fencing?

This is where commercial, residential and even industrial fencing are all similar: there is minimal upkeep needed! The powder coating on aluminum fencing helps keep the metal sealed from the elements. Aluminum fencing will not rust the way iron will, and it requires very little effort on your part. It is recommended that you rinse down your fence with fresh water and some mild detergent every so often after a particularly nasty winter to wash away the salt from de-icing the roads. Similarly, if you live near the ocean, it is ideal to do this so the salt in the air does not create any damaging effects to your fence.

It is up to you to decide what is best for your commercial property. By arming yourself with information about all of the fencing choices available, you will make the best decision for your unique situation.


Bring On The Backyard Spring Cleaning!

residential-railing-great-fenceIt’s time for spring cleaning once again. Don’t neglect your outdoor areas, which also need some spring cleaning TLC.

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping because spring has sprung! This means you and your family will want to spend more time outdoors enjoying the fresh air. What about your backyard? Is it shining like the spring sun or could it use a bit of a cleanup after the long winter?

During winter, we spend a lot of time inside our homes keeping warm and neglect our outdoor areas, including our fence. If you have an aluminum fence, you won’t find yourself needing to carry out too much maintenance once the snow and ice thaws thanks to the tough aluminum material.

A quick wipe-down

Even though your aluminum commercial fence doesn’t require any specific springtime maintenance, it is an excellent idea to give it a quick clean after the last frost has left your area. The salt from icy roads and the dry, freezing weather may have had some effect on your fence, even if it’s hard to tell. Salt can be corrosive if it finds a break in the powder coating of the aluminum. To ensure this isn’t the case, give your fence a quick rinse and wipe-down. Using a hose with normal pressure is ideal. For an extra-clean fence, use a cloth with a mild soap, too. Try to avoid harsh sponges so you don’t hurt the important coating on the aluminum.

Speaking of the coating, it is important to take a closer look at your fence after rinsing it to see if there are any areas that could use a touchup of paint. This could be where something ran into it and chipped it, or just an area—perhaps near a gate hinge—where the coating is wearing down. You just need to find a spray paint that matches the color and ensure it is suitable for aluminum fences.

Spruce up the rest of the yard

After winter, the rest of your yard is probably looking a bit dull. After not seeing the sunlight for so long, there are probably quite a few areas that could use sprucing up. Pick up any debris or stray branches that are littering the yard. You know how you tidy up your bedroom by picking up stray pieces of clothing around the room first and foremost? Do this in your yard while ensuring your furniture is all put in place, creating a welcoming ambience.

Next you will want to start gardening and mulching! This is a great time to get the kids involved, as they will be happy to help with digging the holes and laying out the mulch. It’s amazing how a few perfectly placed colorful flowers and plants can change the look of a whole yard. Adding mulch or stones around the flower beds will pull the whole look together.

Finally, you can consider adding some new shrubs or plants to give a fresh look to your yard. Find a plant that matches your aluminum commercial fence by choosing a taller bush or an interesting small tree. Taller plants look great against an aluminum fence because they complement the tall pickets.

Before you know it, your backyard and fence will be looking clean, fresh and ready for spring. Soon enough, it will be time to bring out the barbecue, and you’ll be ready with your newly cleaned yard.

Keeping Your Yard Safe For Everyone

pool-fence-safetyChildren, pets and your own property are all vulnerable when outdoors. Let your fence do the hard work of keeping everyone and everything safe!

Any outdoor space is hard to keep exactly how you want thanks to weather conditions and other outside forces, but keeping your yard as safe as possible is usually at the top of everyone’s list. From children to pets to your property, there is plenty to keep safe in your yard at any given moment. Having the right fence, driveway and gates is key in keeping your home and family safe and secure.

Keeping children safe

Children play in their front and back yards and love to have space to run around. Having a fence as a boundary for them keeps them from running into the street. It also helps prevent people and stray animals from entering the premises while the children are outdoors. For added safety and security, you can install privacy panels on your aluminum fence to keep prying eyes out.

One important aspect to remember is your driveway and the entryway to the house. Having a fence with a large area where cars drive into the property means it is not fully secure. At the end of your driveway aluminum gates are an important addition, and you should have a suitable locking mechanism in place so that children do not end up placing themselves in danger.

Keeping your pool area secure

Your home or property may also include a pool or another body of water, which can spell danger in the blink of an eye. This is where a fence can be useful. Having your pool blocked off to prevent people from accidentally falling in not only helps eliminate unfortunate situations but is the law in many towns. Check your local municipality to see what rules and regulations are in place in your area to keep your family and the whole neighborhood safe when it comes to pools.

Keeping pets safe

Like children, pets also need to be kept safe while in your yard or on your property. Driveway aluminum gates also help in this instance, as there will be no area of the yard unguarded from which the pet can escape. To aid in keeping pets safe, you can choose to have puppy panels put on the lower part of your aluminum fence and gate. These panels have narrow spaces between pickets to ensure your pet does not find a way to squeeze through. Another option is expanded metal, mesh, which makes it even harder for any animal to get in or out of the yard. Another way to keep pets and others safe is to have your mailbox located on the outside of the driveway aluminum gates. This allows the mailman to safely put your mail in without upsetting your outdoor pet.

Staying safe from outsiders

A big concern when it comes to the safety and security of your fence is keeping unwanted intruders out. Any type of fence is a great deterrent, and aluminum is extremely strong and effective. You will want to ensure you have high-quality locks on all entry points to help keep the perimeter secure. Whether your gates slide open and closed or swing out and in, ensuring they can only be accessed by those who know a code or have a key will help keep you, your family and your property safe and secure.

Tricky Yards And Random Spaces

Aluminum Fencing for HillsWhether you have a private area you need to keep secure or your yard is on a steep incline, there is still a way for you to enjoy an aluminum fence.

Some properties come with unique qualities that make erecting a fence quite difficult. Perhaps you have a very rocky yard with larger rocks right where you need to put a fence post, or maybe you are hoping to erect an industrial aluminum fence around your place of business but you need to leave space for multiple driveways. Perhaps you need to fence in a very inclined yard but aren’t sure if aluminum is right for you. Whatever your situation may be, you can rest assured there is a fencing solution for your yard.

Slopes and hills

The most common tricky yard situation includes steep inclines. Not all fence types are ideal for slopes and hills, but aluminum fences can handle these ground differences with ease. The vertical style of a residential or industrial aluminum fence means it can handle any slope. For racked fencing, the key is to ensure the rails at the bottom and top stay parallel to the ground and the pickets or panels themselves stick straight up into the air, completely parallel to each other.

Do not make the mistake of putting the posts and pickets on a slant to go with the hill. They should all be parallel, with one next to the other. You just need to ensure you are choosing the correct height for what you need, which may change depending on the slope. Another choice that may work better for you is stepped fencing, where a few sections or panels of fence are next to each other, with the tops making a sort of step design. With this design, the bottoms of the panels may have triangular gaps in some parts and not reach the ground completely.

Tight corners

Thankfully, the corners of your yard can also be fenced in with ease, even those tricky corners where two sides come to a point with a very narrow space between them. This type of property line can happen for a myriad of reasons, but there’s no need to worry. Some people elect to bypass the corner altogether and stop the fence a bit short of the corner to help with mowing the lawn in the future. If you must keep a tricky corner, just be sure you aren’t leaving too much space from that post to the next to give it a symmetrical aesthetic. Aluminum fences in tight corners look quite pleasing compared to chain link or wooden fences, which can both look a bit busy in tight spaces. The vertical nature of the aluminum fence helps the look of the fence.

Hidden areas

Another tricky scenario that could occur while fencing in your commercial, industrial or residential property occurs when you have areas of the yard that you wish to keep hidden. This may be the area of the property that houses trash and recycling, or it could be an area that needs to have a bit more security and shouldn’t be viewable from the outside. To accommodate this, you can choose to have privacy panels put in that block the view of whatever is inside. This can be helpful for aesthetic or security reasons. No matter how your yard is laid out, there will be a fencing solution for you.

Replacing Your Old Fence For Good

There are few reasons to choose a chain link fence when there are such superior alternatives that will last longer and give you much better security.

Chain link fences had their glory days, but it’s about time for another fence to take the spotlight. Chain link and even wooden fences are inexpensive and easy to install, which are both important qualities in a fence. Thankfully, other fence types are also easy on the wallet and easy to erect, with more positive attributes. Why choose a fence that will need replaced or fixed frequently when you can get a sturdy, beautiful, inexpensive and easy-to-maintain aluminum fence instead?

Why go aluminum?

For the what you are getting, the price really cannot be beat. You might find some chain link or wooden fences to be easier on the wallet, but you really have to consider the long run. If you must continuously pay for upkeep and maintenance season after season, the initially cheap price tag suddenly goes way up, as do the time and effort required on your part.

The sturdiness and durability of aluminum is a big factor that spurs people to choose this material for their fence. Don’t be fooled by the flimsy nature of aluminum foil on the leftovers in your kitchen. Aluminum is a strong metal, even though it is lighter than other popular fence choices, such as iron. Commercial aluminum fence panels can withstand serious wind and other forces of nature without having anything additional built to hold the fence up. This is perfect for people living in places that are prone to extreme weather conditions.

In addition to being completely durable and sturdy, aluminum is easy to maintain. There is hardly anything that needs to be done to maintain your fence besides the occasional rinse and wipe down of the panels if they are exposed to high levels of salt from nearby ocean air or salted roads in winter. An occasional check of the coating of aluminum to ensure there haven’t been any major scratches in the surface is the extent of the maintenance required, with a quick touchup of spray paint being the hardest part of the upkeep.

Out with the old, in with the new

Aesthetically, commercial aluminum fence panels can give a property a modern, elegant or classic look even with the most basic design elements. There are some great additions for aluminum fences that can dress up your property as much or as little as you desire. From colored panels to finials and spear tops, to customized driveway gate plates, there are plenty of ways to personalize your fence to the property.

Because aluminum fences are so strong and designed so well, they provide an excellent added layer of protection for your home or place of business. The metal is tough to cut through and nearly impossible to climb because there are no foot holds. Try to say that about your old chain link or wooden fence! The privacy choices with various panels, gates and locks also help with the safety and security of your property.

From safety and durability to aesthetics and design, there are plenty of reasons aluminum is the way to go for your next fence. Its ability to last longer than any other type of fence while staying in excellent condition with minimal upkeep makes aluminum the best choice for your fencing needs.