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Don’t Be Out Of Bounds

Spear Top Metal FencingIf you aren’t careful, you could have extra expenses when it comes to installing a new fence. Have your boundaries checked the right way from the start.

If you want to build a new fence, there is one important step you must take before doing anything else. Before you even begin ordering your new fence, you will want to check the boundary lines of your property. You might think you know exactly where your property begins and ends. You might even have blueprints of your property that clearly show your property lines. Even with this information, having a professional survey your land can help you to be completely certain where you should erect your new fence.

Erecting a new aluminum fence will come with plenty of costs. Even though the aluminum fence cost is low compared to the more expensive wrought iron varieties, you will not want to have to take down and re-install a fence just because you did not have the right information about where your property lines were meant to be.

The neighborly thing to do

When you are planning to install a new fence at your residential property, you will probably share at least one side of your property with a neighbor. When this happens, you will want to discuss your new plans with your neighbor and see what their ideas are about your property boundary lines. Often two properties will have had changing boundary lines at some point in their history, with one or either party not being aware of the changes or having outdated information. Therefore, your neighbor might even be interested in sharing the cost of getting the land surveyed as they could also use this information for their own home’s value and any outdoor landscaping or to help with their own future aluminum fence cost.

Being a good citizen

When you don’t have a neighbor sharing a property boundary with you, there may be another type of land owner to contend with: the local government. If your property lies next to a public park, a school or other government-owned property, you may have extra zoning or survey laws to check. This will help you in the long run as you will not only be a good citizen by taking the necessary steps to keep your house and yard up to standards and follow the laws of the land; you will also keep future costs down should you or the neighboring land need to move the fence at some point. Getting all the information about where your property starts and theirs ends and checking for any extra zoning laws before even beginning to pick out your fence can only help you.

The added layer of homeowners’ associations

If you also have a homeowners’ association where you live, you’re probably already aware of the extra layer of rules you must check before changing your property. This added layer won’t add anything to your aluminum fence cost as the fence will still be the same size to fit around your property. In fact, you just need to follow the same steps that apply if your property boundaries are close to government-owned property: double-check where the property is and follow any additional rules set forth by the governing body. You will be glad you covered all of your bases when you put in the order for your new fence as you will be certain you made the right choice and that there will be no unpleasant surprises in the future.

Aluminum: More Than Just Another Metal

s2_khaki_closeThere is more to a fence than the material it is made of, but consumers often incorrectly judge a material without considering all the information.

Aluminum is often compared to wrought iron, and many people automatically jump to the conclusion that aluminum is the inferior metal choice. However, the topic of which metal is better is not quite so black and white. There are a lot of reasons that aluminum is falsely perceived to be inferior, one of which is the comparison to aluminum cans. Cans are purposely built thin and flimsy so they do their job but are easily recyclable, leading to less waste. The fact that aluminum can be thinned out so well shows how strong of a material it is. Would you want metal fencing panels protecting your home that were made of a material that would shatter when pounded out into a different shape? If you are like most people, you’d want a metal that is durable no matter how it is laid out.

Durability is most important

When it comes to a durable fence, you cannot get much better than wrought iron or aluminum. Both materials stand up to extreme weather conditions with ease. They are also made to last quite a long time, with minimal wear and tear. Aluminum has a leg up on wrought iron in the sense that aluminum fencing is treated to be completely rust-proof. Wrought iron will not rust away after just one rainy season, but it is something to keep in mind. Many people choose iron so they can have the antique green-like patina finish that is currently in fashion. However, when thinking practically about what is best for the longevity and durability of a fence, you should choose one that will stay in the same shape as the day you bought it.

Heavyweight champion

Aluminum has another leg up on wrought iron thanks to its ease of installation. Not only is the product itself and its delivery less costly, but you also have a better chance of being able to do it yourself! Wrought iron is quite heavy and very cumbersome to install without professional help. That can get expensive, and you also have less say over how things are done. If you are taking control of your fence building and want a product and material that you can maneuver with ease but will withstand time, weather and rust, aluminum is the clear choice.

Is aluminum just an inferior metal to wrought iron?

Wrought iron is not superior or inferior to aluminum when it comes to metal fencing panels. Both are wonderful choices for a protective barrier around your property. Some people just assume aluminum is inferior because its price is lower than that of iron. Iron is strong and sturdy and most often seen in large, intricate fences surrounding commercial properties or larger, expensive homes. Nevertheless, aluminum can be just as large and in charge, especially when you use industrial-style aluminum fencing to create a fence with more girth and strength.

The question should not be about which metal is sturdier but which one better fits your needs. If you want a strong, sturdy, weatherproof and rustproof fence but don’t want to break the bank, an aluminum fence fits the bill.

Let’s Talk Fencing Costs

s1_black_satin_rings_cold_new_york_virginThere are many pros and cons to consider when choosing a fence material. Understandably, cost is definitely high up on the list of deciding factors.

You may have already made up the decision on what type of material to use for your new fence. Most people go one of two ways: wooden and light, such as a classic white picket fence, or metal and sturdy, such as an elegant black aluminum fence. Each fencing material has its pros and its cons. For example, aluminum is more durable than wood, while iron is more solid and sturdy than a chain-link fence. Many people ultimately base their decision on multiple factors, with cost being a major determinant.

Spending now to save later

Certain big-ticket items that you must purchase in life can be considered investments. Expenses such as paying for college, purchasing a house instead of renting, and even putting money into a retirement fund are all ways we spend some money now to have more savings later. This way of thinking ahead when spending a large sum of money can come in handy when choosing what type of fence to put up in your front or back yard.

Not all materials are created equal, and not all materials stay in perfect condition throughout the different seasons and weather conditions. Spending a little more for a new black aluminum fence instead of just painting an old wooden fence black will be much more beneficial later on in life. An aluminum fence is built to last, through extreme weather, dust, debris, wind—you name it! You can choose bold colors and designs and really personalize it however you want. Even though this option costs more now, you will not have to replace it as quickly as you would with any other material—even wrought iron.

Is it worth it?

Although a cheaper material might seem like the way to go when trying to put up a fence without breaking the bank, you really need to do your research to see if you are making the right choice for the long run. Just painting an old fence to a color you desire might seem like a good way to save money while giving your property a face lift, but it might actually be detrimental in the future.

For example, choosing a vinyl fence may be the right choice for you for now and the near future, but vinyl tends to break in extreme temperatures and might need replaced sooner than an aluminum or iron fence. Vinyl isn’t very cheap, either, so if you are going to need to spend a little extra money up front, you might as well spend it on the highest-quality material you can afford that still does the job and will not need to be replaced after the next winter season. The longevity of the fence is really what makes it worth the extra money.

This is one instance where planning ahead is well worth the trouble. Even if you think you might have some extra cash to replace your fence in the near future, the hassle of taking down one fence and putting up another every few years is enough to make you want to choose the higher-quality material from the beginning. Whether you are looking for a simple black aluminum fence or an elegant gold aluminum fence with a circular motif and puppy panels, spending a little extra to get it right the first time will be well worth the it.

Stop Straddling The Fence And Pick One!

Committing to a pricey addition to your home or business can be quite scary, but if you’re well informed, you can ensure you’ve made the right choice.

Making any big decision is daunting, especially when that decision doesn’t come cheap and involves a bit of work. Choosing the right fence doesn’t have to be scary. There’s so much information on different types and styles plus a plethora of reviews for different companies offering all aspects of fencing. From commercial fencing in aluminum to residential fence panels to mesh dog panels, there are so many options available.

Keep in mind that you’ll still have a bunch of decisions to make in your quest for the perfect fence, but separating the big decision of what fence to get into smaller, more manageable decisions should help you get to the final product. The first thing you’ll want to do is decide if you want someone else to fully take charge of choosing and building your new fence or if you like the idea of having a hand in it. If you choose the latter, fence panels will probably be your next step in the search.

Panels are the way to go

black_aluminum_fenceBy choosing fence panels, you are choosing an easy method of building your fence that is customizable and comes with plenty of style options. Fence panels that connect together with ease come delivered right to your door and are simple enough to install yourself. The great part of these is how easy it is to put up a fence on an awkward yard. If you are fencing in an area that isn’t an exact square, fence panels may be exactly what you need.

Know your design options

Depending on the fence company you go with, you should end up with plenty of design and style options for your fence. The fence company can help you sort through these decisions and will give you their expert opinion, but it will help to have an idea of what you want in the first place. If you’re looking to add a fence to a commercial property, you may want to go with more muted colors and styles that match anything, but you’ll definitely want to consider some spear tips or a curved top to help the fence keep your business safe and secure. For residential fences, consider choosing a fun color or design addition to personalize the fence to you and your family. Be bold!

Take photos for inspiration

It really is a great idea to take a walk around a neighborhood with homes or businesses similar to yours and see what the rest of the world has been choosing for their fences. You will get a better idea of what each type of design, style and material looks like in person. Take a quick snapshot of any fence styles you like so you can think about it for a few days.

You’ll come across fences made of all different materials, so see which kinds seem to have held up well over the years. Residential and commercial fencing in aluminum is just as sturdy as many of the iron fences you may see surrounding other homes and businesses, so there is no need to worry that you are going with a lesser-quality material when you choose aluminum. Do some price comparisons and discuss your options with your local fence company, and you’ll be well on your way to making the perfect decision.

Uncover Your Town’s Rules Regarding Fences

Bronze_Estate_Gate_Dog_Panel_2016To be able to follow all the laws of the land, you first have to know what they are! There are a few laws to keep in mind when deciding on your next fence.

If you have ever built your own house—or watched one of the many DIY home improvement shows—you will know that the decision of building up and out on your property isn’t always up to the home or business owner. That’s because there are certain rules and laws depending on the town, county, or residential area your property is in. These laws can affect residential homeowners and commercial business owners alike. Whether you’re planning to put up an aluminum residential fence or an aluminum commercial fence, do your research to ensure you are following all the rules.

Property boundaries

If you don’t have your property lines in writing, have a surveyor come by and figure out exactly where your property ends and the neighbor’s property line begins. You may even want to compare your information with your neighbors if they’re friendly enough. These property boundaries are important because even going over onto the next property by a tiny inch could mean you will be fined, and you’ll have to pay for a whole new fence. It’s often recommended to erect your fence about one foot inside the property line to avoid any minor differences throughout the length of the fence.

Not too high

Approximately six feet is normally the highest an aluminum commercial fence can go if it is in a residential area. Some towns don’t allow residential front yard fences to go over four feet, so the rules for businesses can change according to what type of town they are in. This is another area that is really important to find out the exact rule for your town or county. There’s nothing worse than putting up your entire fence just to take it down and have to start from scratch because of an overlooked rule.

Added features

There may be a few more rules you have to research depending on any extra features you are planning for your fence. For example, if you have a pool on your property, many municipalities have added rules for fences to ensure the safety of all residents. These rules are not only for the safety of the residents on your property but in the town as well. The different locking mechanisms for gates may also need to be a certain way to allow emergency personnel in with ease and grant access to the property for everyone in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The main takeaway here is to cover all of your bases before beginning to build your new fence. Check all the angles, from the property lines to the height of the fence to the width of pickets to the actual purpose of the fence. Make sure it is not only keeping your property and belongings safe and secure, but that it is built with the safety of all people in mind. Do yourself and the neighboring properties a favor and be open about your fence building plans. Keeping the neighbors informed and having a conversation with the municipality can help you notice any snafus that might pop up down the road. The last thing you will want to do is to have to re-build the fence because of something that was overlooked!

Spice Up Your Building With A Colorful Fence

Large buildings can look a bit bland. Instead of going all out on a drastic, eye-catching building addition, why not try a new fence color instead?

Brick-and-mortar buildings are made to be structurally sound and purposeful while also making the best use of the available space on a lot. However, these business buildings can come across as boring from the outside, especially when there is a lot of industrial metal fencing around the perimeter. The good news is that a strong, secure fence does not have to be unattractive. If your business or large property could use some sprucing up, perhaps you can give the outside of it a face-lift of sorts with a new aluminum fence in an eye-catching color and striking accessories.

Bold and beautiful

aluminum-fence-panelsOn the topic of aluminum fence colors, bright and gaudy colors are not the norm. Neon colors do make a statement, but not the right one for a place of business. Instead, bold, rich colors such as satin bronze or deep green can make your place stand out slightly on the block without sending the wrong message. While you can decorate your fence with lovely scrolls, specific picket design choices or arches, the color choice is what really makes your design pop and either stand out or blend in, depending on the look you desire.

A popular choice to add a bit of pizzazz to a property is to have a darker color on the bulk of the fence and then add gold finishing on the top of the pickets with different colored finials or spears. If you have an embellished gate with a designer inlay, the choice of two colors would complement it nicely. Having a different color on the top of the gate brings the gaze up to the place of business, framing the area instead of pointing out the industrial fence between you and the building. Again, it all depends on what you want for the look of your property.

Landscaping matters

The decision of what color to choose for your fence depends on the landscaping surrounding your building, including any plants, trees, walkways, and other features. You may also have an entrance gate that is designed specifically for the business, including a colorful logo that must look a certain way. Thankfully, rich, deep colors and natural, nude colors both complement a wide variety of shrubbery and specific logos. Depending on what accessories you choose with your fence—spear tips, a sunburst arch, expanded metal mesh detailing—you may want your fence to stand out instead of blending in. While natural colors will help industrial metal fencing blend into surrounding green landscape, a fence in a bold, glossy black or bronze can showcase the fence and create a strong, stately look for your business.

Industrial metal fencing is strong, sturdy, and does the job right, but it definitely doesn’t have to be a boring black. Spice up the look of your business or large property with fence design elements and specific colors to match the surrounding area. Just as you would want to personalize the interior of your business or home to your liking and portray a certain message, you should do the same with the exterior of your building while keeping it safe and secure.

White Driveway Gate

Selecting Commercial Fencing

Commercial Aluminum FencingYou have a lot of choices when you consider materials for a commercial fence. As you decide on a fence, remember such factors as aesthetics, maintenance, security and ease or difficulty when installing the fence.


Commercial fencing comes in a number of materials, such as vinyl, wood, aluminum and steel. They all have their good and bad points, and some of these depend on your application. We believe a commercial aluminum fence is often the best option.

Wood is an attractive fencing material, and it can have great longevity. However, it is heavy and can be difficult to install yourself. In addition, the fence requires a finish at the time of installation, and you’ll probably have to reapply it every three to five years. Weather can affect the fence over time, and you may have to perform repairs that include replacing boards. Damp weather can leave you with mildew and mold on a wood fence.

While we’re speaking of wood, keep in mind that if you use wood posts with any type of fence, they will have to be pressure-treated if they go into the ground. If you don’t do this, you will soon have a sagging fence.

Vinyl fences have great longevity and can essentially last forever. Vinyl does suffer from impacts, and if this occurs, you may have to replace the affected parts of the fence. Mold and dirt can be an issue with vinyl, so you’ll need to wash the fence from time to time. Soap and water often suffice for this, but you may need to use something more aggressive, such as baking soda or vinegar. Vinyl fences are also subject to stains, which can be tough to eradicate.

If you want permanence, you won’t do better than stone. However, although a stone fence can literally last for millennia, you’ll pay for that upfront with a tough installation process. Stone can be costly, especially when you add in the installation cost. You’ll also need to maintain a stone fence. While it may not need maintenance often, it is going to take some hard work when it does. Stone fences should be examined each spring for mortar issues and loose stones.

Metal fences hold up well. Steel and wrought iron are prone to rust. These fences are difficult to install due to their weight. Aluminum’s light weight makes it easy to maneuver when you’re installing your fence. Our commercial aluminum fence panels are designed for ease of installation. Panels are easily trimmed to complete runs.

Security Issues

Security is often important in commercial applications. Wood fences can be somewhat secure, depending on the fence’s height. However, wood fences aren’t that hard to climb. Vinyl fencing is not really known for its security features. Stone fences are not usually high enough to deter intruders. Wrought iron also tends not to deter climbers. Chain-link fences can form a secure barrier, but it may come at the price of an unsightly tangle of barbed wire across the top.

Commercial aluminum fencing offers effective security, especially if it’s tall enough. Climbers may not find footholds, and you can add features to enhance the fence’s security. We offer an optional security mesh that comes factory-welded on to your fence or gate(s).

Aluminum Fence Panels Are Good for Business

Homeowners are usually quite happy with our standard residential fence panels. After all, aluminum fences are durable and tough. You can upgrade to commercial fence panels to better protect your business. These panels are made with more metal and they have more tightly spaced pickets. They are more suitable to the higher-traffic conditions encountered in business or institutional applications. For tougher conditions, greater traffic and increased security, use industrial fence panels, which are our heaviest, toughest fence panels. These are great for larger installations, such as hospitals, schools and factories.


You can build a fence for your commercial application from a variety of materials. Aluminum is one of the best. There are several reasons for this.

Aluminum fence panels are not easy to climb. With a large gap between the lower and upper horizontal rails, our aluminum fencing panels offer few footholds to climbers. Commercial fence panels are more secure than residential fence panels due to their more tightly spaced pickets. Some fences, such as those made of wood, may also be hard to climb, but they are more difficult to install and require more upkeep. You can add a security mesh to aluminum fence panels and gates. We weld this mesh to the fence panels and gates at our factory to a frame that is bolted to fence panels.

Industrial fencing panels offer the utmost in protection and durability. You can purchase our industrial fencing panels with curved pickets to make them harder to climb. These pickets open outward at the top at a 51-degree angle, making it tough to climb over. Industrial fencing panels are made with even more metal than commercial aluminum fence panels, and you can buy them as high as ten feet tall.

You can also order fencing panels with spear tops. These make it difficult for climbers, who must now negotiate through an array of sharply pointed, metal picket tops to get over the top of the fence. As a bonus, spear tops look nice, especially compared to the barbed wire you often see in secure fence applications. Your business doesn’t have to resemble a prison.

Double Pickets for Greater Security

You can buy styles 7 and 8 of our aluminum fence panels with double pickets. With pickets spaced this tightly, it’s doubtful anyone will get through. They will also keep some animals out of your facility. Add a dog panel to make sure your canine team members remain inside the fence. We add dog panels to the fence during fabrication at our factory. When we install a dog panel, we put an extra rail near the bottom of the fence. Beneath that, we place double pickets to keep your dogs from squeezing through the fence.

Installation and Maintenance

As a businessperson, you can see the advantages of aluminum fence panels. From a labor perspective, they’re easy to install. They’re light and strong, and they require little in the way of special equipment to erect. Moreover, you don’t need a crew of carpenters or welders. There is no maintenance required, outside of fixing unforeseen damage, and aluminum doesn’t rust. What are you waiting for?

Deciding Between Residential, Commercial and Industrial Fence Panels

You can buy aluminum fence panels in three grades from Residential fence panels are fine for most homeowners, but you can upgrade to commercial aluminum fence panels if you have greater than usual traffic around your home. Residential fence panels are suitable for retail and light commercial and industrial applications. Industrial aluminum fence panels, our highest grade, have the most metal in them. Choose these for the greatest security and heaviest use.

Choices and decisions

The Basics of Fence Panel Selection

You can decide which level of fencing works best for you. It’s not necessary to buy residential fence panels just because you have a residence. Make a decision based on your needs, and feel free to contact us for guidance.  Many home owners like the beefier pickets and rails on our Commercial fence panels and gates.

Residential aluminum fence panels are usually the right choice for home use. They’re designed for typical home use, such as around gardens, yards or swimming pools.

A Note on Pool Fences

You should be aware that there are specific, stringent requirements for pool fencing. Many communities have their own standards for pool fences. Pool fencing is subject in most areas to the pool fence code of the Building Officials and Code Administrators International, Inc. (BOCA). This code requires 45” between the horizontal rails, and it stipulates that vertical pickets must be spaced at less than 4”. The gate is subject to a minimum height of 48”. Furthermore, the gate must open away from the pool and be self-locking. The latch must be at least 54” off the ground. Check with your local authorities before you put up a pool fence.

Commercial Fence Panels

Commercial aluminum fence panels are heavier than residential fence panels. Not surprisingly, they contain 20 percent more metal. The pickets and rails are bigger, so they are stronger than those in residential aluminum fence panels. Commercial aluminum fence panels are well suited to light commercial and retail applications. You can use them for pool fences if you want a bit of extra strength in your fence.

Industrial Fence Panels

Use industrial aluminum fence panels for the greatest security and for applications with the most traffic. These panels are designed to be tough and strong and offer the greatest protection from intruders. Use these panels for schools, hospitals, retail centers, large estates and storage facilities.

Comparing Residential, Commercial and Industrial Aluminum Fence Panels

Residential aluminum fence panels usually have pickets spaced at 3-13/16”. Double pickets are available on some panels. Standard commercial fence panels have 3-5/8” picket spacing, with 1-1/2” spacing on some panels. Industrial aluminum fence panels have pickets spaced at 3-11/16”.

All of our fence panels are available in nine colors. These have either a flat or semi-gloss finish, depending on the color. Colors are not painted on; they are applied by a powder coating process that leaves a highly durable finish.

You can order various options for all grades of aluminum fence panels. Finials cap off vertical pickets and can provide a small level of security against climbers. Decorative rings are built into fence panels near the top. Scrolls are also available. Our popular dog panel, or “puppy pickets”, add double pickets at the fence’s bottom. You can also order a rust-free security screen that is mounted to a frame, which is then welded into the fence panel.

A Commercial Aluminum Fence is a Cost-Effective Choice for Businesses

Cost Effective Commercial Fence

There are a number of fencing products available when it comes to choosing a fence for your business property. However, it is important for business owners to select a fencing option that is both cost-effective and durable.

A fence that requires frequent maintenance is not cost-effective and can create numerous headaches that can distract from the duties of running a business. No one wants to spend extra time trying to troubleshoot problems with a fence. A fence should be durable and maintenance-free.
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