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Let’s Talk Fencing Costs

s1_black_satin_rings_cold_new_york_virginThere are many pros and cons to consider when choosing a fence material. Understandably, cost is definitely high up on the list of deciding factors.

You may have already made up the decision on what type of material to use for your new fence. Most people go one of two ways: wooden and light, such as a classic white picket fence, or metal and sturdy, such as an elegant black aluminum fence. Each fencing material has its pros and its cons. For example, aluminum is more durable than wood, while iron is more solid and sturdy than a chain-link fence. Many people ultimately base their decision on multiple factors, with cost being a major determinant.

Spending now to save later

Certain big-ticket items that you must purchase in life can be considered investments. Expenses such as paying for college, purchasing a house instead of renting, and even putting money into a retirement fund are all ways we spend some money now to have more savings later. This way of thinking ahead when spending a large sum of money can come in handy when choosing what type of fence to put up in your front or back yard.

Not all materials are created equal, and not all materials stay in perfect condition throughout the different seasons and weather conditions. Spending a little more for a new black aluminum fence instead of just painting an old wooden fence black will be much more beneficial later on in life. An aluminum fence is built to last, through extreme weather, dust, debris, wind—you name it! You can choose bold colors and designs and really personalize it however you want. Even though this option costs more now, you will not have to replace it as quickly as you would with any other material—even wrought iron.

Is it worth it?

Although a cheaper material might seem like the way to go when trying to put up a fence without breaking the bank, you really need to do your research to see if you are making the right choice for the long run. Just painting an old fence to a color you desire might seem like a good way to save money while giving your property a face lift, but it might actually be detrimental in the future.

For example, choosing a vinyl fence may be the right choice for you for now and the near future, but vinyl tends to break in extreme temperatures and might need replaced sooner than an aluminum or iron fence. Vinyl isn’t very cheap, either, so if you are going to need to spend a little extra money up front, you might as well spend it on the highest-quality material you can afford that still does the job and will not need to be replaced after the next winter season. The longevity of the fence is really what makes it worth the extra money.

This is one instance where planning ahead is well worth the trouble. Even if you think you might have some extra cash to replace your fence in the near future, the hassle of taking down one fence and putting up another every few years is enough to make you want to choose the higher-quality material from the beginning. Whether you are looking for a simple black aluminum fence or an elegant gold aluminum fence with a circular motif and puppy panels, spending a little extra to get it right the first time will be well worth the it.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Adding A Fence To Your Property

Racking_Fence_Panels_Hills_SlopesThere are many decisions to make when putting up your own fence. The choices are all yours, but there are some mistakes you’ll want to avoid along the way.

If you are planning on undertaking a big project like a DIY fence, there are some important things to keep in mind. After you have chosen a material, such as aluminum, you will need to do a bit of prep work and research to ensure you have all of your bases covered. Unfortunately, some people jump right into a large DIY project like this without doing enough preparations and end up running into some snafus along the way. Here is a look at some common mistakes to avoid making when adding a fence to your property.

Mistake #1: Thinking plain is the only way

The first common mistake has to do with décor. Many people think a fence either has to be a white wooden picket fence or a black iron fence. This could not be further from the truth! There are so many different material, color and décor choices to match what suits your home. Whether you’re matching the color of your fence to your home or choosing a color that is complementary to the area or even choosing a bright, bold color to stand out from the crowd, the choice is yours. Along with choosing a color, you can also choose accents such as pointed tips, scrolls, personalized decals or mesh detailing. A plain black or white fence with minimal detailing is always a popular choice, but there are so many other options that are also worth considering.

Mistake #2: Not keeping pets in mind

A second mistake that is often made is related to the shape and additions of the fence. Not all fences are created equal, and not all fences are created for the littlest members of a family. If you have an outdoor pet or plan to get one in the near future, you’ll want to choose fence pickets that will be able to keep your pet safe and secure in your yard. Many aluminum fences come with an option of puppy-sized pickets for the bottom part of the fence that are narrow enough to not let puppies or dogs through. This is a quick enough decision to make, but it’s definitely one to think about before beginning the DIY fence project.

Mistake #3: Failing to check legalities

When you’re making any changes to your home or property, you must always remember to keep any building codes, homeowner’s associations rules or other legalities in mind. Check with your local council, realtor or neighbors to ensure you have covered all of the bases, especially if you are new to the neighborhood. In addition, you will also want to double-check your property lines to avoid mistakenly setting up your DIY fence on their property. Double-check your information with your neighbor’s information to make sure you are all on the same page about where each property ends and the next one begins.

Taking on a project like putting up your own fence can seem daunting, but knowing all the questions to ask yourself to ensure you have covered all angles can help make the process easier. Be sure to get your supplies from a reputable source, and ask the company any remaining questions you might have. Arming yourself with as much information as you can will help make your DIY project a success.

The Bold And The Beautiful Of Personalized Entry Gates

Sandwich Letter InlayWhen deciding how the entrance to your home will come across to those passing by, there are a few directions you can take the aesthetic and décor of your entry gate.

Whether you’re searching for a simple single swing gate or an industrial double swing gate attached to a pre-existing stone or aluminum fence, you’ll know there are some décor choices to decide on to pick the right gate for you. One major decision is regarding the personalization of the gate to suit your family or your business. There are some pros and cons to personalizing your entryway. Depending on the style you want and the look you’re going for, you might choose gates that really showcase your home or business, or you may want something subtler.

Your front gate will already come with possible upgrades and accessories such as childproof locks, spring mechanisms for self-closure options, and different ways to open the gate itself. When it comes to adding your own personal touch to the gate, you have even more options. Adding your family’s name or initial to the center of a grand driveway gate is one option. Others include using colors to match the home or business, adding logos or emblems to indicate what is behind the gate, and even intricate metal art depicting scenes or objects close to your heart.

Why personalization?

Personalizing your fence can benefit you in a few ways. First of all, adding that personal touch to the outermost parts of your property makes for a cohesive plot of land. Having the gates represent what the rest of the house will also show gives your property a natural, welcoming flow.

Speaking of welcoming, nothing is more welcoming than when a person says hello with a warm, personalized greeting. Have an entryway that depicts your or your home’s personality gives that personal touch to those entering the property from the outside rather than a generic, drab greeting.

As for businesses, having the company logo or name showcased right at the entryway not only reminds people what the building inside is, but it can also help with security. The reminder of what the property entails can be enough to thwart anybody planning to trespass.

Why not personalization?

While it might seem like personalization is definitely the route to take, there are some things to keep in mind before taking the plunge. First, you’ll want to make sure your entryway and driveway gates are compatible with your property’s fence. A dilapidated wooden fence might really stick out next to a shiny new personalized aluminum driveway gate. On the other hand, if you have an aluminum fence or plan on getting one, that would be much more complementary to a personalized aluminum entryway.

Another thing to keep in mind is what your long-term plans are. If you see yourself moving out of the property in the near future, personalized might not be for you. Thankfully, a lot of ways you can personalize a gate can work well with others who move into the house or business, but certain items like names or logos might not be the best choice if you don’t plan on sticking around for awhile. In this case, you’ll want to choose something a bit less bold.

Personalization of your driveway gates can really set you apart from the neighborhood. Giving the entry of your home or business a more personal touch is an exciting way to spruce up your property and make it your own.

Stop Straddling The Fence And Pick One!

Committing to a pricey addition to your home or business can be quite scary, but if you’re well informed, you can ensure you’ve made the right choice.

Making any big decision is daunting, especially when that decision doesn’t come cheap and involves a bit of work. Choosing the right fence doesn’t have to be scary. There’s so much information on different types and styles plus a plethora of reviews for different companies offering all aspects of fencing. From commercial fencing in aluminum to residential fence panels to mesh dog panels, there are so many options available.

Keep in mind that you’ll still have a bunch of decisions to make in your quest for the perfect fence, but separating the big decision of what fence to get into smaller, more manageable decisions should help you get to the final product. The first thing you’ll want to do is decide if you want someone else to fully take charge of choosing and building your new fence or if you like the idea of having a hand in it. If you choose the latter, fence panels will probably be your next step in the search.

Panels are the way to go

black_aluminum_fenceBy choosing fence panels, you are choosing an easy method of building your fence that is customizable and comes with plenty of style options. Fence panels that connect together with ease come delivered right to your door and are simple enough to install yourself. The great part of these is how easy it is to put up a fence on an awkward yard. If you are fencing in an area that isn’t an exact square, fence panels may be exactly what you need.

Know your design options

Depending on the fence company you go with, you should end up with plenty of design and style options for your fence. The fence company can help you sort through these decisions and will give you their expert opinion, but it will help to have an idea of what you want in the first place. If you’re looking to add a fence to a commercial property, you may want to go with more muted colors and styles that match anything, but you’ll definitely want to consider some spear tips or a curved top to help the fence keep your business safe and secure. For residential fences, consider choosing a fun color or design addition to personalize the fence to you and your family. Be bold!

Take photos for inspiration

It really is a great idea to take a walk around a neighborhood with homes or businesses similar to yours and see what the rest of the world has been choosing for their fences. You will get a better idea of what each type of design, style and material looks like in person. Take a quick snapshot of any fence styles you like so you can think about it for a few days.

You’ll come across fences made of all different materials, so see which kinds seem to have held up well over the years. Residential and commercial fencing in aluminum is just as sturdy as many of the iron fences you may see surrounding other homes and businesses, so there is no need to worry that you are going with a lesser-quality material when you choose aluminum. Do some price comparisons and discuss your options with your local fence company, and you’ll be well on your way to making the perfect decision.

Increasing Your Home’s Beauty And Value From The Outside In

There are so many ways to help your home appeal to buyers. Start your next renovation on the exterior because it’s the first thing people will see!

If you’re planning on a house update with a few do-it-yourself home renovations, consider working from the outside in. Instead of focusing your hard-earned money and all of your free time on updating bathrooms or the kitchen, think about giving the exterior a facelift instead! There are a few key areas that can be updated outside of your home that not only give your house a beautiful new aesthetic, but can also raise your property value. These renovations do not need to be extremely costly. There are affordable ways to give your home a new and improved look!

All about the landscaping

Landscaping is an easy fix to the exterior of your home, especially when you have a bit of a green thumb – or a friend who does and is willing to help! Adding in some colorful flowers or shrubs that complement the color of your home can do wonders. Another thing to remember with landscaping is height; adding tall shrubs or even small trees can give a great dimension to the exterior. Keeping your pre-existing trees and bushes trimmed and not blocking the view of the home from the road can also help everything look manicured and updated.

Setting beautiful boundaries with fences

If you don’t already have a fence, you may wonder if you really need one. Many people get them to help keep their pets in the yard, and others get them for the added safety and security. Because so many people do get fences for various reasons, that could be reason enough for you to update your home with a new fence. Aluminum fence panels are affordable and can be installed with ease. Adding a fence can add a touch of elegance to your property while keeping it secure and adding value.

An updated driveway is basically a facelift for your property

The driveway is the very first thing people notice when arriving at your home, so why not re-do your driveway next? Adding driveway aluminum gates creates a beautiful approach to your home, giving visitors the first taste of the elegance of the home. Adding gates to the end of your driveway also helps keep your car safer while parked outside. There really isn’t a good reason not to update the driveway!

Window to the soul… of the house!

Windows and doors might seem like an unnecessary expense because they don’t usually stick out as being particularly fancy or extremely important to the overall aesthetic of a house. However, having updated windows and doors to the outside are important for keeping the home looking modern and new instead of older and neglected. New windows and doors also help maintain the preferred temperature inside the home, keeping your energy and heating bills to a minimum!

You might look at the exterior of your home and think it looks just fine, but is “just fine” a big selling point in your neighborhood? You need a house, yard and driveway that are up to par with the rest of the surrounding homes in your neighborhood. Adding a little extra pizzazz like a renovated driveway aluminum gates and colorful landscaping can increase your home’s likability and value with such simple changes. Now you’re free to focus the next renovation on the interior of your home. Good luck!

‘Tis The Season For Outdoor Decor

Holiday Fencing & GatesHoliday lights and seasonal plants can help your house look festive. Don’t shy away from using your aluminum fence as a décor prop this holiday season!

‘Tis the season for chillier weather, autumn leaves and festive holidays. If you have a few trees surrounding your yard, you have probably already begun raking. While outside, you might have noticed the neighbors are getting into the autumn spirit with various outdoor props and decorations to celebrate the season. You could join in the festivities by decorating your yard, doorstep, fence or even your driveway gates. If you have driveway gates in aluminum, you already have a wonderful, strong focal point for your home. Now all you have to do is choose some decorations to match the holiday or season and add them to the gates.

Light it up

Lights are a go-to for holiday décor. Lights give your home an instant festive spirit when the sun goes down, with colorful or white lights to choose from depending on your tastes. This is important because the sun sets earlier now, and it would be hard to see your other outdoor decorations in the dark!

Oftentimes, your driveway gates can be a bit too far from an open outlet to plug in the lights. If this is the case, get a few strings of lights and put them together all down your fence to the nearest porch with an outdoor outlet. Add a timer and your home will be lit up for anyone coming down the street! If you are finding it hard to figure out how to get the lights to stay on the gates by just wrapping them around and through the pickets, there are special light clips that people use on their roofs that can also be clipped onto your aluminum fence and driveway gates if needed.

Because your driveway gates in aluminum are made of a strong, weatherproof metal, the lights shouldn’t harm the fence pickets at all. Be sure you have chosen lights that are appropriate for outdoor use and not the indoor kind. If you can’t find a way to get the lights to reach all the way to the driveway gates, don’t worry. There are other ways to get your outdoor spaces in the seasonal spirit.

Color and size

Lights aren’t the only way to jazz up your outdoor space. With the number of seasonal decorations available at home goods stores in addition to the do-it-yourself kind, there are plenty of options to give life to your yard and fence. Go for bright, vibrant colors in your yard and on your front porch that can be seen from the other side of the fence.

You might also want to invest in some excellent decorations that make a statement, such as tall, large decorations. This could be in the form of corn stalk decorations tied to the fence for the autumn season or a large plastic light-up snowman in the yard for winter. You could even wrap your driveway gates in colorful plastic and ribbon to look like a present; after all, it’s the season of being thankful and giving gifts!

These décor ideas are eye-catching even through a fence and can even incorporate the fence itself if desired. Adding smaller décor pieces or hanging décor on your driveway gates can give your whole home and yard a beautiful and inviting appearance for the season. It’s time to get your house in the holiday spirit!


It’s Not That Hard to Install Aluminum Fence Panels

Most of our customers install our aluminum fences themselves. Unless you’re all thumbs, you can do the same.

If you think it’s too difficult to install your aluminum fence, you should think again. Our customers typically install the fences they buy from us, and most of them have never done it before. When you buy a wood or steel fence, you know you’ll have to pay someone to install it. That’s not the case with our aluminum fence panels. We designed our system so you can install your own fence, which saves a lot of money. Consider investing a small amount of sweat equity to install your fence.

Start by reading our installation manual. We provide a download link on our website. You will see that you need no special skills to install our aluminum fence panels, and if you have questions, just call and we’ll set you straight.  About 90% of our home owner customers nationwide install our products themselves, and most have never installed a fence before.

Outside of a few tools, you will need nothing more than a friend to help you install your fence. If you really don’t want to do the work, you can hire someone to take care of the rest of the installation.


Our system consists mainly of a series of posts, which you might view as the skeleton, upon which you will insert your fence panels.  Typically, you will start with a gate, cement the gate posts and hang your gate with gate hinges and a lock.  Then, work off the gate with 1 fence panel.  Temporarily secure the panel into 2 posts.  Make sure everything is level and then set the panel-to-post connection with stainless steel screws that are automatically included with your order.  Your learning curve is going to skyrocket and then you can setup 2 or 3 or 4 panels at a time and follow the same procedure.  If you’re installing a fence on a deck or stairwell, you can buy welded plates upon which you can erect your posts on top of an existing hard surface.

Our website details the sizes of posts you’ll need depending on the fence height. Dig your holes at least 6” to 8″ in diameter for posts up to 2.5” square, and 8” for larger posts. Your bag of cement should have guidelines to help you determine how much cement you’ll need.

You might terminate a fence run at a column or wall, or perhaps your fence abuts a building. We offer straight mounts to make those connections. You can also buy horizontal swivel mounts if you want to accommodate an angle with your fence, and you can use our vertical swivel mounts for stairs and steep slopes.  If you need a partial section of a panel to complete a run, you can easily cut any fence panel on-site.  We call it trim to fit.  You cannot cut or trim gates on-site because gates are welded into a frame.


Your fence project will likely include walkway gates or aluminum driveway gates. You should start your installation with the gate and work your way outward from there with your fence panels.

Set the posts for your gate first. You may have to use larger posts for your gate because they will support a heavier load. Remember that when digging your holes. Position your aluminum driveway gates or walkway gates with a space of about 0.75” between the gate and the post.  Larger gates require about 4 inches of spacing when using our Heavy Duty Gate Hinges.  Check your measurements, and then drill the necessary holes and place the hinges.

A Final Word

We’ve taken you through the basics, and now you should read our installation manual and make yourself comfortable with the procedure. We’re sure you’ll use your newfound knowledge to accomplish a quick, trouble-free installation.

Preparing to Install an Aluminum Fence

It’s easy to install our aluminum fence panels, and it will be even easier if you take the time to prepare for the job. Having a plan will help ensure a trouble-free installation.

It’s easy to install our metal fencing panels. Most of our customers install their fences themselves, but just because it’s easy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the job seriously. Your installation should proceed nicely if you come in prepared. Be sure to have all the tools and materials you’ll need, and make yourself familiar with the installation process before you start.

Knowledge is Power

Your first task should be to check on local regulations. If you skip this step, you risk having to take down the fence you’re about to install. Sometimes you can’t put up a fence at all. More likely, you’ll be looking at constraints on the type of fence or its height. You’ll sometimes be required to put up a fence at an offset, which means you can’t erect a fence right on the property line. Instead, you’ll have to put it up some distance back from the boundary. You want to know the boundary in any case so you don’t inadvertently build your fence on your neighbor’s land.

You will find swimming pool fences to be subject to additional regulations in many communities. The Building Officials and Code Administrators International, Inc. (BOCA) publishes a pool fence code that is widely followed. The point is to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering a pool area and accidentally drowning.

Homeowners’ associations also issue fence regulations. These often deal with aesthetic considerations. You might have to build your fence from specified materials. Associations might also have something to say about the design or color of a fence.

You will probably be digging post holes to get the job done. These can be fairly deep on occasion, so it’s imperative that you check with local utilities to identify the routes of any underground lines in the vicinity of your fence. If you interrupt utility service, you’re going to be embarrassed, and your neighbors will remember your foolhardy behavior for a long, long time. Even if you don’t cut into a line, building on top of a buried utility line can mean trouble down the road. If the utility has to work on the line under your fence, they might have to rip it out to gain access.

Fence Grades

We sell our metal fencing panels in three grades. For a home, our residential aluminum fence panels should be fine. Our commercial fence panels are more substantial because they are made with more metal. These are good if you have a business or have more than an average amount of traffic. Industrial aluminum fence panels are the top of the line when it comes to durability. These are good for the highest traffic, such as for schools, hospitals and industrial facilities.

Making Your Mark

Before you order, walk the area where you plan to build your fence. Drive some stakes at the corners and string lines between them. Look at the outline and ask yourself if you like what you see. You might notice an issue and decide to make changes. You want to make the changes now – not halfway through the installation. Mark where you will place your fence posts. Measure everything, then check your measurements before ordering materials.