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Landscaping And Your Fence

Shrubbery and other landscaping additions can make your yard pop, and they also help tie in your fence and driveway gate with the rest of the property.

Landscaping is important for both residential and commercial properties. For your own home, the landscaping can be as wild or tame as you’d like. After all, it is your own property and can showcase your personality as you please. When it comes to commercial properties, however, there is a bit more to keep in mind. One major concern for those with commercial properties pertains to what looks good to consumers and passersby while still proving easy to maintain.


The beauty of landscaping rests in how well it complements the surrounding area. This means not only complementing the building on the property but also any fences or gates. Different commercial properties also require different types of fences, such as tougher, thicker industrial fences or extra-tall fence panels to help keep the property more secure. The aesthetics of fence landscaping for commercial properties is usually a minimalist style. Resisting the urge to overdo it with exotic plants and trees is beneficial for maintenance and upkeep purposes. This includes avoiding placing anything too extreme around the fence area. A shrub or small bush that goes well with the height of the fence is a good approach.

Best plants for the job

When it comes to your commercial aluminum fence, there are some plants that you may want to avoid. Beautiful vines can be tempting as they can add character to a building and property, but you must be sure you choose the right type of vine. English ivy or chocolate vine can actually cause more harm than good. As pretty as they are, they can be quite destructive and hard to get rid of once they grow out of control. When it comes to vines, choose a type that is easy to maintain. Always let the people at the nursery know where you are planning to put a plant so they can advise you appropriately. A commercial aluminum fence can easily hold up to beautiful plants such as climbing hydrangeas or, if you have more time to care for them, grape vines. This can give you the beautiful look of a vine without allowing them to overtake your fence and home.

Winter care

One last note on landscaping surrounding your fence pertains to your safety in winter. When winter-proofing your yard and fence, you will want to check any trees limbs that hang over the gates or driveway. This is helpful in case any strong winter winds put extra pressure on the plants and the fence, mainly because of icicles. When driveway gates open, they have the tendency to bump into any shrubbery in the vicinity. If any icicles have formed overnight, that could spell disaster! Icicles dropping from certain heights can cause damage to you and your car. Protect your property and your health by keeping the shrubbery well maintained.

You may choose to have a professional landscaper take care of your yard, or you might plan on doing it yourself. Either way, be sure to do a bit of research on the upkeep of the plants, trees and shrubs that you choose to ensure they can be easily maintained and will look good in every season. Having the right landscaping from the start can give your business and your property the look it needs to succeed.

What Should Come First: The Pool Or The Fence?

Forget the chicken and the egg conundrum. Deciding what should come first – the pool or the fence – can be answered by keeping a few factors in mind.

Building a new pool on your property is a major decision, one you have probably thought long and hard about. Whether your property is a single-family residence or an apartment complex, there are different rules and regulations that come with having a pool on the premises. Finding out the exact rules of your town or municipality is key when planning out the construction of your pool. Besides the pool itself, the other major construction you will need to carry out is a fence surrounding the pool area. The good news is that pool fence DIY is not too difficult and can be done with a little preparation.

The pool first

Building the pool before the fence has some major pros, the main one being the ease of digging the pool. The large equipment used to dig into the earth needs space, and having a fully erected fence in the way of the machinery is not ideal. Building the pool will also take longer than the fence, so getting a head start is often welcome.

Another key thing to remember when considering the timing of these projects is the research you must do before you even begin to build. This research involves looking into all of the rules and regulations of your town or municipality, building permits, and homeowners’ associations. You must account for this for the pool and the fence, so beginning the research on the fence while already building the approved pool is one good approach.

The fence first

On the other hand, beginning a pool fence DIY project before you break ground on your pool could also work in your favor. You will most likely have pool professionals coming in to do the pool job. While awaiting your time slot for their work to begin, you can begin the preparations for your fence. By this point, you will already know the size and layout of the pool, so you can begin testing different ways for the fence to work in your yard.

Take this time to get all the proper permits and follow all the rules and regulations to ensure you purchase the right type of fence for your needs. You can then take your time digging and putting in the posts. You should leave room for the machinery and equipment from the pool professionals to get through, but you can definitely get a good amount of the fence up around the rest of the yard in the meantime.

Both at the same time

Perhaps you are thinking that both your pool and your fence could be constructed at or around the same time. They won’t both take the exact same amount of time to construct, so working on them simultaneously could be a good idea. That way, if you need to dig any deep holes for your fence posts and the pool professionals are there, you can ask for advice or suggestions on equipment while you are working on your own project! Don’t worry if you already have a pool. As you can see, adding the fence after the fact isn’t detrimental to the functionality or aesthetic of the fence and the surrounding property. Whatever you choose to begin first, you will have a beautiful pool and surrounding fence in no time.


Why Chain Link Fences Are A Thing Of The Past

S5_Details_2014Trends come and go, and it looks like the outdated chain link fence trend for residences is on the way out.

Chain link fences have the reputation of being a bit bland despite their ability to get the job done. Without much in the way of character or specifically unique design qualities, chain link fences are pretty much purpose-built, and that’s it. Being purpose-built isn’t necessarily bad, but it is not an ideal fence for most residences due to the lack of aesthetic appeal.

How chain link became so popular

There is a time and a place for chain link fences. For quite some time, chain link fences have been popular among businesses and industries where the main goal is a secure, low-maintenance and cost-effective fence with no need for specific aesthetics.

Compared to an aluminum fence panel, a simple chain link fence is cheaper and lighter. A common choice for those on a budget or without complex fencing needs, chain link was a go-to, plausible option. However, with flimsier metal and lighter material, chain link became very easy to cut through and made the point of the fence moot.

The decline of chain link

Chain link is the diamond shaped metal fence you see people hurriedly climb up during chase scenes in action films, and therein lies the problem. Sure, it makes for a great action scene, but is the property on the other side of the fence really as safe and secure as it seems if anyone strong enough can just traverse the fence with ease?

Not only is the security of this type of fence in question, but this type of fence does not afford homeowners much privacy. The beauty of a fence you can see right through might be beneficial for industries that have security personnel patrolling the property who take visual notes of the area from all directions, but for a family home, a little privacy from the busy streets and sidewalks is often welcomed.

In addition, pets can be easily distracted by the goings-on of the neighborhood, which is all clearly visible from behind a chain link fence. While the fence might give them physical safety, they could be emotionally overwhelmed and afraid of certain circumstances on the other side of the fence.

The future is aluminum

Now we know that it is easy to cut into a chain link fence’s thin material, and the diamond shapes make a perfectly sized hole to climb up the fence. Those are great reasons to take chain link out of the running for what type of fence to put up around your home or residence. The aesthetics alone are a good enough reason to go for something much more elegant, sleek and durable, like an aluminum fence panel gate and fence.

There are also plenty of extra options that come with aluminum fences, such as expanded metal “mesh” that can be used on smaller sections of fence to keep areas of the property off-limits to small animals. You can also change the width of the panels or add privacy panels to give you much more privacy and security.

Chain link fences may still have a place on some industrial properties, but for a much more aesthetically pleasing look, aluminum is the way to go. They require virtually no maintenance, and they’re secure, private, affordable and easy to install yourself. Aluminum is clearly a fantastic choice.


How To Make Your Driveway Stand Out

brinze-satin-gateWith the right design and accessories for your driveway gates, you can completely transform your property.

When people consider giving their home a facelift, they often begin on the inside. Renovating kitchens, bathrooms and storage areas is usually the first task on people’s minds. While these areas are important and can help with resale value of the house, it is also useful to consider the outside of the home. A book is often judged by its cover, and the cover of your home is the first part people come across: your driveway. Adding an ornate and functional aluminum driveway gate to your driveway will not only add resale value to your property; it will also help your house stand out as the beautiful property it is.

Design and decor

Driveways come in many different sizes and styles, and so do driveway gates. The gate is the first thing people notice, so putting thought into its design is very important. First you will want decide on the size and shape. This is often determined by keeping the landscaping of the front yard in mind. If you have tall trees and bushes, a taller fence with a scalloped top edge could work beautifully. If your home is ranch-style without tall shrubbery, a shorter fence with smaller detailing would work well. From there, you can decide if you want a more grandiose fence with finials on the tips of the panels or even a two-toned gate that would add a spritz of color.


After you’ve decided how flashy you want your gate with design and decor, it’s time to personalize the gate to show the whole neighborhood that this is your property and you take great care of it.

Personalization can be daunting for some who might be considering moving in the near future. You can still add a personal touch, such as an emblem of trees if your home is in the mountains. However, you should steer clear of using your family name or initial unless this feature is easily removable!

Technological additions

One feature that will help the overall look and functionality of the gate is a helpful automatic opening system. This helps you open and close the gate without having to get out and do it manually. This is no fun in very cold or very hot weather, and it can also be a hassle at night. There are plenty of options for this, including those that you drive up to and press a code into a keypad to open, and there are even remote control ones that are similar to a garage door. These systems don’t usually take up much space, and they can be fitted for doors that swing out from the middle, the side, or even doors that slide from one side or the other.

Complementary to the home

If an aluminum driveway gate is designed to be complementary to the house, how can it stand out? You don’t want your gate or driveway to stand out for the wrong reasons. Having a unique and stunning gate is the desired result here, not having a gate that sticks out like a sore thumb.

With a bit of thought and planning, you can have a driveway gate that stands out from the crowd in a great way. You want one that complements your property and showcases the beautiful aesthetic of your home and neighborhood while giving you that extra level of protection.


Open And Shut: What Is Best For Your Driveway Gate?

Choosing which driveway gate option is best for your property has a lot to do with preference, but some gates work better for specific property types.

When it comes to driveway gates, there are many options available that include different designs, sizes, colors, and options when it comes to opening and closing the gate. Once a specifically designed gate is chosen, you must then decide whether you want a gate to roll to one side, swing open from both sides, or pull apart from the center. All of this can be done on most aluminum driveway gates for sale, regardless of the gate design, with the help of a gate opener.

The job of the gate opener

A gate opener is in charge of doing the heavy lifting – literally. An aluminum driveway gate is not light, and a gate opener has to open and close the gate, holding it up or pushing it across the driveway several times in a day. Even though not all driveway gates have to be electric, this is the most popular option due to the ease in opening and closing it from the car or the home. They need little maintenance and help make the area more safe and secure, adding an extra level of security.

Going for a high-quality, heavy-duty gate opener is always a great idea, especially if you plan on coming and going frequently. The wear and tear on a gate opener and gate hinges can come on quickly with overuse. Keeping your high-quality gate opener in good condition will help you have less problems with your driveway gates. Remember, aluminum is already a fabulous choice for a fence and a gate due to the minimal upkeep, so adding to it a similarly high-grade gate opener can only help you.

Inwards, outwards or side-to-side

fence panel installationAnother choice you will have to make is in which direction your gate will open. Sliding to one side or the other is an option, although you need to lay a track for it to slide into or have it float a bit with an extra-strong gate opener. This type works well with gates that are lower or may be a bit smaller because the weight of the whole fence will usually be on the gate opener. Another popular choice is an automatic swing gate, which has two gates that swing out or in from the center or one long piece that swings out or in. The swing gates are what you typically think of when you consider getting an aluminum gate, and they are a great option if you have room in the driveway.

Power to the opener

One last thing to consider is how your gate opener will be powered if you have gone with the popular choice of an electric gate opener. If there is no electricity near to the gate or fence of the home, there is always the option of solar-powered gate openers. There are even battery-operated aluminum driveway gates for sale that have a rechargeable battery in charge of sending power to the gate opener.

Whether you choose to have an automatic gate opener or not, you can still dress up your gate however you want. Consider the different ways the gate can be designed in addition to how it will open and close for yourself, your family and guests to your property.

Questions To Ask Before Purchasing An Aluminum Fence

Before purchasing a new aluminum fence, be sure to have a few questions answered so you can make the right purchase for your home’s needs.

When it comes to finding and buying a new fence for your home or property, you want to find the best one available in your price range. This means you will need to do some shopping around to ensure you are getting the best deal and the ideal fence for your property. There are so many incredible options to choose from, with different décor, customization, size, and height options and plenty of additions. All the decisions that come with choosing the right fence can be overwhelming, especially when you take into consideration having to choose the right store to purchase your materials from. To ensure you have chosen the right company and the right fence, there are a few questions you will want to ask in advance.

What is the right grade of fence for my property?

If you are considering getting an aluminum fence for a home, residential aluminum fence panels will often do the job. However, if your fence will need to surround a very large home or a business of some sort, commercial or industrial grade aluminum fencing panels might be a better option. Ask the fencing company what their recommendations are; they can help you understand the difference between the three options.

Are there any additions I can make to the fence?

Even if you are only currently interested in purchasing a basic fence for your home or business, you might change your mind in the future and want a few extra additions to the fence. This could include adding mesh in between the panels for extra security, privacy panels to block outsiders’ views into your yard, or even puppy panels to keep a new canine addition to the family safe and sound. Double check that the fence you are purchasing can accommodate any changes in the future. Having options later will help you feel better about your decision now as it won’t feel as final as before. You might even find an addition that you are interested in right away, giving you a better fence for your needs!

What do I need to consider when installing the fence myself?

If you are taking on the project and trying your hand at doing it yourself, you will want to make sure you won’t find yourself in over your head. Call the fence company and run through all the parts you are planning to purchase and your general installation plan so they can help you double-check that you have everything you need. Getting everything in order before making the big purchase will help you in the long run.

Asking as many questions as you can to a representative of the fence company will help put your mind at ease about the purchase you are about to make. In addition, covering all your bases and ensuring you are purchasing the right aluminum fencing panels for the job will help you feel good about the endeavor you are taking on. An informed consumer is a happy consumer, so be sure to take on purchasing with confidence and open communication to get the best fence for your home.

What To Keep In Mind Before Installing An Aluminum Fence

S4_residential_estate_displayInstalling an aluminum fence is surprisingly doable on your own. Just keep these tips in mind before you get started to avoid disappointment later!

Whether you are very handy or just starting your first do-it-yourself project, installing a fence has some extra factors that are important to know. These include things like watching out for underground utility lines, checking zoning laws and other factors that you might not need to worry about if you were just doing a quick DIY inside your home. The following tips will help you cover your bases before you begin installing a residential, commercial or industrial fence.

Call a professional

Even though you will be installing the fence yourself, it’s always a good idea to call the fence company before or during your purchase. A professional can answer any questions you might have and run through a checklist of things you should know before beginning your digging. Calling the company where you purchased the fence is very helpful if it is your first foray into DIY-ing. This is especially true if it is a commercial or industrial fence because of its larger size. After all, you won’t want to have to dig up those fence posts and start all over!

Check your perimeter

Utility lines and pipes are present under your front and back yard in places you might not even realize! It’s best to check either your records or with the utility company to determine the exact location of these lines and pipes. While you won’t want to start digging and break a very important pile with your shovel, you also won’t want to put your fence right on top of deeper pipes. Just imagine having to redo your whole fence if there ever happen to be any plumbing issues!

Research the law

There are a few boxes you need to tick when it comes to following all of the rules and regulations surrounding putting up a new fence. You first need to check with your town’s building codes or homeowner’s association if there are any specific rules on the height of your fence. They may also have certain rules regarding pool fences. All of these rules and laws exist to keep you and your neighborhood safe and looking up to a particular standard. You will also want to check your home’s blueprints and speak with your neighbors or the city council to ensure you are only putting a fence on your own property and not the neighboring lots.

Plan it out

By now, you most likely have an idea of how you want your fence laid out around your property. To avoid any disappointments after the fence has already been installed, first try to put up a makeshift barrier to get an overall picture of how the area will look fenced off. You can do this by putting up thin poles and tying string or rope between them. This is especially important around corners or if there is a particular area of the yard or property that does not turn at a ninety-degree angle or has to go around an odd corner or hill.

By preparing and planning everything right from the start, you should end up with an amazing DIY fence experience. Just be sure to cover all of your bases and check that you are following all rules and regulations regarding your fence. If you have any questions, just ask a fence professional to ensure you are purchasing the right fence for the job.

Don’t Be Out Of Bounds

Spear Top Metal FencingIf you aren’t careful, you could have extra expenses when it comes to installing a new fence. Have your boundaries checked the right way from the start.

If you want to build a new fence, there is one important step you must take before doing anything else. Before you even begin ordering your new fence, you will want to check the boundary lines of your property. You might think you know exactly where your property begins and ends. You might even have blueprints of your property that clearly show your property lines. Even with this information, having a professional survey your land can help you to be completely certain where you should erect your new fence.

Erecting a new aluminum fence will come with plenty of costs. Even though the aluminum fence cost is low compared to the more expensive wrought iron varieties, you will not want to have to take down and re-install a fence just because you did not have the right information about where your property lines were meant to be.

The neighborly thing to do

When you are planning to install a new fence at your residential property, you will probably share at least one side of your property with a neighbor. When this happens, you will want to discuss your new plans with your neighbor and see what their ideas are about your property boundary lines. Often two properties will have had changing boundary lines at some point in their history, with one or either party not being aware of the changes or having outdated information. Therefore, your neighbor might even be interested in sharing the cost of getting the land surveyed as they could also use this information for their own home’s value and any outdoor landscaping or to help with their own future aluminum fence cost.

Being a good citizen

When you don’t have a neighbor sharing a property boundary with you, there may be another type of land owner to contend with: the local government. If your property lies next to a public park, a school or other government-owned property, you may have extra zoning or survey laws to check. This will help you in the long run as you will not only be a good citizen by taking the necessary steps to keep your house and yard up to standards and follow the laws of the land; you will also keep future costs down should you or the neighboring land need to move the fence at some point. Getting all the information about where your property starts and theirs ends and checking for any extra zoning laws before even beginning to pick out your fence can only help you.

The added layer of homeowners’ associations

If you also have a homeowners’ association where you live, you’re probably already aware of the extra layer of rules you must check before changing your property. This added layer won’t add anything to your aluminum fence cost as the fence will still be the same size to fit around your property. In fact, you just need to follow the same steps that apply if your property boundaries are close to government-owned property: double-check where the property is and follow any additional rules set forth by the governing body. You will be glad you covered all of your bases when you put in the order for your new fence as you will be certain you made the right choice and that there will be no unpleasant surprises in the future.

Choosing the Right Driveway Gate For You Aluminum Double Swing Gate AutomatedWith so many design option, it’s hard to choose the perfect driveway gate for your home. Narrow down the choices to find what suits you and your home best.

It is said that first impressions are everything, right? When it comes to your house, the entryway to your driveway is the first thing people will come across. Therefore, you want to have the best driveway gate that represents you, your family and your home perfectly. There is an endless amount of choices when it comes to creating a driveway gate, with different selections of materials, colors, designs, and sizes.


The type of material you choose can depend on a few factors, including your price range and the type of fence you have or plan to get. When choosing a fence material, you will want to remember that you don’t always have to match the material to your driveway gate. Some materials create a desirable look, such as quaint stone fences with aluminum driveway gates. If you are more interested in matching your fence and your driveway gate, aluminum is the best you can get for the price. Aluminum is less expensive than wrought iron and equally as attractive. It is durable, light, and completely rust and weather proof thanks to powerful powder coatings. Aluminum driveway gates are a great choice as the entryway to your home, especially if the driveway must be accessed quite often. Aluminum will stand up well to frequent opening and closing of the gate.

Size and Design

Next, you really need to think about what size you want for your driveway gate. You will want a gate that reaches across the entire driveway as this is best for security, look and functionality. However, you will also want to decide how tall it will be because there are a few different looks you can go for here. Tall driveway gates work best with multiple story homes and give a grand look to the property. Tall gates also work well for long driveways as the long lines of the driveway are complementary to the tall lines of the fence.

Another aspect to think about is whether you want a dual gate that has two sides that swing out or slide out of the way, or one large panel that swings to one side or the other. It might seem like there are so many choices when it comes to size and how it opens, but a lot of this choice will depend on how much room you have at the driveway’s entry. Thankfully, aluminum is quite light for how durable it is. If you go with aluminum driveway gates, you don’t have to worry about having a large fence panel that is too heavy to swing open!

There are so many ways you can design and color your driveway gate. You can choose a contrasting color to the fence to help it stand out, or choose more classic colors to help it blend in. When it comes to the design, many people choose to personalize their driveway gate with something that represents their family or the area where they live. As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a driveway gate. With so many choices, you are sure to find something that suits you perfectly.

Aluminum: More Than Just Another Metal

s2_khaki_closeThere is more to a fence than the material it is made of, but consumers often incorrectly judge a material without considering all the information.

Aluminum is often compared to wrought iron, and many people automatically jump to the conclusion that aluminum is the inferior metal choice. However, the topic of which metal is better is not quite so black and white. There are a lot of reasons that aluminum is falsely perceived to be inferior, one of which is the comparison to aluminum cans. Cans are purposely built thin and flimsy so they do their job but are easily recyclable, leading to less waste. The fact that aluminum can be thinned out so well shows how strong of a material it is. Would you want metal fencing panels protecting your home that were made of a material that would shatter when pounded out into a different shape? If you are like most people, you’d want a metal that is durable no matter how it is laid out.

Durability is most important

When it comes to a durable fence, you cannot get much better than wrought iron or aluminum. Both materials stand up to extreme weather conditions with ease. They are also made to last quite a long time, with minimal wear and tear. Aluminum has a leg up on wrought iron in the sense that aluminum fencing is treated to be completely rust-proof. Wrought iron will not rust away after just one rainy season, but it is something to keep in mind. Many people choose iron so they can have the antique green-like patina finish that is currently in fashion. However, when thinking practically about what is best for the longevity and durability of a fence, you should choose one that will stay in the same shape as the day you bought it.

Heavyweight champion

Aluminum has another leg up on wrought iron thanks to its ease of installation. Not only is the product itself and its delivery less costly, but you also have a better chance of being able to do it yourself! Wrought iron is quite heavy and very cumbersome to install without professional help. That can get expensive, and you also have less say over how things are done. If you are taking control of your fence building and want a product and material that you can maneuver with ease but will withstand time, weather and rust, aluminum is the clear choice.

Is aluminum just an inferior metal to wrought iron?

Wrought iron is not superior or inferior to aluminum when it comes to metal fencing panels. Both are wonderful choices for a protective barrier around your property. Some people just assume aluminum is inferior because its price is lower than that of iron. Iron is strong and sturdy and most often seen in large, intricate fences surrounding commercial properties or larger, expensive homes. Nevertheless, aluminum can be just as large and in charge, especially when you use industrial-style aluminum fencing to create a fence with more girth and strength.

The question should not be about which metal is sturdier but which one better fits your needs. If you want a strong, sturdy, weatherproof and rustproof fence but don’t want to break the bank, an aluminum fence fits the bill.