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Knowing Your Audience

alumium fence gatesWhen it comes to installing the perfect fence and driveway gate for your property, it is important to keep in mind those who will be using them the most.

Your vision for the perfect outdoor area can easily be made into a reality. You can make the perfect yard with amazing landscaping, surround the outdoor area with a beautiful aluminum fence and driveway aluminum gates, and you can put as many brightly-colored flowers and plants as you want.

Before you go all out on your dream outdoor space, however, you first need to make sure you know your audience. If the yard is just for you, then the sky is the limit! However, if your property is not one where you reside, such as an apartment building or a business, it is incredibly important to consider the tenants when planning your outdoor space. You might be very interested in a bright and eccentric yard with multiple lawn ornaments and high maintenance plants, but if you aren’t around on a daily basis, you have to put your desires aside.

The business audience

If your property houses a business—whether it is your own or someone who leases the building—you need to consider their needs. If it is your own business, that can be easy enough. Take your logo or the style of the company and find ways to incorporate it into the outdoor areas. For example, if your logo has a deep green in it, choose a fence and driveway gate of that color to announce to anyone entering the property just who they are visiting.

For multiple businesses with different owners, you should stick with a classic look for the outdoors. Find subtle ways to be unique, such as with finials or thin pickets on your aluminum fence or with stunning vines in the corners of the yard. By choosing classic colors and styles with a slight modern or unique twist, the outdoor areas will fit in with whatever company resides on the property.

Giving the people what they need

Design elements are one way to keep people happy, but what about the practicality of the fence, entryway and driveway aluminum gates? When it comes to commercial properties, the doors and driveway gates will be used much more than with a residential property. This means the ease of access to the property is a key proponent when planning.

Choosing a fence made of the strongest material will ensure the safety and security of the tenants or businesses on the property. Aluminum is always a good choice thanks to its amazing ability to stand up to the most extreme weather conditions. It is also incredibly easy to maintain with very minimal upkeep needed.

Durability is another important factor to keep in mind when it comes to the outdoors of a busy area. Choosing driveway gates of the same strong caliber as your fence will provide a very polished look to the property, and it will also keep it completely safe and secure. Aluminum gates will stand up to the wear and tear of multiple daily uses.

Knowing who your audience is and what they want and need will help you in the planning stages of any outdoor spaces to keep the people happy and the property looking great.

When Swinging Driveway Gates Just Won’t Cut It

A grand entrance with large, swinging gates might be a dream for many homeowners, but in reality, this type of entrance won’t work for every home.

The choice of whether to get driveway gates in aluminum is completely up to the homeowner. Personal preference and the need for security or privacy are the main reasons for choosing one type of lockable entry point for cars entering and exiting the property.

Once the decision has been made to get the gates, you’ll have to choose whether to get gates that swing open or those that slide to one (or both) sides. A common first idea of driveway gates is to get the type that swing open, either outside or inside the property line.

A grand entrance

The picturesque entryway with the swinging gates definitely creates a grand entrance, but it really isn’t feasible for all outdoor spaces. Your driveway itself will be positioned in such a way that will allow a certain type of gate, and it might not be what you had hoped.

If your driveway turns quickly to one side, leaving grass or bushes for the swinging fence to bump into as it swings, this could be the deciding factor to switch to sliding driveway gates in aluminum. The sliding gate can be pushed to one side or both and usually rolls back behind a similar fence or into a track discreetly hidden among bushes or plants.

Slopes and hills get in the way

If you have your heart set on swinging driveway gates, you will need to make sure your yard has no slopes or hills in the vicinity of the swing. If a hill or any type of gradient in the ground interferes with the swing of the gate, not only will the gate not fully open, but the electric mechanism could malfunction. Your gate needs a clear path to the end position of the swing.

Slopes and hills don’t much matter with a sliding gate, giving you more freedom to keep your yard how you like without having to worry about such a large area that the gate will have to cross over.

A sliding gate doesn’t mean you are settling

Speaking of large areas, you might just not have enough space to have a swinging gate and the landscaping that you want all in the front yard. Choose your priority, and then find a way for it to work out with the different types of gates available.

A sliding driveway gate can give just as grand of an entrance as a swinging gate. One is not superior to the other; it really depends what fits best with your property’s landscape and look.

Sliding gates feel a bit more modern, but with the right type of aluminum finish, they remain classic. Sliding gates can be electric, too, giving you complete control over opening and closing them from the comfort of your car. This is definitely helpful on rainy days!

Whether you go with sliding driveway gates or swinging ones, your choice will fit your yard and property perfectly. Go into driveway entrance planning with an open mind and unspecific expectations. Let your yard and property guide you in what will work best with the land you have, and everything will look completely seamless.

Property Lines and Fences

Get some solid advice regarding the common question of how close to the property line you should erect your fence.

Deciding exactly where to place your fence can be tough. Before you even consider putting your fence as close to the property line as possible, you will want to ensure you have gathered all the facts needed to help you make the best informed decision. Depending on your area, there might be some very specific rules and regulations about property lines and fences that you are required to follow. For various reasons, certain municipalities and homeowners associations have specified that a fence must be anywhere from two to ten inches away from a property line. This type of rule could make your decision for you and will at least help lead you toward a decision.

Being neighborly

You may also want to check with your neighbors to see if they have similar fence plans or have a reason to be completely for or against having residential or industrial metal fencing so close to the property line. Not only is it polite and appropriate to ask your neighbor for their input or thoughts, but it can also mean saving yourself time and money should there be a reason the fence should not be erected as you would have liked. You never know what information they might have about the line or their plans for a fence in the same vicinity. Going in on the fence together and placing it right on the property line can be very beneficial for both of you!

Safety for every inch

By installing a fence as close as possible to the property line, you can ensure that everything inside the fence is easily containable. Every inch of your land will be safely confined within the perimeters of the fence. This is especially helpful when your property holds a business or factory buildings or large industrial equipment.

Choosing industrial metal fencing will be the first step toward securing your property and everything that sits on it. The second step will be holding in as much of the land as possible with the fence by going as close as legally possible to the property line. Remember that going right on the line—if possible in your area—could mean you must continuously share the fence and its upkeep and associated costs with the neighboring property. If you are in a tricky situation with those around you, it’s best to place it slightly away from the line.

Home life

Whether your property holds your own family’s residence or a multifamily residence such as an apartment building, you will want to have as much room as possible for people to roam freely on the grounds. This is great for recreational activities and lawn care. Mowing the lawn on both sides of the fence can prove costly and time-consuming, whereas having all of the grass in one place to quickly and easily mow can be very beneficial.

There are smaller advantages to erecting your fence as close to the property line as possible, and there are bigger advantages, too. Weigh the negatives against the positives to see if it is worth your time to look into the exact property line of your lot for safety, security and social reasons.

Additional Security for Your Entryways

Security is at the front of your mind when it comes to entry points to your property. Take advantage of some great added features to keep your entry gates secure.

Any gated area on your property gives a clue to outsiders that the property is private and you must be an invited or expected guest to enter. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the rules. There are some great ways you can keep your fence, entry gate and driveway gate safe and secure from intruders and other unwelcome guests.

Lock it up

The first and main way to keep an area secure is with a lock. Even though you likely already knew that, it is important to mention the different grades of locks that are available for your aluminum driveway gate and entryway so that you can be sure you are getting the right one for your property.

When it comes to locks, you have different options when it comes to how you enter a property. There are electronic locks that can be used with driveway gates where you only need to push a button to open the gate itself. Another popular electronic option is a keypad locking mechanism. With this approach, you must know a code to input in order for the door or gate to open. There are also different sizes and grades of locks to be used both internally and externally to allow you to lock the gate from the inside and from the outside upon exiting the property.

Mesh and privacy panels

Another way to keep your vulnerable entry points secure is to use different options for the actual fence panels. You can add expanded metal aluminum mesh to the area between the pickets on the driveway or entry gates. This prohibits anyone from reaching their hands through to any latches or locks. This type of mesh is not unsightly, and it easily blends in with the rest of the fence, even if the mesh is only used around the entry points.

Privacy panels are another great option, especially if you are looking for more privacy at the entryways. Privacy panels do affect your vantage point when entering and exiting the property so they aren’t the best option for everyone or for your entire fence, but the option is there to help stop any prying eyes.

Emergency push bar

Also known as a panic bar, a push bar is usually placed on the interior of a gate and is easily pushed to exit the property. This works even if the door is locked from the other side to allow those inside to exit safely and swiftly in case of an emergency. You may have seen these types of panic bars inside large buildings on emergency exits. In buildings, they usually have some sort of audible alarm that activates when pushed.

While an emergency push bar or privacy panels might not be necessary for every property’s entryway or aluminum driveway gate, it is still helpful to know that there are options. Some of these may even be added after installation if you discover that you would benefit from the added security. Life is ever-changing, and your fence and gates can keep up with any safety and security measures you need to put in place.

Customizing Your Property’s Outdoor Spaces

There are plenty of ways to keep costs low when planning an update to your outdoor spaces while still having customized and elaborate décor.

Cookie-cutter lawns and homes aren’t for everyone. If you are hoping that your home can stand out a bit from the crowd and have an appearance that is completely decided by you, look no further than aluminum fencing options. The aluminum fence cost is low and the quality is high.

Erecting your own aluminum fence is one of the most affordable ways to get a metal fence that will last and look the part. Keeping costs low on the material and installation means more to spend on the design, décor and landscaping surrounding the property.

Personalize with flowers

This might sound like the most obvious way to personalize your outdoor space, but it really can make a big difference. If you visit a nursery, you will see lots of choices for shrubbery, plants, fruit trees, and a beautiful array of colorful flowers.

It might be tough to decide where to start, and it might be tempting to consider hiring a garden designer to do the hard work for you. However, with a little thought and planning, you can create a masterpiece of your very own.

First, think about what is important to you. Perhaps you have a lot of pride in your alma mater and are often wearing your university’s colors, or perhaps you recently painted the shutters of your home a contrasting color and flowers could really draw attention to it. Choosing a few main colors that are complementary to the house first will help you narrow down what to purchase. Once you have a few colors in mind, you can find various shades of those colors and white filler flowers for in between.

If your family name is adorned on your mailbox or you are very proud of your last name and are pleased to share that with the neighborhood, consider personalizing an area of your yard by planting flowers in the shape of the letter of your last name. This is a unique way to stick out and really customize your yard.

Choose the right gate and fence

Your flowers and yard are only as secure as your fence allows. This is when choosing a customized gate that fits the needs of your family, home and property becomes very necessary. If you are worried about prying eyes, choosing a fence with narrow spaces between pickets or even privacy panels might be the way to go.

You will also want to ensure you have chosen a gate that has a self-closing mechanism and a keypad or mechanical opening button where you don’t need to leave the car to activate it.

Customizing your gate and fence to match your family’s needs is a great way to keep your property in your control. The cost of these added security measures is worth it in the long run. The aluminum fence cost itself is low compared to wrought iron and other similar sturdy metal fences.

With the minimal yearly upkeep needed, these fences are well worth the cost in the long run. They will leave you with more money and time to spend on customizing other parts of the yard to match your changing mood or the new season. After all, new flowers aren’t pricey and are a quick way to redesign the look of your property without emptying your wallet.

Matching Your Fence To Your Area And Personality

White Aluminum FenceFences come in all different designs and colors, and one current trend is choosing options that complement the surrounding area and town.

There are different reasons to choose specific design elements for your home’s outdoor spaces. Different colors, finishes and sizes of fence each tell a different story. Your corner of the world may always have sunshine and flowers blooming, or perhaps you live up north, where it is constantly snowing. Your fence can stand out or blend in, depending on the color and style you choose. There are plenty of things to think about when deciding how to design your own great outdoors.

Light versus dark

The light-versus-dark design element can be compared to the idea of the north and south being opposites: one has long, dark winters and one is constantly warm and sunny. Of course, the difference between the north and the south is not so stark or clearly defined; it is more just the idea of the two different ends of the spectrum.

With light versus dark and north versus south, there is no single route you must follow, but certain looks will meld into the surroundings more easily than others. Of course, if you live in a wooded area surrounded by log cabins and you choose to have a modern home full of glass windows, metal surfaces and sharp lines, you are hoping to stand out more than fit in!

It is important to remember to choose something that you want to live with every season. If you know that once summer comes, you will be replanting your whole yard with brightly colored flowers to lighten up the property, stick with a light cream or white aluminum fence. If you want a more elegant and modern-looking fence that is sleek and stylish year after year, a black aluminum fence might be a better choice.

Sticking out for all the right reasons

A lot of your outdoor design elements can be based on the flowers and plants you have in your yard. Simple color palettes with only one or two main colors, or more neutral colors such as white and pale yellow, are some basic paths people take when designing their yards. If you lean more toward this natural look, choosing a fence that blends in with it is ideal. A white aluminum fence or a more rustic bronze one can complement this type of landscape and home.

On the other hand, if your home is dark and you have light-colored flowers to make a purposeful contrast, a dark fence such as a black aluminum fence might work better. This enables the flowers to keep that contrast with the tall fence and exterior of the home, allowing the plant life to be the main focus of attention.

Your design really comes down to what you want people to notice when they first see your property. If you want to be different from the rest of the neighbors and they all have neutral or natural palettes, go with something bold or even dark to stand out! If you are hoping to stand out for being perfectly matched, be sure that you are happy with the color you choose to paint your house and fence. Go bold, go natural or go complementary. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to show off your personality.

Create a Zen Backyard

fence child safetyThere are plenty of reasons to use feng shui to create a zen space inside the home, but using feng shui outdoors can create tranquility in the yard, too!

Outdoor spaces are often overlooked when it comes to creating a calm, tranquil place for residents to go to relax. More effort is put into creating an area for kids to play, pets to roam free, or a place to barbecue. Creating a feng shui area in your backyard doesn’t necessarily mean you have to remove any of these important family spaces. Setting up a tranquil but usable space within the confines of your fenced in yard is possible!

Feng shui in your yard

There are five important feng shui elements to keep in mind when designing your tranquil backyard space. Wood, fire, earth, metal and water are the elements you want to find a way to incorporate into your outdoor space to have a positive energy flow. The balance of these elements is essential for allowing the universe’s energy to flow freely.

It is easy to incorporate these elements into an outdoor space. A small pond or fountain can cover water and small trees, while a handmade wooden bench can cover wood. Earth will be taken care of easily with plants and the natural landscape of your yard. Fire can be covered with candles or a small fire pit, and the metal element can be taken care of with aluminum fencing. Choose a neutral color for your fence as it will be the outermost part of the feng shui garden, not the focal point.

The use of color

Color plays a big part in feng shui, especially when it comes to flowers and foliage. Using contrasting colors in a green backyard is helpful in creating a zen garden. If you aren’t interested in bright, vibrant colors, stick with a sprinkling of bright white flowers among all of the green of the yard.

If you are willing to use some bright colors, you will want to keep to the Bagua Color Theory, which is also known as the feng shui color wheel. The idea behind this theory is to keep positive energy flowing through a space. Using the color wheel practice inside a home can be a bit hard, but a backyard is a great place to practice the Bagua Color Theory because of the clearly defined spaces that can be utilized.

To keep with the color wheel, there are supposed to be eight colors in a wheel-like shape. The closest one to you should be a darker blue or black, followed by blue, green, purple, red, pink, white and gray. Each color represents an element, and together they create a flow of positive energy that returns to the home to give good fortune and health.

Adding a fence to the mix

It might seem like a fence would inhibit a flow of energy and get in the way of feng shui, but it can actually help set apart the safe space to create a zen-like area to sit and relax in. Utilize aluminum fencing to enclose your property and yard away from the hustle and bustle of the street.

Add privacy panels to keep it quieter if necessary. This allows your yard’s new feng shui atmosphere to have no interruptions, with your fence creating the barrier from the outside world. Let your fence do the work of keeping the negative energy out while your beautiful new yard keeps the positive energy from the universe flowing!

Keeping Recreation Grounds In Order With Aluminum Fencing

Baseball Field Metal FencingWhether your property has fields for ball games or holds a children’s playground, the fencing you choose can make a world of difference.

Parks, sporting events and other outdoor recreational spaces don’t usually require many things being built on the property. One thing that you will need to think about if your property includes this type of space is fencing for the perimeter at a minimum. Fencing is also often used to demarcate one area from another and to keep an area safe and secure for the neighborhood.

Depending on whether your recreational ground is for public or private use, you may have different rules or regulations from the municipality requiring you to keep your commercial aluminum fencing to a specific height, or you may need to purchase childproof locks for the gates. Always check any rules for the property before embarking on your fencing endeavor.

Enclosing the space

The most basic fencing you’ll need for recreational grounds will be the perimeter enclosing the space. For this, you will want to go with a tough grade of aluminum fence. Commercial aluminum fencing fits the bill well because it is a bit thicker and stronger than a typical residential aluminum fencing option. The commercial fence will have plenty of options to help keep the property secure during closing hours and even when it’s open. There is a good chance you will want guests to enter the property at specific points. Ensuring that any foot traffic only occurs at designated gates and that nobody is able to access the property elsewhere is ideal.

Keeping it separated

Another main reason fencing is helpful in recreation grounds is to separate fields from each other, or play areas from the rest of the space. This is especially important if some areas need to be locked or can only be accessed by certain people at certain times. Demarcating your property in this way can also help explain the layout of your property to newcomers so they are able to find the different areas with ease.

Safety first

Fencing keeps any property safe from outsiders. Any type of fence is a definite deterrent from unsavory activity occurring. Aluminum fencing offers added protection because it is nearly impossible to cut through it as you may be able to do with chain link or wooden fences. It is also quite difficult to climb over this type of fence as there is nothing to use as a good foothold. Your property will be safe from outsiders after hours and it will also help keep the property safe during opening hours, too. Commercial aluminum fencing allows for less mischief in general because there is really no easy way to climb the fence.

Cleanliness counts

Thanks to add-ons like wire mesh and extra panels, rabbits, foxes and other animals won’t be able to access your grounds. Making it harder for animals to enter the area will hopefully stop them from wreaking havoc on fields or greens that need to stay level for sports or other recreational activities. In addition, the beauty of the fields could be affected if there are tiny holes dug up everywhere! Keeping the property clean, safe and with clearly defined boundaries will help you and your customers enjoy the space day after day and year after year.

All About Aluminum To Get You Excited For Your New Fence

The metal that was once rarer than gold can now easily be in your backyard! Aluminum is inexpensive yet durable, making it the perfect fence material.

People are most familiar with aluminum as the trusty foil mainly used to wrap leftovers or cover food in the kitchen. That foil is made of the same stuff that aluminum panel fencing is made of, albeit in a very different quantity.

Back in the days of Napoleon, aluminum was in high demand and was more sought after than gold. This once-rare metal is now known to be widespread; it just needs to be taken from the compound alum. It is now readily available for use in constructing some very solid and reliable fences. Keep reading for some interesting information about aluminum that will help you make the decision to go with aluminum for your next fence.

Ounce for ounce

When price isn’t an issue, many people feel iron is a better material to choose for their fencing needs than aluminum. Iron may be heavier, but aluminum is still just as sturdy, while weighing (and costing!) much less. Aluminum is much more common that you think. Since 1825, it has been able to be extracted from key ores on our planet ( Aluminum is readily available, pliable and easy to manage, making it the affordable option for anyone who is taking a do-it-yourself approach.

Smarter than iron

It is true that aluminum panel fencing, with proper maintenance and powder coatings, will remain rust free. Interestingly, aluminum does rust, just not in the way you see with other metals. The act of rusting for aluminum doesn’t make the aluminum structure less sturdy. The “rust” that forms actually creates an extra layer that makes the metal stronger and less penetrable ( This is not something that would happen on anything made from iron! Aluminum panel fencing will be powder coated, so there is no need to worry about rusting or corroding at all.

More than just fences

Aluminum is found in your kitchen wrapped around your leftovers, in your new fancy fence, and also in the sky! No, aluminum is not in the air we breathe – it’s in the airplanes that are flying overhead! In fact, in a typical Boeing 747, there are almost 150,000 pounds of aluminum ( If this metal is strong enough for an aircraft, it must be an excellent option for a sturdy fence around your property.

Helping the earth, one can at a time

It’s hard to discuss aluminum without talking about one particular item that is all around us: aluminum cans. Cans of food, soda and other liquid food items are all made of aluminum for some of the reasons already discussed, mostly the low price of this metal. An important factor to note is the recyclable nature of aluminum. It is said that once you recycle a can of soda, it could be back on store shelves in its new form only two months later ( That’s a great turnaround!

Of course, you won’t be recycling your aluminum fence any time soon. There is a good chance your fence will last much longer than you own your property, showcasing how strong, reliable and durable aluminum is when it comes to fence panels.