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Aluminum Fencing Terminology Explained

If you’re considering jumping into the world of aluminum fencing, you might have encountered some confusing terminology as you pick the perfect fence.

It might seem like erecting a new fence is pretty straightforward. It’s actually in the ordering process that there might be some confusion as you navigate what a finial is, whether or not you need dog panels, and what finish to get.

Thankfully, most items will be explained well on the website where you order your fence. You can also contact the company with any questions you might have in the ordering process and once the panels and accessories arrive at your doorstep.

Mill finish

There are many ways to describe different paint colors and finishes. For example, there is rarely a color named “green”. It will be called forest green, sea foam green, or dark green. While the color of fence you choose is completely up to you (unless you have strict homeowners association rules and regulations), you might be looking for a basic, uncolored solution. This is called mill finish. You can choose a color after the fact once you have a better idea of what you want. This is a finish that is often used for arbors that are going to either be changed or have vines growing on them. Mill finish is also popular with industrial properties.

Finials and spears

Another decor choice you will have to make when choosing your aluminum fence and aluminum driveway gate is how the top of the pickets and posts will look. This is a great time to consider doing something with a little extra flair, like adding finials or spears. Spear décor pieces on the tops of the pickets look like – you guessed it – spears. Finials will have a slightly different design, possibly with a rounded top. These are great to add design and interest to your fence, and they also help with safety.

Dog Panels

Dog panels are also sometimes referred to as puppy panels. These are extra pickets placed on the bottom section of the aluminum fence panels. They make the empty space between pickets smaller to stop dogs or other pets from exiting the yard. This is a great addition if you already have a household pet who goes outdoors or you are considering getting one. This is also true if your property will be for sale in the near future as it can be something extra to offer future buyers. If you don’t have a dog and aren’t in the market to get one, dog panels can also be helpful in keeping certain unwanted animals out of your yard. This is a very popular choice among avid gardeners and those with small children.


Your aluminum driveway gate can be as basic or as ornate as you wish. An inlay can help with this. An inlay is a plasma-cut piece of aluminum that is made in a design to place in your entry gate. It gives your property some customization and welcomes people to the property. There are a host of already-fabricated inlays to choose from, such as a mountain scape, or you can get one customized to fit your family with an initial of your family name.

In the world of aluminum fencing, there are even more confusing words that might pop up during your project, such as powder coating, arbors or even the different tools that can be helpful. If you’re ever unsure of something, just ask for help to ensure you’re taking advantage of all there is to offer.

The Most Important Aspects of a Front Yard Makeover

Whether you’re about to sell your home or you just want a change, giving your front yard a makeover can add value and beauty to your property.

A big change on an old property starts with the first thing people see: the front yard. You don’t need to spend your entire bank account on multiple upgrades to the outdoor spaces of your property. You just need to update a few key items to give a polished and new look to your front yard. Don’t forget about the driveway! Finding some new aluminum driveway gates for sale to go with a brand new fence can do wonders for curb appeal. These items won’t break the bank thanks to great-quality materials that are affordable.

Update the fence

When you walk down any street, what do you notice first at a property? Many people immediately notice whether there is a fence and whether that fence is old and rusty or good as new. Thankfully, a new or cleaned-up fence can be done with ease, especially if you are willing to try your hand at a little DIY.

You can easily order aluminum fence panels and erect the fence yourself with just a little preparation. Aluminum looks fantastic, lasts for a long time, and has minimal upkeep. It’s not too heavy, yet it holds up to even the strongest weather conditions. Getting rid of an old fence or just sprucing up the yard (and upping your security) can be done with ease with an aluminum fence.

Look at the driveway

Once the fence is new and improved, you should also consider any driveway entry point to the property. Aluminum driveway gates for sale are a great choice for this, especially because they’ll match the aluminum fence you are already considering. Even if you choose not to put up a fence, driveway gates can stand on their own with nice pillars and shrubbery, and they can help keep your driveway private.

Consider a new entryway

As people approach your home, the next thing that adds to the look and general curb appeal of your front yard makeover is a new door. Doors can get quite expensive with fancy additions and materials. This is a good time to work with what you’ve got. If your front door has glass panels that have seen better days, consider getting the panels replaced. If your door is fine as it is, perhaps adding a nicely designed screen door or welcoming potted plants to the doorway area can be a nice addition. Another popular choice to add some life to your property is to paint the door a complementary but bold color.

Add some depth

Speaking of color, imagine how much a little pop of color throughout a yard can really add to the look of it. Head to the nearest nursery and check out which flowers are on sale. See if any tickle your fancy, and base your design choice around these to save a few bucks. Don’t forget to consider the height and general size of different types of flowers and bushes to ensure your yard has some depth and intrigue. Place taller bushes close to the house or fence, with smaller flowers and shrubs intermittently planted around them.

Whether you add all of these ideas to your front yard or just one, your front area is sure to get a nice lift. Adding a breath of fresh air to your property with these tips can help you feel even more at home.

Preparing For Your Fence Order

It’s important to properly plan for your new fence by getting your yard (and toolbox) ready ahead of the fence panel delivery time.

When you order an aluminum fence online, the hardest part will probably be the waiting. Although the panels come quite quickly, you will be so excited to get started on the project! This isn’t a time to just wait around twiddling your thumbs. It would be much better to ensure all of your plans are in order and that your yard is ready for the upcoming new aluminum fencing panels.

With a great fence comes great responsibility. This means you should have also prepared by checking with the municipality or homeowners’ association to ensure your fence meets the various codes and regulations. This is most important when your yard holds a pool or if you have a commercial or industrial property. Once you are sure that your fence is following all of the rules, it’s time to prep yourself for the project ahead.

Asking the right questions

You don’t have to do the fence project on your own. Your fencing specialist where you purchased the aluminum fencing panels is there to help you along the way. Write down a list of questions to ask the company to ensure you have covered all of your bases. This is a good tip even before you have ordered your fence panels, but you can also ask any questions while awaiting the delivery.

If you’re new to home improvement projects, perhaps you will want to ask about certain tools that you will need. You can borrow tools from friends or neighbors, or you can rent them. Thankfully, aluminum fences don’t require any specialized tools. However, if your toolbox is lacking, you may find yourself in need of a few items. Definitely get this sorted out before the fence panels arrive. You may also want to check what else you can be doing to prepare for the fence panels to arrive. You will certainly be eager to get your fence put up as soon as you can, so it’s important to have everything ready ahead of time.

Prepping the space

While there isn’t too much to do in your yard in preparation, there are a few things that could make the installation go smoothly. First, it’s important to have a freshly mowed lawn before you begin. Find out when your delivery date is and mow the lawn a day or two prior to this. That way, your fence will go up on a freshly cut lawn and you won’t have to worry about how to cut the longer grass that is close to the fence posts after the fact.

Next, you should plan where you want to lay the fence panels once they arrive. You may even want to place half of the delivery on one end of the yard and half on the other so that they’re already in place for the project. This way, you won’t have to move too many of them all across the yard later on in the project.

If you haven’t already done so, let your neighbors know about your fencing project even if it doesn’t affect their yard. It’s polite to let those nearby know of any type of construction, however minor, so that everybody is on the same page. Before you know it, you’ll be finishing your project and admiring your new fence. You’ll be so glad you prepared and asked the questions beforehand to make the home improvement project go as smoothly as possible.

Why The Internet Is The Best Place To Buy Fencing

commercial fencingOnline shopping for fences is easy, cost effective, and achievable on any budget. You can get everything you need for your new fence online!

Online shopping isn’t just for groceries and sneaky late-night purchases. You can also make large purchases for your home or property online. Buying your commercial or industrial fencing panels online couldn’t be easier, with a wealth of information available to help you make your fence selection.

Before you check out the amazingly helpful fence manufacturer websites, there is a bit of research you will want to carry out on your own. In fact, you would have to do this whether you hired a professional or not just to ensure all of the bases were covered.

Be prepared

First and foremost, you need to know your area. This means you should do your due diligence and ensure you know exactly where your property ends and the neighboring ones meet. Depending on your property’s needs, you might need to put your commercial or industrial fencing a few inches or feet from the perimeter line. This can help with any gates, walkways, or landscaping that is already planned.

Next, you will need to check with your local municipality about any codes or regulations when it comes to fencing. With commercial and industrial properties in particular, there can be specific rules set up pertaining to the color, size, style and security of fencing. Check that you have their specifications with you when you start the search for the right fence.

Easy does it

In case you don’t already know, aluminum fencing is one of the easiest fencing materials to maintain. Thanks to its incredible powder coating, this material rarely needs to be cleaned to stay in top condition. Aluminum looks like wrought iron, but it comes at a fraction of the cost and there is no worry about rusting.

Not only is the upkeep a snap, but shopping for aluminum fence panels couldn’t be easier with all of the helpful information you can find online. From different finishes to additional décor pieces to different gate and lock options, your fencing specialist will be a one-stop shop for everything you need. Furthermore, the website will have contact information in case you have any unanswered questions about their product or putting up your fence in general.

High quality at a low price

Many commercial and industrial property owners just go with a standard chain link fence to keep their property safe and secure. While aluminum fencing costs more than chain link, the minimal cost difference gives you a big return in quality. Imagine being able to purchase high-quality materials from the comfort of your own home! Online really is the best way.

Industrial fencing materials are worth the cost as the finished product will last much longer than a chain link or wooden fence. Moreover, you don’t have to put any money into an aluminum fence down the line because they will stay in great condition for years to come.

The safety and security of your property is surely a top priority. There is no need to worry about not getting to meet with a fencing specialist in person before make your big purchase. Every piece of information you need can be found online to get the best-quality aluminum fence you can delivered right to your home.


Flipping Houses And Fences

Aluminum Fence Estate GateWhether you’re flipping a whole house or just the outdoor spaces, there are some important things to keep in mind when it comes to cost.

What is worth a certain price to some might not have the same value to someone else. This is definitely true when it comes to flipping houses. One person’s wish list for how a new home should look might be completely different from someone else’s. If you are flipping a home to sell right away, it is important to consider more than just what looks good or what is trendy in home decor. It is best to keep all components in mind when making any choice, such as whether a home improvement will be cost-efficient down the line, whether a renovation will be needed in the near future, and whether the home or garden will benefit from the updates.

Looking the part

When flipping houses, you want to really wow potential buyers right from the start. It is true that many rooms inside must be kept up to pretty high standards. Re-done master bathrooms, modern kitchens and open floor plans are common renovations that tend to please a wide audience, but the outside spaces are also really important and should not be neglected.

First impressions are everything, and a front yard can actually make or break a house. A potential buyer could actually keep driving if they do not like the outside of the house and not even step foot inside to see your amazing indoor renovations. Curb appeal is very important. Keep this in mind when weighing aluminum fence cost versus other, less expensive alternatives for the perimeter of the yard.

Aluminum fencing gives the look of a sought-after wrought iron fence for just a fraction of the cost. While aluminum might cost more money than wooden or chain link, the cohesive look of the whole property will show high-quality finishes inside and outside. That means you shouldn’t neglect other outdoor areas, such as flower beds and dying grass. Find affordable ways to add a bit of color and texture to the yard with plants, flowers, and gravel or mulch.

Holding up in the long run

You might be wondering why you should choose aluminum if it gives the look of iron but is not the “real thing”. The very reasonable aluminum fence cost is definitely a plus, but there are also other amazing facets of the material that make it the most worthy choice.

The upkeep for aluminum fence panels is very minimal, which is a great selling point for a flipped home. The fence will just need to be rinsed between seasons. It’s a good idea to carry out an annual walk-through to check for scratches in the powder coating. That’s it! Other than that, the coating helps the aluminum stay in good condition through all weather conditions, even extreme wind, rain and ice. Comparing this to wrought iron, which can rust much more easily, helps you see that aluminum is a great choice.

With minimal upkeep, easy cleaning, a low cost, and a high-quality look, it’s easy to see why aluminum fencing is quite popular for flipping houses. After you see the finished product, you just might end up wanting to add an aluminum fence to your own property!

What’s It Worth To You?

residential-railing-great-fenceAlthough it’s completely personal what a new fence is worth to you, there are some things to keep in mind when deciding to jump all in on such a project.

Any DIY project can be as costly or as inexpensive as you make it. For example, you could purchase all new tools and the most expensive supplies for your project, or you could find ways to save money here and there. If DIY isn’t your thing, you could have professionals come in and do the job from start to finish. Of course, doing less work yourself means spending more money.

Hiring a professional to do (part of) the job

For some people, hiring a professional to erect a new fence or driveway is the best option. Perhaps you lack the time or skills to plan the fence out, choose gates and accessories, mix concrete and dig the holes. That’s okay! That is why there are services available that can help you complete the project.

To save money, you might find it beneficial to hire a company for only part of the DIY project. For example, if you are planning to put in a whole new driveway along with aluminum driveway gates, try taking on the driveway gates as a DIY project and only hire professionals for the laying of the driveway. This way, you can save some money by installing the fence yourself. It is quite easy once you’ve planned everything out to go through with this DIY project, and you can always call the fencing specialist where you purchased the gates and panels if you have any questions along the way.

All on you: A complete DIY

One the opposite end of hiring a professional to do everything is doing it all yourself. Thankfully, when you take on a project all on your own, it doesn’t really mean you have to go solo. You can always call over a friend, neighbor or family member to help you with the dirty work. It also helps to have to extra pairs of hands when putting in aluminum fence posts and lining up the aluminum driveway gates.

A completely do-it-yourself project means it’s on you to plan everything from start to finish. Even though this might be daunting, it is completely doable and quite easy with a little help from everyone’s best friend, the internet. You can search for tutorials and even videos on how to do almost anything – from using the power tools (which you can borrow from someone to save even more cash), to planning out what to do with oddly laid-out yards and driveways and choosing the right nuts and bolts. It’s easy to find tips and tricks for your project.

Whether you are leaving everything to yourself to complete or you’re calling in a professional right from the start, there are still plenty of decisions you will have to make. There is help along the way to ensure you get all the right parts and cover all of your bases when ordering your fence or driveway pieces. Always ask questions if you have doubts about anything. Keep in mind that the more planning you do, the more money you’ll save in the long run because everything will hopefully go right the first time around!

Important Tools You May Need For Your Next Fence Project

fence post hole digger Whether it’s your first or your hundredth DIY project, you might need a few more items than are already in your toolbox if you’re installing a fence.

If you’re researching how to install an aluminum pool fence, commercial walkway gates or a residential fence for your front yard, you will want to make sure you either have or have access to a number of specific tools to get the job done. Don’t be overwhelmed by this; you can always rent what you don’t have or purchase it for future DIY projects.

In your research, you may have come across some scary information about how difficult and complex installing a fence can be. Keep in mind that a good amount of preparation and planning paired with excellent-quality fence materials will give you the perfect finished product. Once you know what type of fence project you have ahead of you, you will want to start thinking about the more obscure supplies and tools needed to ensure you can get a hold of these in time for your planned installation.

Digging holes

The fence posts that need to be put around your yard must go deep into the earth. You will definitely want to invest in (or borrow!) a suitable hole digger. Some people suggest using an auger, which is a drill that helps you get right into the earth with minimal effort. These are larger and can be quite expensive. If you have a friend who is often DIY-ing and has an auger, see if you can borrow it. Otherwise, a less expensive digging tool will be sufficient for the hole in question. The size of hole you need will depend on the type of fence and ground surrounding the fence, whether it is an aluminum pool fence going into soft earth or a driveway gate post in more sandy earth.

Concrete matters

Mixing and pouring your own concrete for a project might seem daunting if you haven’t done it before, but don’t be put off. You don’t need a huge cement mixing truck for the amount of concrete you will need for your aluminum fence posts. In fact, a wheelbarrow will be perfectly sufficient to go along with your concrete mix and a tool to mix it with, such as a hoe. Just follow the instructions that came with the concrete mix and do a quick video search to see someone else doing it first if you’re new to the concrete game.

Leveling the field

It might go without saying for some, or it might come as a surprise: you’re going to need a reliable level. Nobody wants to stare at a crooked fence for as long as an aluminum fence will last, which is quite some time! Making sure each piece is level as it attaches to the next one will help ensure you have a perfect finished product at the end of your project.

It’s important not to cut any corners when it comes to the sizes of the holes or the quality of accessories and tools. The reason you wanted an aluminum fence in the first place is probably because of the amazing quality and longevity that comes with such a material. Skimping during installation on tools and calculations can mean your fence won’t last as long as it should. With the right prep, you will be on your way to the perfect outdoor fence.

What Not To Do When Installing An Aluminum Fence

DIY Aluminum Fence Installation
DIY Aluminum Fence Installation

There are some great tips out there to help when you’re installing a new aluminum fence, but there are some things you definitely want to avoid!

When starting any big project, first you need to do a bit of planning. After all, if you miss some important steps at the beginning, it could spell disaster when you reach the finished product. That’s why knowing some common mistakes can help your project run smoothly.

Installing any fence can come with some challenges. Metal fencing panels are one of the easier fences to install yourself, with aluminum panels being one of the most popular. Aluminum fence panels last a long time, need minimal upkeep, and can stand up to any weather conditions. The challenges of installation have nothing to do with the aluminum material itself. Instead, they arise when you don’t do enough planning and preparation before embarking on installing the fence.

Don’t forget to get permission

Anyone who has had a fence on or next to their property can tell you that property lines are nothing to mess around with. It is so incredibly important to know exactly where your property begins and the neighbor’s begins. On top of that, some municipalities and homeowner’s associations have specific rules about how close a fence can be to the property line. It is polite and respectful to also speak with your neighbor about your plans to erect a new fence.

Don’t make presumptions about the posts

Metal fencing panels mean you will have metal fencing posts to install first and foremost. Don’t assume this will be a similar process to your last fence project because different materials and different soil types can really change a project. Do some research into the size and method of the holes you must prepare for the metal posts so you are fully ready once the materials arrive.

Don’t skimp on latches, hinges and locks

There are times you should try to save a buck or two, and there are times you really shouldn’t. When it comes to fence latches, hinges and locks, it is not a time to choose the budget option! What you purchase is completely up to you, but it is worth giving a second thought to what degree of quality you buy. Depending on where your gates and entryways are and how much traffic goes through them, the hinges and latches might be used quite a lot each day. Getting a higher quality for these parts can mean longer-lasting safety and security for your yard.

Don’t be too proud to ask for help

There is absolutely no good reason not to ask a fencing professional any question you might have when preparing to install a new fence. The company from which you purchase your metal fencing panels will be able to help you with any question, big or small. Moreover, when it comes to the actual installation, it can be quite a big job! If it is your first time or your fence job is going to be a bit more than you can handle, ask someone to help you with the DIY project to ensure it gets done perfectly the first time.

Again, it all comes down to planning and preparing. This doesn’t mean just deciding that you want a fence and ordering the parts; it means asking the right people about the placement of your fence, getting the right tools and parts, and getting any help you need to make your installation a piece of cake.

Navigating Corners On Your Property

commercial fencingThere are yards with perfect 90-degree corners, and then there is every other yard. Thankfully, aluminum fencing can navigate all types of layouts.

A perfectly squared yard layout is rare. Properties come in all sizes, with all different kinds of boundaries and property lines. If you are planning a big DIY fence job for your property and you have a unique yard to work with, don’t panic. Buying fence panels and installing them yourself does not require only straight lines and 90-degree angles. There are plenty of ways to work with the yard you have and still have a successful fence.

Rounded corners

Perhaps your property line comes with a few odd instances of short lines that would not look right with a fence directly following them, or perhaps you think you would like the more rounded look for your yard. Whatever the case, a curved or rounded fence is doable and can give a seamless look to your yard’s unique situation.

Rounded corners can be achieved even with straight fence panels, and you don’t have to break the panels to create the look. You just need to set them up to give the illusion of a gradual rounded corner. You do need to have enough room for this to happen, so quite a bit of measuring and planning must happen first and foremost.

When in the planning stages of the DIY fence project, some people opt to lay out the fence using spray paint or rope. Measure the length of your panels and lay out segments of rope to see how rounded you are able to make the corners in question. Play around with angles until you get the desired look.

When ordering the fence panels, be sure you get the right hardware for the project. This might mean special hinges for gates on corners or special posts for the rounded look. Line, corner or end posts with a slight angle will be needed for a slightly angled look. For more severe curved areas, a swivel mount will be needed. Always ask the fencing professional selling the panels and posts to ensure you are getting the right mounts, hinges for gates, and screws.

Gates and privacy

What happens when you want to have some privacy on your rounded corner? Your fence panels are not limited to the standard type when installing in a curve. You can still add puppy panels, privacy panels, and even gates to the area. Depending on what surrounds your property, you might be looking for only one section to include privacy panels.

Try to imagine the flow of this when it comes to a rounded corner. With a right angle separating different sides of a fence, it’s easier to demarcate one side for privacy panels and one for standard panels with spaces between the pickets. With the rounded section, it might make more sense to continue one look until a gate and then switch from the other side of the gate. Of course, this is all personal preference and may also be dependent on whether you have a pool on the property or other homeowners association rules and regulations.

Whether you choose to install your DIY fence with very rounded corners or just cut off the corner with a single panel, you will be able to do it all with ease thanks to good planning and excellent aluminum materials.

To Attach Or Not To Attach, That Is The Question

Commercial Aluminum FenceFences can be free-standing entities that attach only to themselves, or they can be attached right to your home or building. Is one better than the other?

Imagine you are putting a new fence around a pool in the middle of your yard. The fence will attach to itself, or a gate or doorway will exist where the fence begins and ends. Now imagine you are putting a fence around a yard but the fence begins and ends at a wall of your home or other building on your property. What does the fence attach to? Does it even need to attach to anything?

It is really up to you which way you choose to finish a fence that goes straight up to the outdoor wall of a building or structure. There are some things to keep in mind when deciding, however. The material is a big deciding factor. Aluminum fence panels are ideal for attaching to a building if that’s the look you want. Similar-looking wrought iron and metal fencing can be too heavy for some building structures, so your choice might be made for you if that’s the material you want to go with.

To attach…

It is very important to know a lot about your building before attaching anything to it. If this is a very basic DIY or one of your first DIY home improvement projects, it would be best to consult a professional or the fencing specialist where you are buying the fence panels to get advice on your specific building material. If the building has any kind of structural issue or you plan to change the outer look, such as by adding new siding, it might be best to avoid attaching anything to it.

Extreme weather comes into play here. While aluminum fence panels can stand up to any weather condition with ease, it is very important for the building to be able to withstand not only the same weather conditions but also the pull of a large fence panel simultaneously. Attaching the fence to the building is sometimes the only option, such as when digging a hole deep enough for a fence post so close to the house could damage some of the foundation, depending on where you live.

…Or not to attach

If your foundation is solid enough that you can put a fence post pretty close to the side of the building, you might find a detached fence fits your property better. This might be a good option for someone who isn’t ready to commit to drilling into the side of the building or has future plans that might involve expanding the fence or building. Keep in mind that a detached fence post might leave a few inches of space between the fence and building that can either be beneficial for you or detrimental, depending on your personal situation. It’s also important to check on any homeowners association rules or regulations before deciding in case a detached fence is the only permitted route to take, or vice versa.

The beauty of deciding whether to attach or not is that when you weigh the pros and cons, there is often a clear winner. This is because so much of the decision is dependent on your geographical location, the material of your home, the configuration of your fence, and even just your personal aesthetic preference. As long as you do your research before installing the aluminum fence panels, whatever you choose is sure to look great.