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Fully Customizable Privacy

Privacy FenceWhatever your unique circumstance is for needing or wanting a privacy fence, ordering panels and doing it yourself will give you the fence you hoped for.

The first thing people see when they arrive at a house is the outdoor space. The fence, gate, and driveway can make or break a house. If any of these components aren’t looking top-notch, it can deter buyers. You might be the buyer who is deterred by a dilapidated fence that gives little to no privacy. If that’s the case, there’s no need to worry. You can always update to aluminum fencing and an aluminum gate with a do-it-yourself project.

Why aluminum?

Aluminum fencing has many great qualities. From being extremely weather-resistant to needing little to no maintenance, choosing aluminum can fit most budgets and meet most of your “must-have” list. Aluminum is the top choice for driveway gates because the material is incredibly strong and stands up to a lot of use. To keep things fluid, it’s good to have a matching fence and driveway gate, using aluminum the whole way around the property.

Privacy FencingSafety and security is on many people’s minds when it comes to the home. Any aluminum fence will be very safe and secure, but you also have options to increase your security and privacy. The most common way to do this is to purchase privacy panels for the fence. These panels leave little to no space between the pickets of the fence, allowing for more privacy in the yard and the home. Privacy panels are a great option when your house has ground floor windows that face a busy street or directly to a neighbor. The panels create an oasis in your yard for you and your family, with nobody able to peek in while strolling by.

Fully customizable

Cookie cutter fences might not be an ideal situation for you. Thankfully, you can customize aluminum fencing to fit your needs. If you only need privacy on one side of your yard, just purchase the privacy panels for that side and regular picketed panels for the other sides. If you only need to block a certain portion of the yard from the view of passers-by, work out the measurements and just fence in that small area.

You also get to choose the color and finish of the fence panels to match with your garden, your home and your neighborhood. Decor-wise, you can add rings or finials to the top of the panels or even arches to give the fence some height and depth.

Quiet and serene

Privacy panels also help act like a sound barrier. If your fence is on a busy road or sidewalk, adding aluminum panels between your yard and the street can keep some noise out. Because less sound works its way in, that also means less sound is working its way out. That equals even more privacy for you when you are outside enjoying your yard.

While it might seem like you are closing in your property by putting up what looks essentially like an aluminum wall, it’s not really closing you in. An aluminum privacy fence is actually just blocking out people and views of other people’s homes and leaving just the sky and any landscape in the distance to be visible from the privacy of your property. You are left with a serene, tranquil and private area that is all your own.

Hand Railing With A Purpose

Aluminum Hand RailingAluminum fences are a great fit for any residential or commercial property, and you can finish off the look of your outdoor areas with aluminum hand railing.

There are numerous reasons aluminum is a superior material for your outdoor fences, from being extremely weather-resistant to having minimal upkeep. Many people are leaning toward aluminum for their outdoor fencing needs. Larger commercial and industrial properties are especially happy to hear how strong aluminum is, knowing that it will be very helpful when it comes to top security needs. Moreover, privacy is not a problem, with special privacy panels that allow for little to no space between fence pickets for additional safety and quietness.

With all of these great reasons to choose an aluminum fence, it’s no wonder that hand rails in aluminum are a superior product, too. Aluminum hand rails come with the same satisfaction as aluminum fences, and many outdoor configurations allow for a smooth transition from fence to hand rail in similar colors and styles.

Patios and Decks

With so many patio and deck designs, it can be tough to decide what materials and design elements to use when installing a new one for your outdoor area. When deciding on material, keep aluminum in mind for the hand rails, even if the rest of the deck is concrete or wood. Having the two materials next to each other can really make the hand rail stand out. The safety of the strong aluminum is ideal when placing a barrier on a patio or deck that is not level with the ground. If you have an aluminum fence nearby, the hand rail of aluminum can really bring together the whole outdoor area.

Stairs and walkways

On various walking paths and staircases, the seamless transition from fence to hand rail can really come in handy. If the pathway is sloped, a double-channel hand rail will fit best for added safety. If you’re ever in doubt that you are purchasing the right type of hand rail for your purpose, ask the company selling the rails to ensure you have chosen the right one. When dealing with stairs or certain walking paths, such as handicap accessible paths, it is important to ensure the whole area, including the hand rail, is compliant with any rules and regulations in the area.

Dividing areas

Hand rails and shorter fences are common in certain outdoor spaces, especially those with commercial uses. For example, in a park, the area for younger children might be demarcated with a hand rail and small gate to allow children to have a safe environment. A hand rail or fence could also come in handy between sports fields or to allocate picnic or camping areas. These hand rails often match the nearby fences of the same color or style to allow for a polished look on the entire property.

Hand rails might seem like an afterthought to those who walk by them every day without noticing them, but for those who are deciding on the right one for a property, it can be a big decision. From patios and decks to walkways and sport fields, there are plenty of reasons a hand rail might be in order. Whether you are attaching it to an already existing aluminum fence or placing the hand rails in a freestanding location, aluminum will be an excellent choice for all of your rail needs.

Does The Height Of Your Fence Matter?

Black Aluminum Fence CostAlthough your fence height is ultimately up to you, there are some factors you might want to consider when purchasing your aluminum fence panels.

With so many decisions to make when designing and setting up the outdoor spaces of your property, some things can be looked over. Many people just assume fences of certain materials come in one standard size that everyone chooses. However, with residential and commercial fencing in aluminum, there is actually some rhyme and reason the size of your fence pickets and height of the fence.

The size of the actual pickets and the empty space between them will be dependent on your fence’s purpose and whether there are pets or small children on the property. The height may also have something to do with these two factors, but there is also a bit more to consider. There are certain laws and rules depending on the type of fence you are erecting, and there are safety and security reasons behind the size of your fence, too.

Rules and regulations

Different governing bodies can have rules and regulations when it comes to a backyard fence. For commercial properties, the rules can be even more specific depending on what is on the property or what type of business you have.

It is important to check with the town or municipality where you live to find out about any height restrictions. Height restrictions can also come from homeowner’s associations when the desired effect is to have a fluid neighborhood with outdoor spaces that blend together.

Safety and security

In addition to restrictions to keep fences from being too tall, rules will also ensure they are tall enough, especially when a swimming pool is on the premises. For the safety of any children in the area, there are very specific rules that ensure a fence is tall enough to keep any tragedies from occurring.

Extra height also means a safer space inside. The higher the fence, the harder it is to climb. This deters any possible intruders from entering your property, keeping your building and those on the premises safe.

If you’re worried about the safety of a tall fence in extreme weather conditions, commercial fencing in aluminum is incredibly strong and can stand up to the toughest wind and storm conditions. Even with a taller fence, wind can go through the pickets. Aluminum is so strong that even if you use privacy panels that allow little to no air to pass through the pickets, the material will still hold up very well.

Landscaping and decor

When it comes to landscaping and décor, you can go completely basic or you can get creative! It depends what your business needs are and what fits with the purpose of the land. In terms of the fence around the perimeter, taller fences do well with tall bushes or shrubs near the posts and entryways. If you choose a basic color to blend in with a building or neighborhood, adding a pop of color here and there with flowers will help add a nice look.

Whether you choose for your fence to be very tall or a bit shorter than the average fence, be sure to check with any rules in your town based on the purposes of your property. Add a bit of pizzazz in the yard, and you’ll have a perfect outdoor space in no time!

Noise And Your Fence

aluminum privacy fencingDon’t let outside noise penetrate the calm oasis you have built on your property. Instead, use cleverly placed fences to keep things calm and serene.

Having noisy neighbors is no fun, whether you live in an apartment building or a home that is in close proximity to other homes. When you live so close to other families, it’s easy to wonder if the sounds of your family and life travel to the neighbors!

Soundproofing your home can help immensely with this, especially when it comes to the indoor noise levels. What about your yard and outdoor spaces? Thankfully, residential and commercial aluminum fence panels can help with the noise if you get the right kind.

Privacy panel

Picture the areas in your yard that are a bit unsightly compared to the rest of the outdoor area, possibly where the trash cans and recycling are kept. Often, people get residential or commercial aluminum fence panels that have little or no space in between the pickets, allowing for low visibility into the area.

These so-called privacy panels are a great way to keep objects hidden away, and they also help lower any sounds that would normally go straight through the yard and into the house. A thin layer of aluminum might not seem like a lot when it comes to muffling noises, but you’d be surprised how efficient it can be.

If you have pets or small children, the privacy panels will come in handy. When pets like dogs see anything moving on the other side of the fence, they will make as much noise as possible to alert others to the situation. If privacy panels stand between your pet and anything bark-worthy in the outdoor areas, your yard will stay quiet.

Extra noisy

While noise from the street might seem like the obvious type of sound you will want to block from your yard and home, there are other noises that can also create problems in your serene outdoor areas. The fence and gate itself can create noises that can be quite bothersome to those living on your property and the neighbors.

You might have a heavy gate that closes automatically with quite a loud noise. Ensure that any self-closing mechanisms are in effect early enough to not cause such a loud bang when the gate shuts. You might also have an automatic or remote-controlled gate that makes a buzzing sound when it’s in operation. Check with the lock company for sound options if the entryway to your gate is very close to any residence to keep any noise nuisance at bay.

A last option to battle any noise concerns either for those living on your property or for those surrounding you is to consider industrial or commercial aluminum fence panels. The industrial and commercial graded aluminum material means an extra layer of thickness and protection for privacy and, in turn, noise levels.

The thicker material means noise is kept where it originates better. Paired with privacy panels or thicker pickets and minimal space between pickets and panels, this makes the optimal arrangement for any sound concerns. Ensuring you have all angles covered will help your property live in harmony with the rest of the houses on the block, leaving a serene space for everyone to enjoy.

To Repair Or Not To Repair, That Is The Question

Black Aluminum FenceIf you have a fence that is in a state of disrepair, it just might be time to consider a new fence altogether instead of fixing it up.

Residential, industrial and commercial aluminum fencing serve a very specific purpose. Once installed, they last for years and years with minimal upkeep, but what happens when you have a wooden or vinyl fence and it is starting to show its age?

Whether your fence was made and installed in the last two, five or ten years does not really matter. If your fence is showing wear and tear, no matter how long it’s been in existence, it’s time to do something about it.

Many first consider repairing their dilapidated, run-down fence instead of replacing it. After all, the costs are surely much lower with repairing, but what about the long run? What is the most ideal situation for you, your family, your fence and your wallet?

Short-term pros and cons

Repairing your fence can seem like the most logical solution. This is especially true if time is a factor and you immediately need a new look for the outdoors. A spray paint job or adding a few extra pickets where old ones have cracked can be quick, easy and cheap. Fixing up these few problem areas can get your fence back to doing what it should do, whether that is keeping the property secure or just being aesthetically pleasing.

Getting the fence fixed up for a quick turnaround will only give you a polished, finished product for a very short time. If parts of the fence were so worn that they needed fixed up, surely more of the fence will be in disrepair soon. This could have you constantly having to undergo repairs on different parts of the fence in a never-ending job that results in nothing more than a spruced-up old fence.

Long-term pros and cons

The only really long-term solution would be to replace the fence once and for all. The main—and only—negative to replacing the fence is the cost. Thankfully, the expense becomes well worth it once you realize what residential or commercial aluminum fencing can do for your property.

Although it might take a bit more time to replace the fence than it would to repair it, the time you spend comes back to you when you choose an aluminum fence. That’s because there is incredibly minimal upkeep needed with this type of fence, and it lasts much longer than other materials. That means you won’t have to wonder any time soon if you should repair or replace your fence.

Added benefits to replacing

Replacing your fence with a brand-new aluminum panel fence is also the perfect solution because this type of fence really doesn’t wear or break down like other types. The only thing that would require you to repair it would be if there was some sort of accident, such as a tree falling down. Best of all, aluminum fences come in pieces or panels that are easy to install. That means you would only need to replace a panel or two should something happen, keeping future costs low.

Whatever you choose for your current situation, just know that at some point you may want to consider the switch to aluminum panel fencing, not just for the stunning look and incredible security, but also for the affordability and long-term success of this type of fence.

When Swinging Driveway Gates Just Won’t Cut It

A grand entrance with large, swinging gates might be a dream for many homeowners, but in reality, this type of entrance won’t work for every home.

The choice of whether to get driveway gates in aluminum is completely up to the homeowner. Personal preference and the need for security or privacy are the main reasons for choosing one type of lockable entry point for cars entering and exiting the property.

Once the decision has been made to get the gates, you’ll have to choose whether to get gates that swing open or those that slide to one (or both) sides. A common first idea of driveway gates is to get the type that swing open, either outside or inside the property line.

A grand entrance

The picturesque entryway with the swinging gates definitely creates a grand entrance, but it really isn’t feasible for all outdoor spaces. Your driveway itself will be positioned in such a way that will allow a certain type of gate, and it might not be what you had hoped.

If your driveway turns quickly to one side, leaving grass or bushes for the swinging fence to bump into as it swings, this could be the deciding factor to switch to sliding driveway gates in aluminum. The sliding gate can be pushed to one side or both and usually rolls back behind a similar fence or into a track discreetly hidden among bushes or plants.

Slopes and hills get in the way

If you have your heart set on swinging driveway gates, you will need to make sure your yard has no slopes or hills in the vicinity of the swing. If a hill or any type of gradient in the ground interferes with the swing of the gate, not only will the gate not fully open, but the electric mechanism could malfunction. Your gate needs a clear path to the end position of the swing.

Slopes and hills don’t much matter with a sliding gate, giving you more freedom to keep your yard how you like without having to worry about such a large area that the gate will have to cross over.

A sliding gate doesn’t mean you are settling

Speaking of large areas, you might just not have enough space to have a swinging gate and the landscaping that you want all in the front yard. Choose your priority, and then find a way for it to work out with the different types of gates available.

A sliding driveway gate can give just as grand of an entrance as a swinging gate. One is not superior to the other; it really depends what fits best with your property’s landscape and look.

Sliding gates feel a bit more modern, but with the right type of aluminum finish, they remain classic. Sliding gates can be electric, too, giving you complete control over opening and closing them from the comfort of your car. This is definitely helpful on rainy days!

Whether you go with sliding driveway gates or swinging ones, your choice will fit your yard and property perfectly. Go into driveway entrance planning with an open mind and unspecific expectations. Let your yard and property guide you in what will work best with the land you have, and everything will look completely seamless.

When Curb Appeal Is First On The List

Khaki Colored Aluminum FenceA fence has many purposes, but sometimes all you really want is to give your home a polished look, bringing the outside of the property together.

If your home did not already come with one, there are plenty of reasons to get a fence. whether it’s safety for your pet, security for your possessions or even needing to hide an unsightly item in the yard. Whatever your reason, you can be sure that curb appeal for your fence will be of the utmost importance.

As the very first thing people see when they come across your property, a fence must look on par with the rest of the home. Having a dilapidated, rusty fence surrounding a newly remodeled home just won’t cut it. It’s okay if you are looking to get a fence for the sole purpose of making your outdoor area look better. Aluminum panel fencing can do just that, with added benefits for your home, your family, and your resale value.

Adding aesthetic value

Are you after a certain look for your property? A fence can help with that. Even if you only want a fence to add aesthetic value, that doesn’t mean you should go with the cheapest, lightest material available. It’s one thing to look the part, but future home buyers will likely want a good-looking fence that is also incredibly strong and practical.

That’s where aluminum panel fencing comes in. Sturdy, strong, and with minimal upkeep, you will get the desired look for your home’s new aesthetic with a practical piece of decoration that is also keeping your home safe and secure. Aluminum is also very affordable. Once it has been installed, you won’t need to do anything else to it to keep it looking good.

While adding a fence adds aesthetic value just by being beautiful, it can also be beneficial by hiding unsightly areas of the yard. For example, the area housing your garbage cans or even the shed in the back with lawn tools might not be part of the image you hoped for your home. You can get privacy panels in aluminum to hide these areas and create a seamless look.

Adding some pizzazz

Metal fences can give your property the look you’re after, whether it is more classic, modern, elegant or even eccentric. Using various design elements on your fence and around it, you can create a complete picture of your choosing.

Start with color, choosing one that complements the exterior of the house or building. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a bit of color. A deep green or even a metallic copper look can be very appealing without detracting from the surrounding landscape.

Next, you’ll want to choose finials or spears for the top of the fence that go with the style of the home or even the neighborhood. If you just want your fence to blend in with the yard and not stand out too much, consider a blocked-off top with straight lines and minimal frills. It’s all about the look you want for your property!

It goes without saying that you will add security to your property by installing any type of aluminum panel fencing. This helps boost your family’s safety and will pay off if you sell your home in the future. The curb appeal from a brand-new aluminum fence is just as important as it will give your home the makeover it deserves.

Property Lines and Fences

Get some solid advice regarding the common question of how close to the property line you should erect your fence.

Deciding exactly where to place your fence can be tough. Before you even consider putting your fence as close to the property line as possible, you will want to ensure you have gathered all the facts needed to help you make the best informed decision. Depending on your area, there might be some very specific rules and regulations about property lines and fences that you are required to follow. For various reasons, certain municipalities and homeowners associations have specified that a fence must be anywhere from two to ten inches away from a property line. This type of rule could make your decision for you and will at least help lead you toward a decision.

Being neighborly

You may also want to check with your neighbors to see if they have similar fence plans or have a reason to be completely for or against having residential or industrial metal fencing so close to the property line. Not only is it polite and appropriate to ask your neighbor for their input or thoughts, but it can also mean saving yourself time and money should there be a reason the fence should not be erected as you would have liked. You never know what information they might have about the line or their plans for a fence in the same vicinity. Going in on the fence together and placing it right on the property line can be very beneficial for both of you!

Safety for every inch

By installing a fence as close as possible to the property line, you can ensure that everything inside the fence is easily containable. Every inch of your land will be safely confined within the perimeters of the fence. This is especially helpful when your property holds a business or factory buildings or large industrial equipment.

Choosing industrial metal fencing will be the first step toward securing your property and everything that sits on it. The second step will be holding in as much of the land as possible with the fence by going as close as legally possible to the property line. Remember that going right on the line—if possible in your area—could mean you must continuously share the fence and its upkeep and associated costs with the neighboring property. If you are in a tricky situation with those around you, it’s best to place it slightly away from the line.

Home life

Whether your property holds your own family’s residence or a multifamily residence such as an apartment building, you will want to have as much room as possible for people to roam freely on the grounds. This is great for recreational activities and lawn care. Mowing the lawn on both sides of the fence can prove costly and time-consuming, whereas having all of the grass in one place to quickly and easily mow can be very beneficial.

There are smaller advantages to erecting your fence as close to the property line as possible, and there are bigger advantages, too. Weigh the negatives against the positives to see if it is worth your time to look into the exact property line of your lot for safety, security and social reasons.

New Home, Old Fence: What to Do

GreatFence-Staggered-Spear-Aluminum-FenceIf you are in the market for a new house but are let down after seeing property after property with an unsightly front entrance, don’t worry!

It is said that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but what about the saying that first impressions are everything? Both sayings will come to mind when you lay eyes on a home that has an unkempt yard, dilapidated fence, and all-around tired landscaping. You might even be immediately turned off from a whole property while house shopping just on first glance at the front entrance.

Don’t be discouraged by what you see. A home can be a gem that is just surrounded by a little mess, and there some simple and inexpensive ways you can give the outdoor area of a home a facelift.

Start with the fence

A home with an old fence can be easily brought to life with a complete re-do of the fence. Don’t be alarmed; it is not as big of a job as it sounds. In fact, the hardest part will probably be removing the old fence! Once that is done, you will have free reign to start from scratch on the aluminum fence of your dreams. If it is privacy and security you are after, an aluminum panel fence with privacy panels and a strong locking mechanism can be easily installed.

If it is your first DIY project of this nature, don’t be discouraged. With a little planning, preparation and research, you can easily put up your own aluminum fence. They come in easy-to-install panels that are cut to fit your unique yard. If you are really unsure where to start, you can always ask the fencing professionals for advice on how best to choose the right fence for your needs.

A few shrubs will help

After you have successfully installed your brand-new aluminum fence, it will be time to give the rest of the yard a little facelift. Some strategically planted shrubs or small trees at the entryway or posts of your fence can quickly and effectively make the yard look more put together.

After mowing the lawn and adding some colorful flowers, everything will start to come together. A power wash to the outside of the home may also be in order to make the house shine as much as the new fence and well-manicured lawn. Before you know it, you will have yourself a new outdoor space!

When the neighboring yard is the problem

Perhaps your new home is actually quite beautiful, front yard and all, and the real problem is the unsightly view into the neighbor’s yard. This can be remedied with ease with an aluminum panel fence with the addition of privacy panels. Privacy panels have little to no space between pickets, allowing a much more private oasis in your yard. This type of aluminum fence is often chosen to go between two neighboring yards to give lots of privacy to both parties.

Buying a new home is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming. Don’t let a messy yard and broken fence also overwhelm you. Try to look past these issues and imagine the beautiful yard you can make for your new home with just a little work.

Getting By With A Little Help From The Experts

Fence Layout SketchBuilding, planning and erecting a fence all on your own can seem quite daunting, but with a little research and decision-making, it’s not hard to accomplish.

There are many layers to building your own fence. Sometimes knowing where to start is the hard part. Thankfully, you can always ask for help! The company that you purchase fence panels from can help you get started with whatever size or style fence you are hoping to put up.

Let the experts help with sizing

You won’t be fully alone when it comes to putting up a fence yourself. Fencing experts will be with you throughout the purchasing stage, giving advice where needed.

The first thing you will want to do is decide on the size and type of fence. DIY aluminum fence methods are among the easiest because of the fence panels. Fence panels can be trimmed to fit whatever size yard or space you are working with, making installation a breeze.

You can easily trim the width of any fence panel on-site, but you will also need to choose a height for the fence and decide how you want the tops to look. There are décor options such as fancy finials or different colored toppers. Other choices to make are whether the tops are curved for added security or if any panels will have minimal space in between pickets.

Hinges and locks

DIY aluminum fence projects don’t just mean digging a few holes and putting up perfectly-sized fence panels. There are also hinges and locks to consider at the various entry points in the fence.

For doorway entrances or walk-through gates, you’ll want to ensure you’ve chosen the right hinge for the job. This is another thing you can ask the fencing experts to be sure your hinges will hold the type of gate you have chosen.

For driveway gates, the hinges are even more important because you have some big decisions to make. Driveway gates mean quite a large swinging area is needed, unless you choose a type of driveway gate that slides open and closed. The hinges and locks for the various types of driveway gates will look different and have different installation and operating instructions. Asking for help to match the right hinge, lock and driveway gate is important so you get the DIY project right the first time around.

Any DIY project will come with lots of questions, and some of them will pop up along the way. If you find you have forgotten to order something or you need a few extra panels, you can always go back to your previous orders and re-order more panels, or get a new custom-width panel built for special areas of the yard.

Even if you are taking on the project by yourself, there is always help available throughout the process. Plan out exactly what you need and be sure you have crossed your Ts and dotted your Is to get the best results. Don’t make any final decisions until you are sure you have measured everything perfectly and are able to order exactly what you need. Before you know it, you will have a brand new fence that you will have accomplished all on your own.