Wood Fence Battle in Palm Dessert

…is the desert switching to aluminum fences by law?

We’ve been saying it for years, an aluminum fence beats a wood fence any day. When it comes to maintenance, sustainability and classical good looks – aluminum can’t be beat. As much as we say it though, we still have the occasional nay-sayers. And some of those nay-sayers have resided in Palm Desert – until now!

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Natural Fences We Love

(Don’t Worry, Aluminum Fences Are Still Our Fave)

We’re not sure if it’s the summer breeze, or if we’ve been feeling a little more “green” in general lately, but we can’t seem to get enough of nature these days! Here in SoCal, summer is in full-effect and that means lazy days at the beach, perfect hiking temperatures in the morning and wonderful weather for evening walks. In other words, we love being outside!

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A Residential Fence Fairy Tale

There’s nothing we like better at GreatFence.com than a good fairy tale about a Great Fence! Aluminum fencing, commercial fencing, residential fencing – you name it, we love them all! But what really makes us smile is when a residential fence becomes the central metaphor in a heart-warming fable that we all could draw a lesson from. Often referred to as the “nails in the fence” story, here is our rendition of a widely told tale that teaches us to bite our tongue and mind our temper. Continue reading A Residential Fence Fairy Tale

Customer Spotlight:
Fort Huachuca, AZ

In our last Customer Spotlight, we were at an upscale RITZ CARLTON in the southern Caribbean Sea showing you how well the GreatFence product stands up to the salt-sea air. Now shift from sandy beaches to dusty roads and breathe in the history of our nation as we travel to FORT HUACHUCA (pronounced Wah-CHOO-kuh) to see GreatFence.com hard at work in the hot Arizona sun.
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Fort Huachuca, AZ